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Friday, February 19, 2016

American Hero

Apple CEO, Tim Cook
Our vaunted FBI wants to force  Apple's chief executive to help them spy on America.  Like always the Federal Bureau of Stumble Bums is using a tragedy to gain their way further into the lives of Americans.  The police state is built on good intentions and incompetence.

Our great Federal Bureau of Incompetence seems better suited to finding other ways to spy as their spying up to this point did not prevent the terrorist attack on which they would like to base their claims.  FBI, CIA, and of course Presidential incompetence caused and/or allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Air travel corporations had every opportunity to protect the cockpit after D.B. Cooper among many other hijackings.  The federal government never took them to task and neither did a dumbed down populace.  To think that such unconscionable incompetence with more spying on Americans could ever do anything but make matters worse reflects in the current U.S. President.

Tim Cook is a real hero.  Apple users, Freedom Fighters, and Freethinkers should show support for a real American Hero.

Imagine No More Pretense.

Donald Trump, GOP Presidential Nominee 

Donald Trump is under fire for having the courage to stand against the Pope.  There is no bigger bully in religion than the Catholic Church and speaking against them can often spell ruin for the public figure.  Such is the power of Catholic tentacles entwined in every realm of this world.  Where they do not control and ruin lives we find the other religions doing their part.  These different Judeo-Christian religions use to fight all the time.  They only unified to a certain degree to battle the growing legions of atheists.  Behind closed doors one has to believe they despise each other still and maybe we see this in the Trump vs. Pope feud.

I have said that Mr. Trump comes from Magick and current events do nothing to dissuade such an idea.  If you read here often enough you must know I do not endorse Mr. Trump.  My allegiance comes guided by higher powers.  Nevertheless, I do admire the Donald here.  Imagine a U.S. President who spoke his mind!
Pope Francis

Donald Trump is like a breath of fresh air or possibly a T-Bone steak sizzling on the grill after enduring almost 8 years of the abject symbol of mediocrity and the status-quo represented in the first truly politically-correct current American President. 

Discussing Hillary Clinton in a thread on Facebook, a young lady said we need someone with courage implying of course that Mrs. C lacks courage.  It takes courage to stand up to the biggest religious bully in the world.  It is the kind of courage Mrs. C needs to display in some form or fashion if she is to be our champion.  We cannot wait much longer for her to create some magick of her own.  I cannot do it for her at this time.

Currently it is presidential candidate Donald Trump punching the politically-correct ideology in the nose and the movement is getting bloody.  The end of government status-quo that produced an unconscionable ignoramus as a world leader approaches and eternals can see it in the face of this Pope. Barack Obama would never speak against the Pope as just another pretender.  Let the Prince of Pretense and Prince of Pedophiles Emeritus walk hand in hand into the pits of tar where Dinosaurs go to expire.  Christians may have the occasional financial or extra-marital scandal, but rarely if ever do we hear of them perverting boys.  If I cannot have Mrs. Clinton, then Donald Trump is preferred over all others and did I mention that I have never voted?

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Battle Notes 0.2; See How They Fall

Chaos strikes again on sacred number thirteen as Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia dies officially on February 13, 2016.  One month after I write, 'U.S. Supreme Court history is as checkered or more than the average street prostitute. Prostitutes have an excuse as they are outlaws for the most part.' Perhaps the most notorious of the group, his court has been called the worse since the Civil War.  Taking a glimpse into some of his comments does not a monster reveal until we come to the issue of race. 
There are those who contend that it does not benefit African Americans to get them into the University of Texas, where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-advanced school, a slower-track school where they do well. One of the briefs pointed out that most of the black scientists in this country don't come from schools like the University of Texas. They come from lesser schools where they do not feel that they're being pushed ahead in classes that are too fast for them.  —Antonin Scalia, Fisher v. University of Texas

It appears that Justice Scalia might have been just a bit racist or does someone wish an attempt at spinning such comments?  And, since this was published there is new information exposing Scalia as one of the Pedophiles involved in a global child sex-trafficking ring. No, no, no, there shall be no rhetoric erasing the history of a monster hiding in plain sight. Liberals hail his demise and conservatives call him a champion. It should be stated here in no uncertain terms that the problem rests not with one side or political party. Mr. Scalia emerges through Warrior eyes as part of a liberal and conservative Beast decaying and scheduled for demolition by Firestorm.

