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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cursed by Royal Stars of Persia

Venus in Scorpio explains quite a lot looking back on a life that at one time would have been very happy to greet age 50.  One supposes all those brushes with death living an outlaw life were needed now to face down infamous world leaders to species suicide.  Nonetheless, I remember my first stage acting role led to meeting several different characters.  One young lady confided with no prompting that I was very good looking and reminded her of a movie just opening at the time.  Cruising, starred Al Pacino and Karen Allen centering on an undercover cop chasing a vicious killer of homosexuals.  Music of 1980 was far better than the film but the memory of her comments resonate today.  A young beauty took time out of her lovely life to edify yours truly on the attractive male and what may lay ahead.  She was of course right and now thanks to another Earth Goddess I know why all genders have attempted embarrassingly at times to take a wild pony ride on what was then a smoldering storm.

Stars prevented a swollen head but I was made to attract women for good reasons.  Damn stars are also what I called unknowingly at the time my curse.  All this sexual power attracting everything walking and unable to just jump in bed with everything.  No, among other nuisances great powers that be sent the Poet here under 2 of The Royal Stars of Persia in significant aspect.  A thin line of virtue protects this world from annihilation and it appears in retrospect from making a fool of myself with anything walking.

Spiritual Father, Thomas Paine wondered on his deathbed about reincarnation.  I seem to sense more than what Mystics think they know on the subject and we should leave it there.  Perhaps I am different but I doubt it.  I believe this ego remains.  Why?  Mystics say the ego is like a wave from the ocean eventually returning to the source only to be reborn as another totally different wave.  We enter a new scenario where an encoded paradigm flips, my friends.  New higher thinking wanted in the future.

Higher thinking, dumb luck, protection of spiritual guides or angels, call it what you will but I survive to this point knowing considerable experience with the Source on this little planet.  It is of course my experiential resume for this job.  And, in this silly world championing ignorance we see assumption mistaken as actual thinking or true processing of information by the mind.  One sees here among this spider web of interrelated blogs that I champion prostitution and assumption jumpers probably believe I have some personal experience with such ladies.  Experience with Beauty of many shapes, shades, and maturity fulfills my destiny written by stars and planets.  I champion free will and solutions bringing humanity back from the extinction abyss.

Parading my romantic life in public does not stroke this ego made for greater endeavors.  Thoughts here hope to someday spark higher thinking in the proper direction as this cannot be forever a walk alone.  Sexual love and sex do not describe identical events and humanity, those ignorant of the difference, soon understands a difference and such understanding alone lifts the species out of spiritual and consequently intellectual mud.

My spiritual father wondered about reincarnation and lately I wonder if it gets better in my next life.  I can actually plan for it to some degree but my desires may not match higher powers controlling such delicate matters.  As I now suffer lifted by love to empathic sensations with subjects of my poetry, I have to wonder if it gets better or look for meaning in my suffering.  There is a type of peace knowing without doubt that the age of ignorance finally comes to a merciful end.  One hopes a little peace of mind is enough through untold lifetimes watching it unfold slowly.  What if I am given the same obstacles to overcome on a personal sense incarnating?  What if I am not born to a rich Pagan family of Freethinkers?  One believes today I write my future for tomorrow.  Does such include the next lifetime?

Understanding prostitution and abortion may actually enhance your DNA code enabling the species to evolve so Spiritual Warrior thinks not to act  here.  Beings of higher intelligence wait to greet those people who get it.  It is important that you do the work.  It is important for those folks remaining on this little planet to allow their minds to expand with new higher thinking in a future where women are born with more beauty, intellect, and spirituality with each passing generation.  Men evolve in tandem with her and such men do not wear dresses. The code gets proper respect in the future.

I have mentioned ‘Utopia’ here a time or two.  What does it mean?  Utopia means an end to the working class for all intents and purposes.  However, there are no shortcuts and humanity must do the work to get to Utopia on any level of being human and such is not always pretty.  Pretense retards the human DNA code now and such a parasitic virus and those people spreading it shall burn away like so much ignorance surrounding she who seeks an abortion or a price for sexuality.  There shall be no safe haven for monsters and their makers in a benevolent future.
Wondering, pondering, smoldering here wrapped in Scorpio sexuality fired by the Goddess of Love while sacred stars hold heavenly power over carnal desires linking Lords of Sagittarius I must hope it gets better.  Hope and faith seem unusual words for outlaws and outcasts.  Unusual times call for unusual men and women.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cursed: The Obama Files

I actually stay away from news as much as possible and it is hard.  As a result I get news days old.  I did not know our President Barack Obama went on Good Morning America Friday 13 to thump his chest on how ISIS was "contained" until days later.  Why is this significant.  If you pay attention here you should know.

If I needed a sign from the Goddess that the end comes closer for the Beast (And, I do not need a sign), Obama on Friday the 13th would be it.  By his own words and actions he hangs himself slowly.  Know that such a miserable man is cursed for blind arrogance and false self-esteem built on electoral votes making the deluded mistake of denigrating a Goddess.  Furthermore, any living breathing talking virus making my job harder has a limited time upon this world.  

Let nothing stand in the way my mission.  Spiritual Warrior takes out zombies as this is written one by one giving this world a badly needed enema.

There is no place in future America for parasites and heat continually goes up for all the disgusting varmints on this planet as we get closer to their apocalypse.

