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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Natal Chart of Firestorm Omega

This chart is within a few minutes of the actual time of my birth and I should like to get the exact time at some point but I sense that this is very close.  Also, the natal chart posted for Hillary Clinton lists her birth at exactly 8:00pm.  I suspect that it is off by a few minutes as well.

What does it all mean in the end?  Mystics and those people following and studying the High Arts perhaps understand but do they really see the big picture?  It is going to take a while before more of you can see some part of this new future I have been sent to bring you ostensibly through Hillary Clinton.

Mystics would tell me there is much karmic past between myself and she who covets becoming the first female President of these United States of America.  I would tell you that I am not interested at this time and perhaps never in this life time.  

Since gaining awaredness I have pondered a perplexing question of whether or not the great mystics have lead humanity astray. Enlightenment teaches me that all paths to enlightenment are the correct path.  My question then is why am I called here?  No, there is something that has gone wrong here and I am starting to find other mystics who disagree with the majority. 

The great mystics have lead you astray by putting your focus on returning to the source and perhaps inner peace.  My focus in this lifetime has been inner peace as well but I cannot leave this world as a cesspool if I can help it all.  My hope is that more of you will join me.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spiritual Warrior Laments

What could possibly be the most difficult task to accomplish in this quest to usher in a prescribed matriarch society to America as the only solution to a coming extinction?  One would think integrating the spiritual connection to be high on the list.  However, Pagans make that task as it applies to them complete.  I have pondered this question and uniting women who have been trained by a type of osmosis and outright to be divided, polarized, and compete against each other seems most difficult of all.

My friends, I feel I must repeat myself here and hope it has resonance in souls that need it.  I have never voted but if you pinch me hard enough I will tell you I am a Libertarian.  I have been an Atheist for all of my long life.   My philosophy is in line with the Objectivism of Ayn Rand, but I do not call myself an Objectivist simply because I do not wish to misrepresent the philosophy.  So then, thinkers must ask themselves why I would make an open (public) transition to spirituality and stump for Hillary Clinton as our next President? 

That I go over to spirituality and metaphysics does not mean I have given up reason.  Far from it, I have taken reason where few men on this planet have ever gone.  I bring reason and spirituality together.  I have found the bridge between metaphysics and epistemology and she wears a dress.  Nothing is offered in this new government of the future without good reason.  We are spiritual beings and I give good reasons for it by way of inspiration from Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Nevertheless, it is not so much the subject today.

Haters of Hillary Clinton love Ayn Rand.  Haters of Ayn Rand love Hillary Clinton.  Then, there are a lot of folks who simply do not care about our parasitic government and the Libertarians.  I am called to unite all the reasonable women of America amid this... atmosphere of the ape.  These two women are connected and it is up to you to find the connection.

A clarion call must go out soon and I do not know if I have the talent or power to bring you all together.  Yet, by my stars this is what I am called to do here on this planet.  I have not wanted to release my natal chart because they did not record the time on the birth certificate in those days and I do not have an accurate time of birth.  However, using the natural powers we have I have come to within what I believe is about 15 minutes of my actual time of birth and I want to upload it for posterity.  And, with that bit of information I have just lost all of the Objectivists if they were ever here at all!
Mystics believe the placement of Pluto in a natal chart marks your karmic mission or what you are hear to do.  I have a couple planets  near cusps but there is only one planet at 00 degrees on my chart and it is of course Pluto.  Apparently, I am to bring these signs together.  What could be my purpose here with Pluto placed between power and the virgin?  As above, so below.

This is the coming future and Quantum Theorists can explain to you why what I say will be so.  The Dalai Lama saw it in a vision.  Someone had to imagine and write it into existence.  Such is one important reason why a Poet is called here. 

Can anybody do it?  Yes and no.  You really can only do what you are here to do or within such parameters... I think.  I am new here.  Otherwise, every Hollywood script would come true.

Pagans get off the bus ready for the new world but I get the impression they are not political folks.  I hope this changes because Earth calls out to all her goddess representatives.  Should these other more aggressive women from these other philosophies join you as the new leaders of government, Spiritual Warrior will be around for a very long time to prevent what a Poet can foresee.

