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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Battle Notes 0.1

Iowa votes today and if I would listen to talking heads, winning there would make the road to a nomination for respective parties much easier.  I am moved to write something.  And, then again I am not.  At some point I have to have done enough.  Enough is enough was one mantra leading into this matter of ending the war against women. 

Donald Trump recently was accused by implication of being a part of the war against women by his name-calling.  Really?  The Real Donald Trump speaks the language of freedom and is the anti-bureaucrat.  Pollsters and Liberal Media cannot understand the popularity of Mr. Trump.  I have said he comes from magick and represents just another sign that the hallowed end is near to the status-quo.  Mr. Trump smashes the politically-correct virus upside the head and proponents of the mentally retarding ideology of Neo-Marxism get a taste of the future and their doom.  Inspired by the very presence of the current U.S. President, Trump can win because of him.  We have had almost 16 years of Democrat leadership and the entire world looks worse.  The Bar is set exceedingly low and that is just one reason Donald Trump looks like a real Hero.

Bernie Sanders looks like the same old Democrat Party again with a twist of offering to eliminate the federal ban on medical marijuana.  I suspect this was done to counter the many promises of Donald Trump who wants to get the IRS off the wallet of America.  Mr. Sanders like the Democrat Party have become a new evil under the current President and now stand just as bad as the Republicans. 

Mr. Trump was smart enough not to run as a Libertarian.  His road to the White House goes through Republican Country and I do not hold it against him one bit.  Nevertheless, he is more Libertarian than Evil Elephant.  Anything Sanders can do or promises to do in the way of freedoms, Trump can do better.  Donald Trump would become the next U.S. President if the opponent is Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton raises more money than Sanders, wields a bigger name, and is the first female candidate for the U.S. Presidency with a real chance to win just to name a few of her advantages.  Still, I am told by talking heads her followers lack passion for her?  They say Trump has it.  Even Grandpa Sanders has it.  Talking heads say, 'where is the passionate zeal for Hillary?'  Talking heads talk themselves out of credibility.

Feeling like Bogart in Casablanca even as I sing her virtues.  Go ahead Mrs. Clinton and lose, you would be doing me a favor.

Think sometimes that Trump may even ease the fury of Spiritual Warrior and as a result America and the world would see less cataclysmic disasters.  No such dreams are fancied should Mrs. Clinton win and continue on a path to more Fascism and species suicide as it would be the final slap in the face to the Earthly Goddess. Spiritual Warrior would be inconsolable and unmerciful.  Firestorm bestows immunity to Scorpio, her blood, and the love of her blood, but everything else stinking of decay on this world metaphorically speaking goes up in flames.

Pagans are set to inherit what is left of this world at this point.  There is still time but on a cosmic level it is now down to the eleventh hour and Cinderella had better not get caught outside after midnight.   Pretense parades as weak magic of the spiritually impotent and the telltale clock ticks louder for producers of suffering and death.  Real magick manipulates events on this world now as we entered a new scenario at the moment of awareness awakening Spiritual Warrior.  Who cares what happens in Iowa?  The future belongs to reason and spirituality.


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