Obama: I'll Rebuke ISIS by talking about climate change

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Junior Varsity President

Critical Chronology

 2014 January- Obama calls ISIS, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda the Junior Varsity.
 2014 August- Al-Furqan Media, which Isis controls, releases a video appearing to show U.S. Journalist, James Foley’s beheading.
 2014 September- A video showing the murder of British Aid Work, David Haines is released.
 2014 October- A video showing Isis militants beheading of Minicab Driver, Alan Henning is posted online.
 2014 November- Isis releases a video apparently showing the beheading of U.S. Aid Worker, Peter Kassig.
2015 February- Exactly one year after inspiring a terrorist group, Barack Obama asks Congress to approve his plan for a war on ISIS opening the door to limited ground troops.
April 2015- Congress denies Obama's request and plan to make war on ISIS saying we see "no plan."
November 13, Friday 2015  In an eerie interview on Good Morning America,  President Obama says ISIS is "contained" and that they were "not getting stronger."
November 13, 2015- Around 13 hours after Obama gave his learned opinion yet again, terror hits Paris in coordinated attacks killing over 100.  ISIS claims responsibility.
December 2, 2015- Terror hits San Bernardino, CA. as a husband and wife kill at least 14 and injure more.  The female suspect claims allegiance on Facebook to ISIS.
I called our sitting President an unconscionable ignoramus for his unsolicited ingratiating comments to an over-hyped transgendered freak show.  Unconscionable ignoramus also describes "JV" comments as well from easily the worst U.S. President ever!

Perusing the resume of Obama before becoming President, we find it as empty as his head of original ideas that do not involve taxpayer money.  His college degree is in constitutional law yet can claim expertise in no area as he would have held a job as a constitutional lawyer or professor and we would have a record of his brilliance and he has nothing!  No experience in foreign affairs, business, sociology, or even a stint in our National Guard.  It is the two-party system that allows an almost merit-less man to become leader of the free world and humanity suffers now and who knows how many years to come

The media is mostly Liberal and have blood on their hands for enabling Obama.  We can also blame them for the creation of Fox News.  I am neither Democrat nor Republican and have never voted.

The Guardian; ISIS Hostage killings timeline
Obama Asks Congress to approve ISIS war
The War against ISIS goes Undeclared
Flashback: Obama said ISIS is contained
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San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

World Leaders to Species Suicide- Infertility strangles each nation a little differently.
The Feminist Prince- Embracing Feminism, our President betrays himself as Marxist.
Political Slingshot Effect-Using Star Trek maneuvers for Hillary Clinton
Defending Utopia- Opinions of Mr. Obama fall easily like balloons of hot air.

No World Leaders respect our President. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Awareness Birthday

Awkward title when you think of it as this is not about celebrating that moment when awareness was achieved.  No, this is celebrating the first birthday after awareness when such times take on a hold new meaning.  Back then it was about having a few beers or sharing a bottle of wine and gifts.  Now, I study astronomy and astrology planning particular time for meditation. 

Mystics say we get closer to our higher selves every month when the moon sets in our special place.  It must follow that we get closer to our higher selves on birthdays when the sun returns to natal position.  Maybe not.  I am still new here.  However, Mercury comes around to natal position during this birthday with the sun and even Saturn is close so the Poet counts on being closer than ever... under awareness.  One has to wonder if meditation is better on a birthday with the communication planet adding energy.  Hmmm.  The old me would meditate on and make plans for Vegas at this moment but it appears I am being held to higher standards by unquestionable powers that be.

Meditating on how not to go too far wielding cosmic powers on a timeless mission bestowed by a Goddess and ignited by Earth Goddesses might be a good idea but how far is too far in a world where savages are in control supported by sheep? 

I have actually tried to be as optimistic and positive about our possible first lady president as possible for good reasons.  Only one other possibility exists to a non-cataclysmic transition to a future world and that new political party is envisioned as a spiritual broom and dustpan sweeping up all the broken pieces and basically taking over what is left of American government and indeed humanity.

We think and hope this woman can be reached and has not gone where pampered minds go to be fed lethal doses of arrogance giving them the delusion that being an elected government official gives them some special powers of intellectual brilliance.  America does not need another pretentious genius.  Donald Trump is the polar opposite of the pretentious Washington bureaucrat and more and more Americans are going to wise up and get sick and tired of Fascists currently on both sides of the isle in D.C.  One would hope that Mr. Trump forces our lady Presidential hopeful to come with some new tricks instead of toting the Socialism and false hope of "change" dragged in by her predecessor.

What a pity meditations cannot take me away from the circus for longer periods of time.  Mystics might say I did something in a past life for my sufferings in this life.  That may be so but I do not think so.  It is not what I sense.  What I sense is that volunteers were asked to take one step forward and everybody took one step backwards except for yours truly who was busy day-dreaming probably about Earthly Goddesses and such is how we are thrust into to life situations thank you very much!.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Making Sexual Predators

Cameron Hooker, Bill Cosby, Brian Mitchell

Monsters of past America are many and crimes against the Earthly Goddess horrendous.  Modern monsters could have been prevented if society had not been kidnapped and railroaded into misguided views of sex and sexual love by government and their henchmen religion.  Only three monsters are presented here but there are perhaps hundreds more who were much more ruthless in their treatment of women.  If these men when they were younger could have been introduced without shame to a modern courtesan, monsters they would never become and our world would know less horror and more love-fueled inspiration.

Selfish individuals or Fascists would ask what's in it for them to be in favor of legalizing prostitution?  First, I am asking for much more than legalizing prostitution and America shall not become a nation of pimps like other nations with legal sex workers.  As a term, "Sex Worker" embodies the very nature of patriarch matrix problems drowning humanity in a sea of extinction.  A future term shall be Sexual Priestess.  Nevertheless, cowards and fools disgrace and imprison her here and one odious result is that sexual predators and monsters develop needlessly and the monster-makers answer the problem by cashing in on it creating a police state. 