Science will get a saddle in the coming matriarch society and not the other way around like it is now.  Humanity shall ride science to the promise land.

How do I unite all the women of America?  It cannot be done.  The call will go out to all and bring spirituality from your different religions just leave your religious dogma at home.  Feminists are welcome but leave the feminism in the trash can.  It is those women feminism left behind who will become the new leaders of this world.  Our new world celebrates first and foremost the natural matriarch.  I say 'natural matriarchs' because this is important and certainly related to why humanity sprints to extinction.

The only parameter of my mission was to master the DNA code.  It is how I must view some of you now and it is on a deeper level than science can imagine.  If science could help in this matter then Germany would not have spent 300 billion dollars trying to stave off the inevitable.  There are women who are destined to govern yet may not be matriarchs. Such women will become obvious by there living resume.  Any fool is a leader now.  Evolution provides us with the best leaders and this world of the future shall strive for the best in everything instead of the abject status-quo of today.

I make no apologies.  Humanity will survive and the experiment continues here not by greed and fear of the Beast but with nurturing and inspirational love of the Matriarchs.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Anything for Nothing

There are plenty of problems in the world, many of them interconnected. But there is no problem which compares with this central, universal problem of saving the human race from extinction.
John Foster Dulles, U.S. Secretary of State under President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1959.

Written circa 1991, this dark work addresses sentiments of the late Secretary of State.   There is little sense of priority in this world.  A culture forged in pretense, greed, and consumerism is coming to a unforeseeable end.  The foreseeable end was extinction.  Now, it is only the parasites feeding on the blood of the planet along with their zombies who will be rendered extinct or worse.
Anything for Nothing

             Anything is better than nothing

                  and nothing is what you have

                  when you try to mold reality

                  in the shape of anything at all.

             A confusion with American heritage

                  has brought on a senseless era

                  of entire groups of confused people

                  banding together for anything.

             It seems that no one wishes to stand alone,

                  for in a group there is safety in numbers

                  and it enforces the belief of righteousness

                  though the cause be a trivial sham.

             In a world of endless evil

                  where freedom shrinks by the second,

                  to see people cry and die for anything

                  is the worst of nothing.

             All these millions with nothing

                  will do anything at all

                  to put some meaning in a meaningless life

                  and that is nothing at all.

  ─Alan Kenneth Paine
Marquis Who’s Who in America, Arts & Literature



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mystics Awaken Spiritual Warrior

There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.
I. Corinthians 15:44

Although the Catholic Church originally accepted and then ultimately outlawed astrology, the Bible remains filled with astrological symbolism.  Neither science nor the church has been able to interpret these symbols…
An Astrology Primer for the Millions, by Carl Payne Tobey

Consider for a moment the strange aberration of some of the academic elite of our society in their refusal to accept the existence of Spirit or spirits.  The evidence of archaeology and anthropology shows that all cultures from the beginning of recorded history and probably before, and in every part of the globe, have believed in spirits.  It is only in the last three centuries, since the Inquisition and witch trials, that there has been a growing lack of belief.
—Where Science and Magic Meet, by Serena Roney Dougal, PhD

The relations of poetry are … very close to the relations of science. It is not a matter of using the results of science, but of seeing that there is a meeting-place between all the kinds of imagination. Poetry can provide that meeting-place…
The Life of Poetry, by Muriel Rukeyser

"Of all secret lore, sex magic has been reputed through the centuries to be the most dangerous.  Today we know that this attitude was largely a reflection of the hostility towards the flesh held by omnipotent Christianity, but this is not the whole answer.  Sex magic, like magic in general, is no more dangerous than driving a car."

—Secrets of Western Sex Magic, by Frater U*D*

"When I look at history, I see how women have been persecuted and nowhere is this more clear than in the witch hunts.  In the witch trials it was primarily women who were incriminated as wrongdoers.  I feel that this was an attempt by the Church to divest women of whatever remaining dignity and self-respect they had, and to make them totally subservient and enslaved to men."
—Where Science and Magic Meet,
by Serena Roney Dougal, PhD

It is hardly surprising that the primal power of sexuality has attracted mankind's interest throughout the ages.  It has been openly or secretly feared and adored, worshipped and condemned, tended and suppressed.  Our current attitudes towards it are basically no different from those of our prehistoric ancestors.  Despite of all the relevant research, sexuality remains a mystery to us, a book with seven seals, both fascinating and frightening.