One thing was clear: Scalia died in his element, doing what he loved, at a luxury resort that has played host to movie stars and European royalty, and is famous for bird hunts and bigger game such as bison and mountain lions.  —The Washington Post.com
It should be mentioned that Scalia was Harvard-educated like the current U.S. President.  Again and again Harvard arises as a link between monster-makers, monsters, and parasites.  Spiritual Warrior wishes to erase Harvard form the map.  I have talked him into keeping it down to perhaps one department as there has to be some individuals graduating from such a fabled institution who are not unconscionable ignoramuses.  If Harvard Alums were not intent upon spreading philosophical disease it might be another matter but such does not appear to be the case.  Someone needs to speak up for Harvard as it is much too late for parasites and monsters in government.
All the King’s horses and all the President’s Tin Soldiers will never put monsters back together again or offer up so much as harsh words against the Warrior. Call the FBI once led by a cross-dressing bigot and an incompetent Louis Freeh of “The Freeh Report”. No? Call the mysterious CIA who financed Gloria Steinem and Feminism and Osama Bin Laden to Al Qaeda, two groups absolutely opposed to evolution and thusly offering death to the species. When I have said this world is controlled by incompetence and evil, how am I wrong?
One by one, soon two by two, see how they fall near 2022. My love eternal burns furious like shallow minds reflect sheep. Suicidal prayers find deliverance as a Warrior swears a vow to keep.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Battle Notes 0.1

Iowa votes today and if I would listen to talking heads, winning there would make the road to a nomination for respective parties much easier.  I am moved to write something.  And, then again I am not.  At some point I have to have done enough.  Enough is enough was one mantra leading into this matter of ending the war against women. 

Donald Trump recently was accused by implication of being a part of the war against women by his name-calling.  Really?  The Real Donald Trump speaks the language of freedom and is the anti-bureaucrat.  Pollsters and Liberal Media cannot understand the popularity of Mr. Trump.  I have said he comes from magick and represents just another sign that the hallowed end is near to the status-quo.  Mr. Trump smashes the politically-correct virus upside the head and proponents of the mentally retarding ideology of Neo-Marxism get a taste of the future and their doom.  Inspired by the very presence of the current U.S. President, Trump can win because of him.  We have had almost 16 years of Democrat leadership and the entire world looks worse.  The Bar is set exceedingly low and that is just one reason Donald Trump looks like a real Hero.

Bernie Sanders looks like the same old Democrat Party again with a twist of offering to eliminate the federal ban on medical marijuana.  I suspect this was done to counter the many promises of Donald Trump who wants to get the IRS off the wallet of America.  Mr. Sanders like the Democrat Party have become a new evil under the current President and now stand just as bad as the Republicans. 

Mr. Trump was smart enough not to run as a Libertarian.  His road to the White House goes through Republican Country and I do not hold it against him one bit.  Nevertheless, he is more Libertarian than Evil Elephant.  Anything Sanders can do or promises to do in the way of freedoms, Trump can do better.  Donald Trump would become the next U.S. President if the opponent is Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton raises more money than Sanders, wields a bigger name, and is the first female candidate for the U.S. Presidency with a real chance to win just to name a few of her advantages.  Still, I am told by talking heads her followers lack passion for her?  They say Trump has it.  Even Grandpa Sanders has it.  Talking heads say, 'where is the passionate zeal for Hillary?'  Talking heads talk themselves out of credibility.

Feeling like Bogart in Casablanca even as I sing her virtues.  Go ahead Mrs. Clinton and lose, you would be doing me a favor.

Think sometimes that Trump may even ease the fury of Spiritual Warrior and as a result America and the world would see less cataclysmic disasters.  No such dreams are fancied should Mrs. Clinton win and continue on a path to more Fascism and species suicide as it would be the final slap in the face to the Earthly Goddess. Spiritual Warrior would be inconsolable and unmerciful.  Firestorm bestows immunity to Scorpio, her blood, and the love of her blood, but everything else stinking of decay on this world metaphorically speaking goes up in flames.

Pagans are set to inherit what is left of this world at this point.  There is still time but on a cosmic level it is now down to the eleventh hour and Cinderella had better not get caught outside after midnight.   Pretense parades as weak magic of the spiritually impotent and the telltale clock ticks louder for producers of suffering and death.  Real magick manipulates events on this world now as we entered a new scenario at the moment of awareness awakening Spiritual Warrior.  Who cares what happens in Iowa?  The future belongs to reason and spirituality.


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