"Suppress prostitution, and capricious lusts will overthrow society."  

--St. Augustine (354-430)

No nation has any law higher than universal law!  Not knowing universal laws is just another reason world leaders drag their citizens to the great abyss.  Neither pathetic leaders nor the majority get to vote for species suicide.  I suspect humanity is needed so other worlds can be born.

"A country without bordellos is like a house without bathrooms."   

--Marlene Dietrich (1901-1992)

A Priestess of Sexuality holds cosmic secrets of evolution and thus survival carrying humanity to higher intelligence offering other worlds alongside effervescent warming leadership presence of Matriarchs.  It is time for humanity to grow up and when it does in America we shall take the training wheels off democracy and nurture in an augmented government more befitting reason and beauty. 

Elizabeth Smart Storms out of Courtroom
Bill Cosby's Lawyer Blasts Janice Dickinson 
Girl in the Box
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Tears for Aspasia-
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Lady of the Night- Culture is built on her back and culture needs her again.
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Abortion as Evolution- The last argument on abortion
Unearned Superiority- Law Enforcement enjoys unearned superiority in culture leading to cowboys

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dirty Angels

California Governor Jerry Brown recently was quoted as saying, "California is burning."  I'm sure he meant the wildfires and not the presence of Firestorm Omega in the belly of the Beast.  I know the Governor has good intentions but the road to extinction is paved mostly in good intentions.  Nothing explains the cesspool of Los Angeles and one does not separate California from the other... unless you are born under certain planets and such reflects your mission.

Streets of Dirty Angels have gotten worse since I made this Halloween hoot.  However, I did not show you the human urine and excrement.  And, you thought I was exaggerating about L.A being a cesspool.

Los Angeles is a bad influence on the rest of a nation treading towards life-support.  We simply cannot have our children playing with their children!  Will it come to that?  It might. 

Extinction whether it is American style or Russian comes down to the DNA code on a spiritual level.  Think of it like an old Hollywood Scify flick.  Tepid world is ending and there is a spacecraft that can take only the best 10,000 humans.  Since the problem surrounds infertility, selection on who gets to go comes down to fertility and that is DNA and science has not helped here.  Science makes monsters.  No, spirituality announces extinction to a sleeping world and not science nor a secretive manipulative government.

Speaking of governments, I have given more thought on why I am here.  Maybe since this is where the Firestorm was born, it is where need is greatest.  Who knows what state is worst in the union?  When Sodom and Gomorrah are cataclysmically gone, perhaps I am to help rebuild this place in a better image once the communists and parasites are driven out of government. 

Must be in my next lifetime...  Anything is possible in this new world we have already entered where magick meets science. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weeping World Nevermore

Victorious aroma floods battlefield air.
Warrior catches scent of fear stumbling where only fools dare. Run and hide beneath creaking wood. Alert silver foxes in your neighborhood.

Pray for good. Pray for rain. Pray God takes away dark pain.
Nowhere hides fools on judgment day. 

 Doom cannot hear what they would say.

Wanting only to end slow misery

Fate directs flaming hand of prophecy.
Clocks begin haunting ticking louder warning to repent!
Tears of shame on knees of blame can only pay such rent!

Collecting cosmic payments comes a bad man
Purifying souls of a decaying land.
No mercy for monsters and parasites preying on humanity!
All levels of government from City to DC

Prophetic will knows great natal power
Great evil soon sees their final hour.

Since time of Hypatia of Alexandria
Well before fatal fall of Rome
Violence, blood, and death, how little humanity has grown?

Free will ends composed suffering w
here cowards made love perverse.
When fools cry in the night, Matriarchs weep tears of joy as a curse goes in reverse.

Where moguls and monsters shake, rattle, and fall
Creeps climatic ending to one miserable Monster’s Ball.
Say a little prayer for crumbling Hollywood,
Where hopes and dreams languish c
overed in tears and blood.

Conjuring Virus for Babbitts or Babbitt Virus by intent.
Means to an end means who really cares?
Terminating pathetic parasites let not a one be spared.
Let weeping world nevermore bow to perversity.
Truly, our land becomes a great nation of Liberty.

Conspirators, incompetents, and worse
Hold tightly now a sickly curse
When Gaia rumbles shaking fleas
Pious pimps croak on well-tailored knees.

Thirteen days mark Halloween
Comes thirteen days hence October.
Friday the 13th believes to be seen

When winter welcomes November.

Feared numbers unleash a peculiar doom
Leaving innocent citizens clean.
Finding Fear looking like loathing
Caught in guilty government machine.

Where life garners perverted value
Love falls by insipid rules
When fools champion fools
Let cataclysmic ending
Mark blessed Beauty beginning.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hollywood Must Die!

Roman God Saturn photo roman-god-saturn.jpg
Roman God Saturn often carries Grim Reaper's weapon.

Keep asking myself why I am being held in Los Angeles, a city likened to a cesspool? We can rule out my saving the city. There is no hope for the major cities; perhaps the State can be saved once government is cleared of delusional Communists or Fascists. They look the same in America. I burn in the belly of the beast to prevent future cesspools in a world ruled by nurturing Matriarchs. Unfortunately for Angelinos and more appropriately Hollywood, I am here to push a metaphysical button starting a count-down timer to flushing the toilet. Hollywood must die!