—Secrets of Western Sex Magic, by Frater U*D*

"Throughout time, from a Wiccan perspective, saviors, redeemers, prophets, poets, and saints have suddenly glimpsed a part of the grand cosmic mystery that is Deity.  Some shard or drop of the truth of divinity fills their soul with enlightenment, and from this state of Divine rapture, they are compelled to try to relate to others what they have seen."
—Wicca Demystified, by Bryan Lankford 

The Hierarchy of Sagittarius is comprised of the Lords of Mind.  They contact our planet by means of the World of Concrete Thought, which division of the sprit realms is designated as the Second Heaven.  Early in human evolution the Lords of Mind radiated from themselves the shining essence containing the seed of the human mind.  In other words, these great Beings bestowed upon man the priceless gift which lifts him above the animal kingdom and opens a way whereby he may become as a god.”
—The Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline

  "A major theme symbolized by the planet Chiron is the reconciliation and healing of the fundamental split between the spiritual and the instinctual in ourselves; this in turn serves as a prototype of the many other pairs of opposites which live within the psyche.”

“By the time most of the Hellenic myths were formulated by Hesiod and Homer, around 750 BC, this split was already becoming institutionalized, as patriarchal social and religious forms replaced their earlier matriarchal counterparts.  Before this time, in the areas now comprising Europe and the Near East, the Great Mother was worshipped in a multitude of different forms.  Being synonymous with fertility and the instinctual life, the suppression of her worship meant the feminine in general became devalued; with the advent of Christianity, the world of the senses was relegated to the realm of the Devil, the enemy of God."
—Chiron and the Healing Journey:
An Astrological and Psychological Perspective, by Melanie Reinhart

 "You've been blessed with the necessary insight to know what it is we need, even when we don't." 
"Congratulations, you've been issued the Lewis and Clark meets Dudley Do-Right of spiritual agendas, otherwise known as a Sagittarian degree, and otherwise earned by being able to question the unanswered and explore the unknown while discovering the truth and saving the day."

—Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract
With the Universe, by Marguerite Manning

This is a vitally important work because a highly trained but unillumined materialistic mind is the most sinister force in the world at the present time.  St. Paul aptly termed it "the power of darkness."  Such minds are being used by the Black Forces as their most responsive instruments for bringing about chaos, dissolution and the eventual destruction of the entire earthly realm.  This is the crisis now confronting humanity.
—The Cosmic Harp, by Corinne Heline

"Whether we like it or not we are advocating a return to a spiritual way of life, one that puts spirit energy back into the materialist equation -- and this threatens  the whole power base of materialist science which is at present the ruling dogma."
—Where Science and Magic Meet,
by Serena Roney Dougal, PhD

No one will ever characterize Uranus as subtle. This is the planet that coaxes erratic and bizarre behavior and byzantine schemes. A bohemian, utopian society is more in keeping with Uranus's bent, as are humanitarian ideals. Freedom and creativity are important to this planet; Astrology is also within its realm. Lastly, in keeping with its sudden, sometimes violent and often unexpected manner, Uranus rules earthquakes and other natural disasters.
--Uranus: Planet of Rebellion, by Astrology.com

John Foster Dulles, U.S. Secretary of State under President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1959.

What if I told you I am sent to rescue the Earth Goddess from hostile beings masquerading as humans?  Put another way; I am sent here to prevent species extinction.  Hillary Clinton is to play some role in this matter as positive or negative role model.  Either way she is key to a prescribed Matriarch Society and eventual salvation of humanity leading to a Utopian world greater than that dreamed of by Ayn Rand.  How it plays out I do not know.  Imagination has written an ending fueled by divine femininity.  Time is a factor as the point of no return nears.  World governments and those supporting them are already too late to stop a Spiritual Warrior apocalypse for  earth parasites as a way is cleared for Beauty.

