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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Worst U.S. President of Pardons

At the time of this writing, President Barack Obama has 120 days and some hours left in his two-term presidency.  Compared to other such U.S. Presidents, Mr. Obama can easily be called the Anti-Freedom President when it comes to Pardons and Commutations.  With six months to go he ranked among the worst U.S. Presidents ever all the way back to George Washington.  To rid himself of that distinction he quickly freed a few wrongly accused citizens to get his total up to around 218.  He has promised thousands more but such rhetoric is unattainable in the wake of resignations in key departments overseeing the matter.  Nevertheless, most of what Mr. Obama has given are commutations.  He commuted sentences rather than give full pardons.  Obama continues to rank with Washington at the bottom with regards to Presidential Pardons.  A great historic General, G.W. was fresh off a battlefield and so has an excuse.  Mr. Obama shall find no excuses in this lifetime.
Jimmy Carter                1977-1981           566
Bill Clinton                     1991-2003          456
Ronald Reagan             1981-1989          406
George W. Bush            2001-2009         176
Barack Obama              2009-2017            64

If he's undertaking to do pardons, and he's looking to do as many as his predecessors, he's going to have to scramble in the last six months...  
Margaret LoveU.S. Pardon Attorney under George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations.

Deboran Leff, the Pardon Attorney under Obama, resigned almost in protest to ridiculous expectations placed on her office by Mr. Obama in the eleventh hour of his presidency.  He has had plenty of time to let freedom ring in his tired administration especially when we compare him to one-term President Jimmy Carter.

Once again Mr. Obama has no one to blame but himself nose-diving to another low milestone as worst U.S. President of Pardons.  It should not be surprising that Obama is so anti-freedom when we remember Eric Snowden and the other famous Whistleblowers responsible for pulling the curtain behind the phony smiles spying on Americans by the Obama administration. 

Speaking of Mr. Snowden, one has to wonder why Obama will not grant a real American one little pardon when he promised 11 million illegal immigrants pardons.  Maybe it has something to do with the crime.  Still, kind of strange when you realize that a new movie is on the way directed by Oliver Stone dramatizing the life of a real American hero now hiding in Moscow and as we all know Hollywood Liberals love Democrats to death.  One has to wonder if President Obama is not an incredible hypocrite and anti-freedom.

Perhaps our President is taken away from pardons and freedom campaigning so much for Hillary Clinton.  He has promised to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected President.  Promises, promises, promises, it is a cruel broken record voters must listen to called status-quo.

Federal Courts block Obama’s Executive Illegal-Immigration Amnesty (Again)  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/426878/obama-executive-illegal-immigration-amnesty-fifth-circuit

Friday, September 16, 2016

Saving Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton coughing
Careful what you wish for, careful what you say, and I should give myself such warnings daily but no. This imagination lifted higher by divine feminine love refuses to quiet passions. Power in our words and with great power comes great consequences. My last blog in this interconnected maze of blogs mentioned saving the soul of Hillary Clinton. Later it dawned on a weary imagination that I really did write of saving souls. Sometimes I wonder if I control all my actions. There once was an episode with my beautiful doctor that remains unexplainable.

Some Mystics believe there are many ethereal entities around each and every one of us to such extent that nothing we do is not guided by loving higher beings. Some Mystics believe we have no free will in this matter of life slaves to powerful planets and fate. So then, it still feels funny when I say it but my future is to be in the business of saving souls.

I said that how this political theater and manifestations to a prescribed matriarch society plays out were unknown. Based on what our would-be champion has said and not said, it is unlikely she can help humanity as leader of the free world. Mrs. Clinton recently mentioned the “F” word. It appears that she may have fallen too far into Neo-Liberalism exemplified by the current Commander in Chief. His record and legacy shall be based on facts and not unguarded ignorant opinions. Marxism, Massacres, and unconscionable arrogance leading President Barack Obama to be known as Chief Father of extinction species humanity as no U.S. President has done or will do more to push America to the extinction abyss. It also speaks to a dangerous Liberal Media that Feminism continues unbridled in America. Our universe speaks to Mrs. Clinton and the coded message can be deciphered by Firestorm Omega.

It may very well be that even the Chosen One cannot stand in the way of my mission given spirits invoked in the name of spiritual Father, Thomas Paine and importance of a surviving humanity to the rest of the universe. Democrats, Neo-Liberals, and the mostly Liberal Media have proven to be dangerous and their politically-correct ideology has been on marvelous display for the past eight years.
President Barack Obama; bringer of cosmic doom 
America and indeed the world can take no more pretentious status-quo as it is unsustainable on any level. Humanity goes forward and up or dies. Government and resulting culture can no longer embrace mediocrity and pretense as philosophy.

Donald Trump is no bureaucratic parasite with good intentions and unctuous Harvard education. While he is running under the Republican flag, his mere presence as President of these United States of America will injure deeply the politically-correct ideology currently poisoning our nation faster than if left alone to the malevolent patriarch matrix. (Public education curriculum must be gutted to eradicate the philosophical virus completely)

Mrs. Clinton has health issues and anyone touting Feminism for this weary nation offers toxic philosophical poison currently turning so many American children into monsters and prey. Mrs. Clinton needs to step carefully away from the medical monopoly menace to society and find herself a good Homeopathic Healer. A Healer would point her towards spirituality and spirituality becomes my business.