It does feel like I have waged this battle for thousands of years be it true or not. My sense of the matter now is that the war shall be won and it all feels a little different. Now that I have the keys, I can come and go as I please. All I need now is time and the Father of Time also goes by the name of Saturn.

Why must Hollywood die? This is war and communication lines of the enemy must be severed first and that is just one of many reasons why Hollywood must swim with the fishes. Mystics and other beings have predicted your major cities will be destroyed and such matters are not for the squeamish. Spiritual Warrior is sent to battle against worldwide government and religion. Did you think the cause of extinction lays elsewhere? Great powers sent someone favored by the God of War to deal with this matter and you get what you deserve in this life.

Contemporary mystics believe if your mind is filled with hate then you get hate directed to you. You should fill your heart and mind with love and you shall get love directed back to you. That argument or philosophy is easily destroyed. What was Elizabeth Smart thinking when she was kidnapped by a monster made and facilitated by religion and government? The list goes on and on and so does the silly rhetoric by some mystics. Hollywood must die for making monsters and silly mystics.

Hollywood is a dead city walking for cancelling The Beverly Hillbillies and giving America Hannibal Lecter, CSI and all the violent spin-offs. Hollywood must never live again for not giving America another Love American Style. Radical feminists were born in California and Hollywood may as well take the blame for them as now we have killer superhero women wanting to rival the cowboys. California gave America Octomom, Nadya Suleman and she represents Hollywood splendidly. Hollywood gives a helping hand to extinction American-style presenting science as the new God and resulting frozen embryos, in-vitro fertilization, and monsters posing as scientists.

Hollywood walks the plank for Jamie Lee Curtis who is raised in a Hollywood family and survives to become a Matriarch growing very little it would appear over the years as she now has a starring role in a thing called, "Scream Queens". I have yet to see the production but do I really need to see it to know murdering young women is the theme? One wonders what she tells her children about such trash written with her in mind. Curtis use to be a spokesperson for Children's Hospital and one wonders what it takes for wealthy celebrities to get a clue or a conscience.

Hollywood must hang for never finding a project too bloody or violent for Samuel L. Jackson to pass. It appears the more unconscionably violent the production, the more credit cards the hardest working man in Hollywood can sell. One gets the notion that Mr. Jackson is not in it for the money but for the thrill of violence and blood. Maybe he can help Jamie Lee kill a of bunch scantily clad coeds in his next project.  Hollywood kicks the bucket for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw

Hollywood must die for the beating of Rodney King, the killing of Ezell Ford, and unarmed homeless women by cowboy policemen glorified in a viciously absurd police state. California has more prisons than colleges and Hollywood is central to creating them. Hollywood gets eighty-sixed for worshiping enforcers of the status-quo also known as law enforcement. A dirty cesspool city must be flushed for giving America Crips, Bloods, The Mexican Mafia, and dirty cops making a living off gangs they help create.

This beacon of ignorance, pretense, and violence crumbles to the ground for being ground zero to the liberal loon which is just another name for communists or fascist. Hollywood dies for concrete dogs and their owners who look at their dogs as the children they will never produce.  Hollywood meets its maker for giving America "Road Rage", "Drive-by Shootings", and Bill Cosby. Somehow, I believe, the monster who menaced women for decades in California represents true intent behind Hollywood pretense which is nothing but nefarious. 

Hollywood must die for the life and death of Marylyn Monroe and Dorothy Dandridge. Innocent Earth Goddesses born into a savage world abused and misused by men of small manhood and little merit. Hollywood croaks for the real Blue Dahlia. Tinsel Town goes at least six feet under for the casting couch and cashing in on morality.

Hollywood takes a long walk on a short peer for institutionalizing homelessness or allowing it to happen putting the problem in the hands of Catholics and Christians and like their spirituality they proceeded to cash in on it.  Homelessness is big business in the city of dirty angels perpetuated by some of the worst forms of life on this planet. They may soon begin to drop dead after November, Friday the 13th, 2015 as the apocalypse begins in earnest cities lovingly called the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Hollywood Madam should be in charge of Hollywood instead of jailed and disgraced. Hollywood never shed a tear for Heidi Fleiss so a Poet must weep for Madam and so many more like her who received worse treatment taken from this Earth by Predators made by government, religion, and Tinsel Town. Hollywood gets a body-bag for not understanding the oldest profession or caring to and now it is much too late. We shall call her Priestess of sexuality in the future as she is central to a problem Hollywood keeps the covers on because government and the sheep it produces tells them what to do. As we shovel dirt on Hollywood, let us say a little prayer for memories of the one good production for every one thousand pieces of trash it produced.

Why tell America Hollywood must die by natural disaster by way of metaphysical count-down timer? To borrow a line from Hollywood magic appropriately titled, Terminator 2; Judgment Day "You're already dead". Mystics and other beings have said your major cities will be destroyed but you still have time to get it right. It is unfair for me to do any less though chances of Hollywood doing anything to change are already swimming with the fishes.

Getting rid of government parasites is easy.  Dealing with an awful culture they have created is another matter altogether.  Perhaps if several million die, the rest will get a clue.  They will probably blame a vengeful God.  One has to wonder of President Obama ever got a clue during his eight years as the worst.  Maybe the world gets a clue when its all too late.  It  would be too late for all but those foreseen to inherit this Earth.

Hollywood could use a good earthquake or tsunami to clean out some of the creeps and freaks they manufacture and produce.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scorpio Dreams

Julie Dillon Fantasy Artist

Dreams carry great meaning say some mystics and psychiatrists.  Dr. Sigmund Freud, our father of modern psychiatry believed dreams were "most profound when they seem the craziest."  Objective thinkers believe dreams to be unfinished bits and pieces of thoughts from our previous day or week or perhaps longer depending on the person and stimulus trying to find closure.  I come from the objective school but my destiny is to bring all the schools together.