Alan Kenneth Paine

"My word shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

Isaiah 55:11
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Synchronicity to the Matriarch Society

Carl Jung described synchronicity as "meaningful coincidence". Oxford Dictionaries say, "The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection." Leave it to the Oxford description to come up short. Some mystics would say there are no coincidences. Some mystics leave us wanting. Nature presents continuous accidents waiting to happen and there is not much meaning to be read into it. Then there are simple accidents. Synchronicity proponents adhering to Jung, know a meaningful coincidence when it is presented to them.
This journey of an Atheist into spirituality and all it entails is a slow transition. One has to imagine that the transition in either philosophical direction in this regard depends upon how long one has held the one philosophy or ideology regarding where we get ultimate knowledge and the larger questions of existence. The Poet claims atheism from birth, yet was raised in a religious family. There is a key here to the anthropologists of the future relevant to culture that will not be missed in a benevolent matriarch society. Be that as it may, the subject here is synchronicity and the Poet has it falling out of his pockets since gaining awareness as a result of women and cosmic transference.
  • I have had several email handles over the years and one of those handles is paganpaine@gmail. I’ve had this handle for several years though not identifying with Pagans and really thinking they worshiped the devil or something. Still, I just liked the name for some reason and researched it a bit to see that they did not worship devils. I kept the handle and never got closer to Pagans as it was never my intention. Now, I sing the praises of Pagans telling a confused  world that this umbrella term covering a wide range of ancient spirituality and peoples all over the globe are first in line to inherit the Earth!
  • Some of you know I never wanted to be a Poet or write Poetry. I wanted to write and as an Actor I started writing screenplays. The last script written was finished circa 2003 and was inspired greatly by Anna Kournikova. It is a comedy written for children about a woman-child extra-terrestrial wanting to learn about the emotions of Earth. I always felt it was lacking something and I never really fleshed-out her history from another world. I was missing something. My friends, my writings bring me back to myself and then to you.  
  • I have not wanted to do any further research on extinction because it was my sense of the matter that I would simply find out that the matter is worse. In the course of my "socializing" on our friend Facebook I was moved as often by argument to research a bit more. Though I have already warned against this, I had no proof-- only my senses. Well, according to Swedish researchers a small percentage of babies born via in vitro fertilization show social problems in a number or areas and one of those areas are "emotions". If I care to do so, I now have what I was missing for my screenplay.  I have reality and many more tears to know before this journey is done. 
  • My last job before back problems was as Caretaker.  Is it coincidence that the natal chart of the Poet tells him to be a Healer and Teacher?
  • I suspected Hillary Clinton was what I called, 'Child of Chaos" before delving into astrology to find out she is a Scorpio. Somewhere in the early eighties marked my first and up until now only encounter with an Astrologer. Until about a year ago I was just like the rest of you regarding my involvement in astrology.  In any case,  it was my friend and landlord quite interested in doing a chart on yours truly. That is some thirty years ago and there is only one thing I can remember from the reading and my chart long since lost. I can still quote him. "You got a lot going on with Scorpio." Great powers have been heavy-handed here and I am much too young in the study of the High Arts to begin to understand.  I can only tell you, don't hurt her.  Those already in touch with Spirit must get chills when they hear that the man who brings the gift of the 'Matriarch Society' is connected by astrological chart with the woman who may very well be the first female President of these United States of America.
  • I do not believe it is a coincidence that daughter and new Matriarch, Mrs. Chelsea Mezvinsky gave birth to a baby girl. This is the dawning of the ‘Matriarch Society’. 
  • The cover of my book shows a Scorpion and Centaur with bow and arrow pointed almost directly at Scorpio. As my readings into astrology continue, I found a passage referring to some legend of the Centaur destroying the scorpion. Of course Scorpio is about death and rebirth so this fits. I knew none of this before I set the cover of the book.
      There is still more. Some of you know I intend to change my name again. None of you know I have chosen the name. Well, Scorpio has legend with that character as well!  Am I now waiting to write my future or does my future wait for me to write it?
    • There is still more synchronicity in my as yet unpublished poetry working its way to eventual publication in collection number two; Crumbling Sandcastle Designs.
    • It is no coincidence that our America looks darkest for women nearing the election of the first female President... and at the hands of a Democrat President.  More abortion clinics have closed under the Feminist Prince   President than any other ever!  
    • As a Poet and Author, I have held creative ideas for 40 years and you will find not one mention or even an implication to a matriarch society in any of my writings.  Why would this idea come to me now and not 20 years ago? Why does the idea not appear when Mr.s Clinton ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008?  As the vision and idea of a matriarch society comes now, it qualifies as synchronicity. 
    Do not get it twisted, as the kids would say.  Yes, I have said that Mrs. Clinton has it in her power to become the greatest U.S. President since Abraham Lincoln.  What  happened to Mr. Lincoln?  Also, Chosen Ones do not always live up to desires of the great powers doing the choosing and Mrs. Clinton may be happy like her predecessor becoming the first of something really special... or was special.   I do not know what this link is, my friends.  It is possible that Mrs. Clinton is called upon this Earth to calm the storm.

