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Friday, February 19, 2016

Imagine No More Pretense.

Donald Trump, GOP Presidential Nominee 

Donald Trump is under fire for having the courage to stand against the Pope.  There is no bigger bully in religion than the Catholic Church and speaking against them can often spell ruin for the public figure.  Such is the power of Catholic tentacles entwined in every realm of this world.  Where they do not control and ruin lives we find the other religions doing their part.  These different Judeo-Christian religions use to fight all the time.  They only unified to a certain degree to battle the growing legions of atheists.  Behind closed doors one has to believe they despise each other still and maybe we see this in the Trump vs. Pope feud.

I have said that Mr. Trump comes from Magick and current events do nothing to dissuade such an idea.  If you read here often enough you must know I do not endorse Mr. Trump.  My allegiance comes guided by higher powers.  Nevertheless, I do admire the Donald here.  Imagine a U.S. President who spoke his mind!
Pope Francis

Donald Trump is like a breath of fresh air or possibly a T-Bone steak sizzling on the grill after enduring almost 8 years of the abject symbol of mediocrity and the status-quo represented in the first truly politically-correct current American President. 

Discussing Hillary Clinton in a thread on Facebook, a young lady said we need someone with courage implying of course that Mrs. C lacks courage.  It takes courage to stand up to the biggest religious bully in the world.  It is the kind of courage Mrs. C needs to display in some form or fashion if she is to be our champion.  We cannot wait much longer for her to create some magick of her own.  I cannot do it for her at this time.

Currently it is presidential candidate Donald Trump punching the politically-correct ideology in the nose and the movement is getting bloody.  The end of government status-quo that produced an unconscionable ignoramus as a world leader approaches and eternals can see it in the face of this Pope. Barack Obama would never speak against the Pope as just another pretender.  Let the Prince of Pretense and Prince of Pedophiles Emeritus walk hand in hand into the pits of tar where Dinosaurs go to expire.  Christians may have the occasional financial or extra-marital scandal, but rarely if ever do we hear of them perverting boys.  If I cannot have Mrs. Clinton, then Donald Trump is preferred over all others and did I mention that I have never voted?

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore
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