Been trying to free myself of this Los Angeles bondage and it quite appears I am prevented from enriching myself with my newly amplified... talents.  Las Vegas sends me frustratingly back again and on the night before departure with nothing more than despair roaming tired thoughts, I would have my first dream about she who would be the first U.S. President.  You think I would have a dream about how to hit a hard eight on the crap table but nooooo!

Rarely do I recall my dreams with clarity but this one was clear.  It appears the Mother of Feminine Purity was on her way to the first Las Vegas home of my youth.  However, the home was a little different and she apparently was not there to see me.  She was there to see one of my sisters and the news of this event seemed to have come to me just minutes before her arrival.  How or why I ended up answering the door is up for speculation.  Our future Madam President entered my dream home with another woman who I do not remember.  Mrs. C. was dressed in gold suit coat and royal blue two-piece ensemble underneath and presented to me a warm genuine smile as there were no words between us.  I do not believe we shook hands and just remember not knowing what to do with this warm feeling from her smile and presence.  Seconds later I found myself in a back bedroom and as it looked a mess, I began to get the place tidy.  Is that all there is?  Yes, the dream ended there strangely as dreams do.
Make what you will of this event.  Destiny has a little bizzaro world waiting for the Poet along with the tears and blood should he care to lose focus.  A genuine warm smile for a man trying honestly to take a break from it all in Vegas getting lost in NFL point spreads and hold ‘em poker pots.  There is no escape from fate and time cannot wait for the weary.  Certainly, I have some growth to do with some warm smiles but this is not about me so much.  Perhaps there is some serious growth I need as a result of what is to come in American politics and the race to become the next U.S President.  The bar has been set exceedingly low and anyone will be greater than the last.  I never much cared having never voted and now I am thrust into the matter.  

Donald Trump brings real personality to the table whether you like him or not.  He is no pretentious phony like a U.S. President who shall remain nameless.  It is a sign that the end is coming for the keepers of the status-quo.  If not for enlightenment, I would probably be thumping for Mr. Trump.  Destiny has different plans for a Poet and I am compelled to sing her virtues.  This has not been easy and really needed to get away from the attachment.  Trump and the current U.S. President forces the Democrat hopefuls to alter the course at least in rhetoric and that is why you hear Bernie Sanders hailing women’s rights and abortion as one of his selling points.  They cannot possibly follow the communist coat tails of the current Prez.  Mrs. Clinton must be genuine to combat the non-politician that is Donald Trump who is also the polar opposite of the current man in the White House.  The coming presidential election will look and sound different for good reasons and our world becomes better inspired by the worst.
Dreams sing surreal poetry from subconscious closets in meaningful minds.  Time to open those closet doors I suppose and deal.  I would not want them to open on their own at inappropriate times.  Are there crazier Scorpio dreams waiting to fill a Poet’s heart with closeted emotions?  I did not have to accept this mission and knew of some of the pitfalls to come.  Chaos cannot be foretold and one supposes she waits not so patiently to bring the Poet home no matter his hiatus plans to the contrary.
Julie Dillon Fantasy Artist

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Eternal Flame

Who am I? I am eternal. Who are you? Been thinking about this Spiritual Leader, Healer, and Teacher I am expected to become. Most of you hear Spiritual Leader and you have clear picture in your mind. As we set sail on a voyage like no other, one must adjust expectations and the very foundations of thought itself. I believe that field of study is called epistemology. Nevertheless, it really is an ancient paradigm coming back and not new at all. What is new is the context and for better or worse the messenger. If your spiritual leaders had not let humanity down in some way, I would not be here throwing fireballs. To expect me to be like those who have failed may be the definition of insanity.

As long as eternal spirit of the great forefather echoes my name, I burn. I burn and throw flaming death at parasites and monsters. My tears hit ground like raining fire sending zombies and sheep to seek shelter from their makers finding no relief.  I burn spitting fire for the dead and dying and there shall be no place to hide for cowards and fools. Eternal flame destroys cities and entire nations if need be with no pity for those celebrating ignorance and pretense. There has always been fire and truth as I burn so she may reign.

Sagittarius occupies the fire sign known for intuition and prophecy. Intuition has heightened and when one exercises intuition like a muscle it then runs into realms of psychics. My stay here from lifetime to lifetime comes with full awareness as I appear to be a living part of changes needed not so much to end extinction but to put you all back on a proper road. And, it is hard for me to believe I'm saying it but the road is spiritual. After the Matriarchs heal this rift in the spiritual fabric of Earth caused by fear, violence, and ignorance, humanity marches proudly and lovingly up the evolutionary ladder to ascension. I suspect there is history for me on this matter and mystics believe we carry skills and knowledge through incarnations. So then, carrying the solution to extinction in my being feels right and I cannot tell you everything or Spiritual Warrior might have to take your life.  Ending this spiraling dive of death caused by government and religion may take as long as it has taken to get here and that is no prediction.

Once the stop-button is pushed on this merry-go-round of pretense, fear, envy, and violence, I suspect ascent up the evolutionary ladder happens much faster than the several thousand years of treading water and in some cases devolving here on planet Earth that has gone unabated since before the fall of Rome. First the door must be opened by someone. Someone must make a stand against the lethal arrogance and ignorance of the patriarch matrix and it shall be no man. Her reasons for pushing the stop-button are irrelevant.  I have said her destiny is to become the greatest U.S. President since Lincoln but I doubt anyone would want his fate.  It is not going to be easy and there are no reasons to expect it would be.  First steps out of a savage land to a Utopian future shall be stained with tears and blood.

