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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cursed by Royal Stars of Persia

Venus in Scorpio explains quite a lot looking back on a life that at one time would have been very happy to greet age 50.  One supposes all those brushes with death living an outlaw life were needed now to face down infamous world leaders to species suicide.  Nonetheless, I remember my first stage acting role led to meeting several different characters.  One young lady confided with no prompting that I was very good looking and reminded her of a movie just opening at the time.  Cruising, starred Al Pacino and Karen Allen centering on an undercover cop chasing a vicious killer of homosexuals.  Music of 1980 was far better than the film but the memory of her comments resonate today.  A young beauty took time out of her lovely life to edify yours truly on the attractive male and what may lay ahead.  She was of course right and now thanks to another Earth Goddess I know why all genders have attempted embarrassingly at times to take a wild pony ride on what was then a smoldering storm.

Stars prevented a swollen head but I was made to attract women for good reasons.  Damn stars are also what I called unknowingly at the time my curse.  All this sexual power attracting everything walking and unable to just jump in bed with everything.  No, among other nuisances great powers that be sent the Poet here under 2 of The Royal Stars of Persia in significant aspect.  A thin line of virtue protects this world from annihilation and it appears in retrospect from making a fool of myself with anything walking.

Spiritual Father, Thomas Paine wondered on his deathbed about reincarnation.  I seem to sense more than what Mystics think they know on the subject and we should leave it there.  Perhaps I am different but I doubt it.  I believe this ego remains.  Why?  Mystics say the ego is like a wave from the ocean eventually returning to the source only to be reborn as another totally different wave.  We enter a new scenario where an encoded paradigm flips, my friends.  New higher thinking wanted in the future.

Higher thinking, dumb luck, protection of spiritual guides or angels, call it what you will but I survive to this point knowing considerable experience with the Source on this little planet.  It is of course my experiential resume for this job.  And, in this silly world championing ignorance we see assumption mistaken as actual thinking or true processing of information by the mind.  One sees here among this spider web of interrelated blogs that I champion prostitution and assumption jumpers probably believe I have some personal experience with such ladies.  Experience with Beauty of many shapes, shades, and maturity fulfills my destiny written by stars and planets.  I champion free will and solutions bringing humanity back from the extinction abyss.

Parading my romantic life in public does not stroke this ego made for greater endeavors.  Thoughts here hope to someday spark higher thinking in the proper direction as this cannot be forever a walk alone.  Sexual love and sex do not describe identical events and humanity, those ignorant of the difference, soon understands a difference and such understanding alone lifts the species out of spiritual and consequently intellectual mud.

My spiritual father wondered about reincarnation and lately I wonder if it gets better in my next life.  I can actually plan for it to some degree but my desires may not match higher powers controlling such delicate matters.  As I now suffer lifted by love to empathic sensations with subjects of my poetry, I have to wonder if it gets better or look for meaning in my suffering.  There is a type of peace knowing without doubt that the age of ignorance finally comes to a merciful end.  One hopes a little peace of mind is enough through untold lifetimes watching it unfold slowly.  What if I am given the same obstacles to overcome on a personal sense incarnating?  What if I am not born to a rich Pagan family of Freethinkers?  One believes today I write my future for tomorrow.  Does such include the next lifetime?

Understanding prostitution and abortion may actually enhance your DNA code enabling the species to evolve so Spiritual Warrior thinks not to act  here.  Beings of higher intelligence wait to greet those people who get it.  It is important that you do the work.  It is important for those folks remaining on this little planet to allow their minds to expand with new higher thinking in a future where women are born with more beauty, intellect, and spirituality with each passing generation.  Men evolve in tandem with her and such men do not wear dresses. The code gets proper respect in the future.

I have mentioned ‘Utopia’ here a time or two.  What does it mean?  Utopia means an end to the working class for all intents and purposes.  However, there are no shortcuts and humanity must do the work to get to Utopia on any level of being human and such is not always pretty.  Pretense retards the human DNA code now and such a parasitic virus and those people spreading it shall burn away like so much ignorance surrounding she who seeks an abortion or a price for sexuality.  There shall be no safe haven for monsters and their makers in a benevolent future.
Wondering, pondering, smoldering here wrapped in Scorpio sexuality fired by the Goddess of Love while sacred stars hold heavenly power over carnal desires linking Lords of Sagittarius I must hope it gets better.  Hope and faith seem unusual words for outlaws and outcasts.  Unusual times call for unusual men and women.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cursed: The Obama Files

I actually stay away from news as much as possible and it is hard.  As a result I get news days old.  I did not know our President Barack Obama went on Good Morning America Friday 13 to thump his chest on how ISIS was "contained" until days later.  Why is this significant.  If you pay attention here you should know.

If I needed a sign from the Goddess that the end comes closer for the Beast (And, I do not need a sign), Obama on Friday the 13th would be it.  By his own words and actions he hangs himself slowly.  Know that such a miserable man is cursed for blind arrogance and false self-esteem built on electoral votes making the deluded mistake of denigrating a Goddess.  Furthermore, any living breathing talking virus making my job harder has a limited time upon this world.  

Let nothing stand in the way my mission.  Spiritual Warrior takes out zombies as this is written one by one giving this world a badly needed enema.

There is no place in future America for parasites and heat continually goes up for all the disgusting varmints on this planet as we get closer to their apocalypse.

Obama: I'll Rebuke ISIS by talking about climate change

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Junior Varsity President

Critical Chronology

 2014 January- Obama calls ISIS, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda the Junior Varsity.
 2014 August- Al-Furqan Media, which Isis controls, releases a video appearing to show U.S. Journalist, James Foley’s beheading.
 2014 September- A video showing the murder of British Aid Work, David Haines is released.
 2014 October- A video showing Isis militants beheading of Minicab Driver, Alan Henning is posted online.
 2014 November- Isis releases a video apparently showing the beheading of U.S. Aid Worker, Peter Kassig.
2015 February- Exactly one year after inspiring a terrorist group, Barack Obama asks Congress to approve his plan for a war on ISIS opening the door to limited ground troops.
April 2015- Congress denies Obama's request and plan to make war on ISIS saying we see "no plan."
November 13, Friday 2015  In an eerie interview on Good Morning America,  President Obama says ISIS is "contained" and that they were "not getting stronger."
November 13, 2015- Around 13 hours after Obama gave his learned opinion yet again, terror hits Paris in coordinated attacks killing over 100.  ISIS claims responsibility.
December 2, 2015- Terror hits San Bernardino, CA. as a husband and wife kill at least 14 and injure more.  The female suspect claims allegiance on Facebook to ISIS.
I called our sitting President an unconscionable ignoramus for his unsolicited ingratiating comments to an over-hyped transgendered freak show.  Unconscionable ignoramus also describes "JV" comments as well from easily the worst U.S. President ever!

Perusing the resume of Obama before becoming President, we find it as empty as his head of original ideas that do not involve taxpayer money.  His college degree is in constitutional law yet can claim expertise in no area as he would have held a job as a constitutional lawyer or professor and we would have a record of his brilliance and he has nothing!  No experience in foreign affairs, business, sociology, or even a stint in our National Guard.  It is the two-party system that allows an almost merit-less man to become leader of the free world and humanity suffers now and who knows how many years to come

The media is mostly Liberal and have blood on their hands for enabling Obama.  We can also blame them for the creation of Fox News.  I am neither Democrat nor Republican and have never voted.

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No World Leaders respect our President.