Eagles mate in flight and song

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dirty Angels

California Governor Jerry Brown recently was quoted as saying, "California is burning."  I'm sure he meant the wildfires and not the presence of Firestorm Omega in the belly of the Beast.  I know the Governor has good intentions but the road to extinction is paved mostly in good intentions.  Nothing explains the cesspool of Los Angeles and one does not separate California from the other... unless you are born under certain planets and such reflects your mission.

Streets of Dirty Angels have gotten worse since I made this Halloween hoot.  However, I did not show you the human urine and excrement.  And, you thought I was exaggerating about L.A being a cesspool.

Los Angeles is a bad influence on the rest of a nation treading towards life-support.  We simply cannot have our children playing with their children!  Will it come to that?  It might. 

Extinction whether it is American style or Russian comes down to the DNA code on a spiritual level.  Think of it like an old Hollywood Scify flick.  Tepid world is ending and there is a spacecraft that can take only the best 10,000 humans.  Since the problem surrounds infertility, selection on who gets to go comes down to fertility and that is DNA and science has not helped here.  Science makes monsters.  No, spirituality announces extinction to a sleeping world and not science nor a secretive manipulative government.

Speaking of governments, I have given more thought on why I am here.  Maybe since this is where the Firestorm was born, it is where need is greatest.  Who knows what state is worst in the union?  When Sodom and Gomorrah are cataclysmically gone, perhaps I am to help rebuild this place in a better image once the communists and parasites are driven out of government. 

Must be in my next lifetime...  Anything is possible in this new world we have already entered where magick meets science.