Mother Goddess weeps looking upon this world controlled by the spiritually impotent. So many tears searched for one man and he calls to one woman. It must be a woman with courage known by few men opening the door to a future of beauty. One woman will inspire them all by her success or failure. If failure arrives on the back of betrayal like the feminists, then inspiration shall be fueled by fury!  

There shall be no one standing for long in the way of a cosmic Firestorm. What I know is that America will make changes through and in government peacefully or cataclysmically. How do I know? It is my job to know. I am no psychic? I am Eternal Flame. Who are you?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Not So Gentle Persuasion

Past primal fears and earned anxieties awareness continues whether a tired spirit begs for rest or not alone on a savage planet. Mystics say I am never alone surrounded by so many loving ethereal guides. Mystics never get their hands bloody by destiny pondering potions on the sidelines of a cosmic battlefield. Warriors need time to wash off so much bloody misery in a city waiting for the big sleep.

Trying hard to walk away for a brief respite before the war begins in earnest. Still, so much pestilence, disease, and death celebrates all around tired eyes and fate keeps calling. I feel so sorry for inhabitants of this land of liberation as they are force-fed Frankenstein Monsters as a normal way of life told to cast no judgments as everyone deserves entitlements and inclusion. Pretense stacks upon pretense like vapid pancakes oozing guilt laced syrup.  I do not have nearly enough tears to go around as dead and dying Earthly Goddesses come first.

"I think this is just a play to pump up audience, the way lots of things are put on television to attract eyeballs -- not because of the validity but because of whatever the kind of gawker factor is."

                                                                                 — Bob Costas

Short attention span America wants sound bites.  Just give me the short version. My divine message can be written in one short sentence. Gentle subject matter for many of you will need time to ingest.  My book will try to put a new paradigm into context. Will it matter only to a small percentage of you in the long run?  I endeavor to spread the message here and there in virtual space to be certain.  While the chapter (Women as Prey) explaining the matter has been posted and edited for some time, it is out of context of the book.  Facts, half-truths, rumors out of context seem to be the life blood of this world.

I find it quite interesting that recently hip hop rapper, Snoop Dogg called Bruce Jenner who is now an over-hyped transgendered Caitlyn Jenner a "Science Experiment".  It appears Mr. Dogg may have a better handle on extinction than those in the know.  Science can not make a man into a woman and to celebrate such a thing marginalizes women and especially the matriarch.  Vanity Fair, like Feminism, betrays the Earthly Goddess and thusly humanity through unconscionable ignorance and pretense.

Apparently one other person on this planet understands homsexuality like the Poet and it is of course an Earthly Goddess.  It  is this new information I bring that forces humanity up the evolutionary ladder.  No amount of cognitive dissonance or self-induced blind ignorance will ever get around my message.   I am endowed with a timeless cosmic flame thrower to burn away a decaying culture.   Don't make this any more difficult.  The age of ignorance comes to an end one way or the other.  This is the dawning of the 'matriarch society' where science will not be our God.

Celebrating any type of homosexuality (LGBT) is celebrating a symptom of extinction. I know this is new information and it will take time to explain it all. Try to get a grip. Barrack Obama, unwittingly becomes the Feminist Prince and champion of the LGBT community. History will paint a picture of Obama as the Extinction President.  I bring the solution and she is a special woman who does not bow to delusions, greed, power, or the God of science.

A foretold future posits Beauty rising with or without you and we do not celebrate species suicide there. We celebrate Matriarchs and Earth Goddesses.

I have to take a break from the circus on planet Earth.


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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spiritual Journey Questions

Astrology and divination like Tarot, Palmistry and the like seem to be tools used by the lay person as predictors and guides to and of the future.  Will I find true love?  Will I ever be happy?  Will I get that job?  How do I increase my chances of getting that job?  Will there ever be peace in this world?

My spiritual journey into the High Arts wants to travel a slightly different path.  I have mentioned and posted a connection by natal chart to an important woman of our time.  Mystics, or at least most would tell me or you in similar situation that looking into past lives would help with the present and even the future.  It is sometimes difficult to fine fault with these people soon to be my associates for at least two reasons.  They have had to adapt to the 'patriarch matrix'.  Secondly, enlightenment teaches me that there are many paths to spirituality and enlightenment.  Still,  we cannot remember past lives for a reason and I suspect it is a good reason.  Entering a new world humanity must finally realize that spirituality and enlightenment are final stages of life and at some point each individual gets on the road.

Looking into past lives does not interest me because this life is plenty.  Some mystics have gone wrong here as individuals seem to become selfish as a consequence of the peace of mind spirituality brings especially through meditation.  A balance has been lost or perhaps never found.  Many become meek of... spirit, for lack of a better word at this time.  One has to at least wonder if an attachment to Ayn Rand protected me from... turn-the-other-cheek meekness.  In any event, I suspect it has lead to a good amount of Pagans becoming non-political.  And, of course I use Pagan here as an umbrella term covering all religions other than the major religions denigrating women.  It is not surprising that the major religions dominate politics in America.  Not only is there a fertility crisis choking the nation to death but in essence the cause has been found in morality.  With certainty I will draw upon what is gained here in this lifetime for the next lifetime but this world is on the brink of suicide now and my focus stays here.