    Update 8/17/16
    As time goes by I understand more through contemplation and meditation.  It is certain that women must not seek to deliberate hurt Mrs. Clinton but I thought I should update this post as this is where it was first said.  I suspect it has something to do with vibrations and this living planet. Furthermore, to do so would take away some of  your power driving you to spiritual impotence. 
    I am here to redress such impotence.

    Earth Goddess power can be found in love, forgiveness, patience, and taking the high road.  I suspect there are other areas where women can find real power and I don't have all the answers.  I know it is only the real power of Earth Goddesses that will save this world.


    Cosmic Transference

    Wednesday, March 4, 2015

    Pagan Paradox

    Pagans often faced a life or death paradox with regards to their religion during the Dark Ages and long before as the aggressive religions sought their annihilation. Should a stranger need help by what was called magic or perhaps unknown herbs, revealing yourself to help such a person could mean your death. So then, Pagans and the High Arts went underground and I believe this is where we get the word occult. Occult means hidden knowledge and Pagans today owe a great deal of gratitude to such ancestors who kept the arts alive under fear of death.

    Today a Poet faces a similar paradox yet not nearly as lethal. Inform America and in particular the leaders of this once great nation of what is to come and they will laugh and open prison doors. Do not inform them and they will have no chance to right the ship. Prophets of many different cultures over many decades have predicted cataclysms generated near 2023. Mystics for many years have preached to modern culture that there was time to turn around a fate headed for doom.

    Spiritual Warrior does not preach. Warriors make demands. Spiritual Warrior does not predict. He infuriates! He generates! He liberates!

    Paradoxes run amuck in this world and perhaps in this universe. A grand paradox concerns humanity as I am sent to prevent species extinction and in the end the Universal Goddess or what some of you call God does not really care whether you are saved or not. I'm probably using inaccurate descriptions here but the Goddess and perhaps other ethereal beings care most about any one of us completing the circle. Mystics say that only one from this planet has ever made it. Further, if your lessons are not learned here then such lessons will be learned perhaps as another life form in another part of the universe.

    “Take away paradox from the thinker and you have a professor.”

    ― Søren Kierkegaard

    It is no paradox that of the major religions upon this Earth, it is the Pagans who can be described as meek and fully entitled to inherit this grand feminine force of a planet. It is bitter irony for some. Others may have to earn their right to continue upon this land in any form.

    Emerson said, "All life is an experiment." The grand experiment is over to some extent and humans win. The jig is up for those who have chained the minds and souls of humanity for so many thousands of years creating a class system of control and perpetual lower class. Game over for merit-less men and women playing fancy with life beyond their comprehension.

    We could not conclude here without the final paradox and this concerns that upon which this world turns. Love powers this Earth and it is love her champion. Yet, her Champion breathes fire and speaks of taking away half of the world population to complete the mission. How could love be so cold? Paradoxical, is it not? A wish was made to write a book like Thomas Paine. There are no more revolutions to be won in America so in order for the Source to fulfill my wish, she in effect had to give me herself manifested in her representative I call the Earth Goddess. Your powers match your mission parameters. Think of it like a poker game. What the Poet presents in the 'Matriarch Society' cannot be matched as a high hand. Try again in one hundred thousand years-- after tour of duty of a paradoxical Warrior looking nothing like spiritual leaders of today or the past. Still, love fuels the fire.


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