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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spiritual Journey Questions

Astrology and divination like Tarot, Palmistry and the like seem to be tools used by the lay person as predictors and guides to and of the future.  Will I find true love?  Will I ever be happy?  Will I get that job?  How do I increase my chances of getting that job?  Will there ever be peace in this world?

My spiritual journey into the High Arts wants to travel a slightly different path.  I have mentioned and posted a connection by natal chart to an important woman of our time.  Mystics, or at least most would tell me or you in similar situation that looking into past lives would help with the present and even the future.  It is sometimes difficult to fine fault with these people soon to be my associates for at least two reasons.  They have had to adapt to the 'patriarch matrix'.  Secondly, enlightenment teaches me that there are many paths to spirituality and enlightenment.  Still,  we cannot remember past lives for a reason and I suspect it is a good reason.  Entering a new world humanity must finally realize that spirituality and enlightenment are final stages of life and at some point each individual gets on the road.

Looking into past lives does not interest me because this life is plenty.  Some mystics have gone wrong here as individuals seem to become selfish as a consequence of the peace of mind spirituality brings especially through meditation.  A balance has been lost or perhaps never found.  Many become meek of... spirit, for lack of a better word at this time.  One has to at least wonder if an attachment to Ayn Rand protected me from... turn-the-other-cheek meekness.  In any event, I suspect it has lead to a good amount of Pagans becoming non-political.  And, of course I use Pagan here as an umbrella term covering all religions other than the major religions denigrating women.  It is not surprising that the major religions dominate politics in America.  Not only is there a fertility crisis choking the nation to death but in essence the cause has been found in morality.  With certainty I will draw upon what is gained here in this lifetime for the next lifetime but this world is on the brink of suicide now and my focus stays here.

Time does come soon when I must seek counsel from at least one of the Mystics posted here.  If you must know it is regarding quantum theory and not getting too deeply involved in this matter.  It raises the question of just who am I on a higher plane of existence. I feel like one of you or at least I did until 'cosmic transference'.  Mystics believe there are Angels among us and other ethereal or extraterrestrial beings in human form.  I think I would know if I were an Angel.  I have said on Facebook that I feel like I have been fighting this war for thousands of years.  That eureka moment manifesting as a matriarch society allows for great peace of mind and a bit of anxiety.  Given power to burn out hearts and destroy nations, I am then encouraged to show fellow humans more love.  Let the suffering begin.