Time does come soon when I must seek counsel from at least one of the Mystics posted here.  If you must know it is regarding quantum theory and not getting too deeply involved in this matter.  It raises the question of just who am I on a higher plane of existence. I feel like one of you or at least I did until 'cosmic transference'.  Mystics believe there are Angels among us and other ethereal or extraterrestrial beings in human form.  I think I would know if I were an Angel.  I have said on Facebook that I feel like I have been fighting this war for thousands of years.  That eureka moment manifesting as a matriarch society allows for great peace of mind and a bit of anxiety.  Given power to burn out hearts and destroy nations, I am then encouraged to show fellow humans more love.  Let the suffering begin.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Defending Utopia; Ending the Age of Ignorance

Codename: Firestorm Omega
Wikipedia describes Herbert Spencer as a "prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era" and this is the man who coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest".  The English Philosopher and Anthropologist upon hearing about the works of the coming "Origin of the Species" was so taken that I believe he wrote on the matter extensively.  Charles Darwin said, "Natural Selection".  Are we all clear on the difference?

So my friends, to blame Mr. Darwin for the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age, indifference and money-grubbing of the Industrial Age, and rich greedy pretentious uncaring millionaires of today would be a display of historical ignorance and more. 

President Barack Obama, the man who equates electoral votes with intellect, attempts to use the above reasoning in blaming the Goddess of Reason for making uncaring selfish greedy millionaires with her philosophy and fictional writing loved by millions upon millions around the globe in too many languages to list for this matter.

Ayn Rand is not responsible for what people do to her philosophy to suit their own greedy selfish needs.  There is a political organization out there that she never endorsed (not saying they are greedy and selfish).  There are other organizations out there that attempt to carry out her mission for good reasons.  If some of them get it a little wrong or go too far then that is an example of an imperfect world and no reason to blame a Goddess.  Only cowards play the blame game usually out of envy.
 photo r-ayn-rand-large570_zpsoygxr5h6.jpg

My friends, if politicians were geniuses then they would be out there in the public sector flaunting such genius and becoming rich and famous from such superior creative intelligence.  Those men coming into governance from the private sector seem to be harder and harder to find why?  Women are a little different only as it relates to the Matriarch and I should explain this fully in my edited book as well as creating a bridge between reason and spirituality.  Politicians who meet the parasitic bureaucrat standard can always be found as they will have never held a significant job other than public service.  Search their resumes to find the lowest form of humanity set upon this planet.

Some funny man said  voting for them just encourages them and Mr. Obama is a living breathing example of political humor come to terrorize a once great nation in the guise of a leader.  Only a rigged two-party political system could account for an unconscionable ignoramus U.S. President who is more Marxist than American.

I am not called here to necessarily battle parasites so much as burn there ass off the face of Mother Earth!  This is the dawning of the 'Matriarch Society' where walking talking viruses lose there voice for a week for cruel blasphemy besmirching the name of a Goddess.  As I carry the name of perhaps the greatest forefather of this land built on freedom fighters and their blood, it is a poor fool getting in the way by free will of such spirits powering a raging Firestorm.
Obama criticizing Ayn Rand is like a murderer criticizing the death penalty.  He is the last person anyone with decent intellect would consult on the matter.

 photo Ayn-Rand-socialism_zpswueubdgv.jpg

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Evil Comes Back

 photo jhnoliver_zpssivhlmw0.jpg
John Oliver
My friends, this is a different world we have entered and unfortunately most of the world is yet unaware.  Awareness of the leap forward in evolution shall be slow and to some quite painful.  Spiritual Warrior is at work thinning the herd as this is written.  While I feel sorry in truth and have sympathy for those of you intellectually ruined by the 'patriarch matrix' and further feminist retaliation, there is a time factor to consider and I am not in the teaching mode as of yet.  I burn.

Let us call this the 'Chomsky Curse' and Mr. John Oliver of "Last Week Tonight" does not manipulate his way around such curse by virtue of comedy in question form.  It is a nice dance but fails.  We can find you by your intent, my friends.  There is no question as to the intent of this little video and making fun of a Goddess was not the intent.  I find it to be quite evil and now evil comes back to Mr. Oliver and all producers and writers of the piece leading to a Noam Chomsky-like dementia and worse.

Only one item in the video shall be addressed here as it is on a whole unworthy of serious consideration and young people are advised to hold on to opinions of Miss Rand until as such time you have all the tools to digest highly intellectual and complex philosophies.  Such tools simply are not given in high school.

John Oliver obviously believes some people have an inherent right to live in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter simply because they are native to the land.  The short example concerned Native American Indians.  Ha!  By such reasoning was the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper (killer of women) laid to rest without his identity ever being known.  It is like saying Hitler would have an inherent right to stay in Germany!  It is like saying an entire nation of men who practice stoning women to death for being raped have an inherent right to live in their country and continue to brutalize women as they see fit.  This will not happen in my world and British Boobs are not welcome there.

