Eagles mate in flight and song

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Natal Chart of Firestorm Omega

This chart is within a few minutes of the actual time of my birth and I should like to get the exact time at some point but I sense that this is very close.  Also, the natal chart posted for Hillary Clinton lists her birth at exactly 8:00pm.  I suspect that it is off by a few minutes as well.

What does it all mean in the end?  Mystics and those people following and studying the High Arts perhaps understand but do they really see the big picture?  It is going to take a while before more of you can see some part of this new future I have been sent to bring you ostensibly through Hillary Clinton.

Mystics would tell me there is much karmic past between myself and she who covets becoming the first female President of these United States of America.  I would tell you that I am not interested at this time and perhaps never in this life time.  

Since gaining awaredness I have pondered a perplexing question of whether or not the great mystics have lead humanity astray. Enlightenment teaches me that all paths to enlightenment are the correct path.  My question then is why am I called here?  No, there is something that has gone wrong here and I am starting to find other mystics who disagree with the majority. 

The great mystics have lead you astray by putting your focus on returning to the source and perhaps inner peace.  My focus in this lifetime has been inner peace as well but I cannot leave this world as a cesspool if I can help it all.  My hope is that more of you will join me.