While retribution would rather burn monsters and their unholy makers to hell, Firestorm Omega has pretty promises yet to keep and miles to go before I sleep. Powerful words here may seek to save her soul but Hillary is no match against a dangerous Universe. Cosmic powers given to the Warrior may not extend to an obstacle to mission success no matter if she is the Chosen One. A magnanimous withdrawal from this grueling political race citing good of the nation may bestow a bit of honor on our would-be champion that has been missing in this election. Mother Nature is not going to be very nice to a potential U.S. President who openly seeks to bring ruin to the nation and humanity. We approach an era where humanity learns to listen to Mother Nature.
This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.  Now choose life... -Deuteronomy 30:19


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Monday, September 12, 2016

Dark Details of a Journey into Light

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Battle Notes 0.7

Dear Diary,

We get closer to that delirious day when America chooses their next President and leader of the free world.  As this battle to free fertile footprints continues, the next world leader shall be crucial and have every opportunity to be great.  Republicans and Democrats have dragged America in a downward spiral to the end of times.  Other known political parties have partial answers yet lack a cohesive core.  It is just another reason America creeps closer and closer toward the bottom of a philosophical barrel where extinct cultures and humanoids once calling this planet home go to die.  The usual choices of bad or worse Americans face every four years just met catered chaos better known to most as magick.

Future Mr. President Donald Trump or Madam President Hillary Clinton shall face challenges like no other U.S. President ever.  Among other unusual events, America witnessed an exposed political system rotten to the core allowing any ignoramus to become a political leader, a mostly Liberal Media including Facebook showing no shame for killing us softly with good intentions, and some young folks fighting back against the absurdly brutal national police state with lethal retaliation of their own.  When one factors in the main message revealed in this interconnected virtual space of blogs and morale of America under a presidency of the worst, our next leader shall enter a Firestorm.

Once upon a time in this presidential political journey seeming to never end, Mr. Trump looked like just another Republican loser with more money and bravado than the usual parasitic creatures from D.C.  Suddenly, the Donald appears to be quite another man indeed.  Having dinners in Detroit ghettos and meeting Mexican Presidents for quaint chit chats while updating and thus strengthening his platform goes a long way toward creating an image of a real leader.  He has already apologized for some of his unfortunate statements.  He is a businessman after all and is apt to offer out any old notion as a negotiating point and not necessarily a true belief.  Mr. Trump is always looking for the best deal.

Hillary Clinton brings too many problems into this election to mention here.  Yes, I know I have promised to stand by our first lady contender to my own physical detriment.  Nevertheless, intellectual integrity might be damaged if I did not give the devil, err… Trump his due.  My endorsement of Mrs. Clinton is an attempt to save her as I am called here to save the Earthly Goddess.  If she is not just another woman of the world adapted to succeed in a pathetic physically and spiritually debilitating patriarch matrix then I should like to know why not?

Once upon a time in this peculiar presidential election of many cuts (the first cut is the deepest) Mrs. Clinton seemed to hold victory in a Gucci bag.  Bags go out of style and it appears the Hillary Clinton bag has suffered a bit of damage of wear and tear.  She has missed every opportunity to be great and stand above mediocrity as more problems continue to fall like summer rain in the Catskills.  A real problem for the hopeful Madam President is her affiliation with the Democrat Party.  Their highest ranking party member has shown the world a bankruptcy in the original ideas department and more Socialism that is the engine powering every Democrat heart.  They simply have nothing more to offer other than some new form of Fascism.  Republicans have recently had less to offer but President Obama changed history.

During stormy weather, where does a political leader go?  They go to their core.  Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats really have no core.  Donald Trump has a core and a mantra.  “Make America great again.”  Mrs. Clinton cannot say something like that for fear of disrespecting the current stiff in the White House.  There are several such problems for Mrs. C and I believe the analogous sports expression is “hamstrung”.  Furthermore, Trump can change.  Hillary cannot change her many problems and they would cloud a would-be presidency and may very well give way to impeachment proceedings.  Her soul may best be saved at this point if she is not U.S. President as the office seems to give some people a sense of false self-esteem.

Warrior victory and path to a prescribed matriarch society arrives to this world regardless of inadequacies in any other American President.  Details, what remains are dark details of a sacred journey and one gets a notion it will get darker before the dawn.  Details seem beyond gifts granted to enlightened Poets.  So, buckle in tight and get ready for one hell of a ride with magick-making mystics and dramatic dreams of gentle giants.  All that stands between a cultural pot of gold at the end of vibrant rainbows glowing over a Utopian world looks like disturbed spiritual impotence toting that same old bag of tricks none of the kids wanted last Halloween.  Time to toss out all those pathetic pimps and tricks of the past making way for a beautiful dawn.