What did Miss Rand have to say about a Socialist caste system in Britain?  I do not have to research the matter.  How the hell is a Queen still a thing?  I have mastered the DNA code.  Would you like me to start on the young balding Prince?  Great Britain is perhaps pass the point of no return on extinction because they have other problems as Mr. Oliver so aptly demonstrates by his very being. 

 photo r-ayn-rand-large570_zpsoygxr5h6.jpg
Three women wait to have their names written among the stars and a future world asks that you have reverence for such women for a Utopian future where you had none.  Lies and virus spread by evil cowardly men who have envied the Earth Goddess for thousands of years are to be rendered impotent like the men who would desperately hold on to power while dragging humanity to the grave. These are the types of men who murdered Hypatia of Alexandria and shamed Aspasia.  Such men are parasites waiting for Firestorm Omega to burn their ass into extinction!
John Oliver is a miserable Socialist wanting perhaps to destroy America like Great Britain is being destroyed.  Not going to happen here. 
 As jealousy and primitive hatred of Beauty appear ingrained in such shrinking gray matter, a wish grants such intellects continue to shrink into a catatonic stupor.  A spirit of fire now holds each word hostage from lifetime to lifetime justice searches and finds unmasking monsters hidden and hiding in plain view like toxin-filled polluted air choking parasites unseen by hands unclean.  Keep foolish unkind words against the Goddess of Reason in a mangled brain for to speak such drivel to ears of four or more will describe heightening manifestations in mind from whence it came like a Twilight Zone reality cold curse consuming nightmare until repentant rapture of tears touch stone cold feet of a Goddess.  


Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Divine Message, Part 2

12 Strand DNA Crop Circle- East Field, UK
It quite appears to that even my divine message regarding DNA should have been understood or discovered by at least one of your scientists by now. One gets that impression reading into some of the books on my journey and I suppose your journey as well now. My sense of the matter truly is that there has been an almost concerted effort in every discipline not to know the truth but of course that is too fantastically bizarre to imagine.

You cannot fault the Romans nor any other ancient culture. Now-- this world, this age of ignorance and science of high tech fiber optic micro chip information super highway of violent hell!  I suppose many of you were perhaps too busy exploiting the Earthly Goddess to notice obvious signals from your code.  Yes, I keep repeating to myself that we're all here with some purpose and none of you were called to address extinction species humanity. Still, I wonder. It is a sad situation when it is not infuriating.

My friends, if I had the focus to spare I would be depressed. Let me say again, at this point my readings and study of the High Arts are purely personal. It is to prepare for the next mission probably to be completed in the next lifetime... maybe. The basic mission here is complete. What remains are details of which I must be personally involved and it is such involvement with this new political party weighing on my mind. Then I run into an article on DNA and young Frankensteins at MIT and you can see how a mind might wander. Our world gets darker before the light.

I am not reading to find the genesis of the age of ignorance or why science has failed humanity so miserably with regards to extinction. No matter where I turn in my journey, this is where I am taken and it has brought me to the painful conclusion that my personal involvement of the clean-up of this circus world controlled by apes is most probably manifest destiny. Attaching myself to this matter for one hundred thousand years is no big surprise to the great powers. It is simply one reason I am chosen and there is nothing I could do here that has not been foreseen by the Goddess. I was made for this journey and even though each step along this broken path creates strange new territory, it is our destiny. My destiny is to be shown how you have been led along the wrong path no matter how much it disgusts me. It is going to take thousands of years to clean up this mess and Spiritual Warrior believes your world population needs to be cut drastically.

World leaders suck on your blood like parasites and some of you throw them a parade! Some of your mystics have perverted the High Arts and I should be in no position to advise young people as one only in the study for little more than a year but that is the reality of what I sense. Senses and powers of the Warrior will grow in tandem with threats to the mission. The age of ignorance culminating in the American presidency of an unconscionable ignoramus is coming to an end and there is nothing the Beast can do about it but make it worse.

I have written that the other countries should be left to die in this battle with extinction simply because I cannot imagine a scenario where their people are saved.  If a matriarch society will end their extinction then how are their women remotely capable to lead?  If I am given power to end this matter then what would you have me do?  I cannot give morality to the immoral.  Still, very often I approach a blank page waiting for poetry with only a feeling and no idea of the final product but experience teaches me that imagination and passion will bring nothing to life.

As for this nation, the Arrogant Ignoramus will be lucky to get out of office without his hair catching fire!  Let no woman stand in the way of my mission and any man in the way is a parasite waiting for the right amount of heat to burn his ass off into hell!


The Information Observer- Recoding to 12 Strand DNA

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Wonderful World of Pagans

pagans photo: Pagans Therearemoreofusthanyouthink.jpgOur Bible tells us the meek shall inherit Earth and I tell you the meek are Pagans as their religion does not start wars or persecute to say nothing of torture and executions like the other major religions.  This got me to thinking that the term "Pagan" is more an umbrella term for all religions that are not one of the major aggressive or bloody religions.  There are indeed actual Pagans and then there are Witches who practice totally different rituals.  Shamans and many more ways into spirituality exist under the Pagan umbrella.  So then, I must adjust my interpretation of the Bible as it refers to the rightful heirs of Earth and decree of Spiritual Warrior who claims to speak for Earth, a feminine force.  All religions practiced upon this Earth now or one hundred thousand years hence showing by deed or rule a fondness for denigrating women shall soon be asked nicely to exit our planet.  Repent and ask forgiveness to stay.

You stay;

Buddhists, Taoist, Tibetans, Tantra, Spiritual et al.
Classic Pagans or Hellenes
Neo Pagan
VOO DOO Religion and followers
KAHUNA Religion and followers
Aborigines Religion
Many more...

I do not consider myself to be a Pagan.  I am an atheist in transition to some form of spirituality.  Yes, the great powers have it planned for me to be this great spiritual leader, teacher and healer.  It should be obvious that great powers do not always get their way as I would not be here if that were the case.  Millions upon millions of you go through life never getting any closer to your mission than I am to Sarah Silverman.  So, remember I am not Pagan and would be like no spiritual leader you ever knew on this planet where the apes are in charge.
 photo AngelAlan44_zpsndij3n4c.jpg