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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Scorpio Dreams

Julie Dillon Fantasy Artist

Dreams carry great meaning say some mystics and psychiatrists.  Dr. Sigmund Freud, our father of modern psychiatry believed dreams were "most profound when they seem the craziest."  Objective thinkers believe dreams to be unfinished bits and pieces of thoughts from our previous day or week or perhaps longer depending on the person and stimulus trying to find closure.  I come from the objective school but my destiny is to bring all the schools together.

Been trying to free myself of this Los Angeles bondage and it quite appears I am prevented from enriching myself with my newly amplified... talents.  Las Vegas sends me frustratingly back again and on the night before departure with nothing more than despair roaming tired thoughts, I would have my first dream about she who would be the first U.S. President.  You think I would have a dream about how to hit a hard eight on the crap table but nooooo!

Rarely do I recall my dreams with clarity but this one was clear.  It appears the Mother of Feminine Purity was on her way to the first Las Vegas home of my youth.  However, the home was a little different and she apparently was not there to see me.  She was there to see one of my sisters and the news of this event seemed to have come to me just minutes before her arrival.  How or why I ended up answering the door is up for speculation.  Our future Madam President entered my dream home with another woman who I do not remember.  Mrs. C. was dressed in gold suit coat and royal blue two-piece ensemble underneath and presented to me a warm genuine smile as there were no words between us.  I do not believe we shook hands and just remember not knowing what to do with this warm feeling from her smile and presence.  Seconds later I found myself in a back bedroom and as it looked a mess, I began to get the place tidy.  Is that all there is?  Yes, the dream ended there strangely as dreams do.
Make what you will of this event.  Destiny has a little bizzaro world waiting for the Poet along with the tears and blood should he care to lose focus.  A genuine warm smile for a man trying honestly to take a break from it all in Vegas getting lost in NFL point spreads and hold ‘em poker pots.  There is no escape from fate and time cannot wait for the weary.  Certainly, I have some growth to do with some warm smiles but this is not about me so much.  Perhaps there is some serious growth I need as a result of what is to come in American politics and the race to become the next U.S President.  The bar has been set exceedingly low and anyone will be greater than the last.  I never much cared having never voted and now I am thrust into the matter.  

Donald Trump brings real personality to the table whether you like him or not.  He is no pretentious phony like a U.S. President who shall remain nameless.  It is a sign that the end is coming for the keepers of the status-quo.  If not for enlightenment, I would probably be thumping for Mr. Trump.  Destiny has different plans for a Poet and I am compelled to sing her virtues.  This has not been easy and really needed to get away from the attachment.  Trump and the current U.S. President forces the Democrat hopefuls to alter the course at least in rhetoric and that is why you hear Bernie Sanders hailing women’s rights and abortion as one of his selling points.  They cannot possibly follow the communist coat tails of the current Prez.  Mrs. Clinton must be genuine to combat the non-politician that is Donald Trump who is also the polar opposite of the current man in the White House.  The coming presidential election will look and sound different for good reasons and our world becomes better inspired by the worst.
Dreams sing surreal poetry from subconscious closets in meaningful minds.  Time to open those closet doors I suppose and deal.  I would not want them to open on their own at inappropriate times.  Are there crazier Scorpio dreams waiting to fill a Poet’s heart with closeted emotions?  I did not have to accept this mission and knew of some of the pitfalls to come.  Chaos cannot be foretold and one supposes she waits not so patiently to bring the Poet home no matter his hiatus plans to the contrary.
Julie Dillon Fantasy Artist