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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Firestorm Omega Diary, Volume 2; Dodging Dysphoria

Dodging Dysphoria and other Battlefield Notes

Recently, I tried to take a break from social networks for an undetermined time to safeguard sanity and spiritual potency. Step away from the device. All electronic devices are soul-sucking to some degree and you are advised to meditate or hug a tree from time to time to save your soul. Be that as it may, my vacation away from liberal social network weapons against people who hurt feelings they do not understand was of course cut short. Every time I try to get out, they pull me back in!

Publishing two different books does not afford me the opportunity to break away from current events altogether which means checking email. During the vacation away from the liberal social network weapons, it was my intention to just visit spiritual and positive sites to raise my vibration. I am subscribed to a few spiritual and pagan websites. Occasionally, they send me something that catches interest and I will read the post and sometimes comment. Of course they would send me a post with “transgender” in the title. Should have ignored it but I do not claim perfection. My two cents were later deleted by the post author.

Some days later I get another post from the same website and it has a title that intrigues during this spiritual vacation time. I venture to read this post dealing with spirituality and just a few paragraphs in the author confesses to being a transgender and of course the post is centered around transgenderism. Imagine my consternation. I have threatened to unsubscribe as they surely cannot contend with comments from eternal fire.

All is as it should be and of course I was meant to have my vacation cut short and get sensibilities offended by the internet. Why? What is my problem with transgender? I have been asked that question a few times after enlightenment and posting on the issue and it has not changed. The question has come in many forms; What business is it of mine? What is my interest in the issue? Who am I to judge such people? I am on this planet to deal with life or death of the species. Built to burn out hearts or lift them with love to celestial wonders, I am Firestorm Omega and this world turns towards salvation and a prescribed matriarch society kicking and screaming if necessary. I can drop dead tomorrow and only the path changes. The final destiny is written in cosmic stone. Until that blessed event, I must suffer here as what appears to be part of the existential deal.

My divine message brings doom to the LGBTQ community and do not look for any tears from the messenger.  Great powers did not send a poet to break the news gently.  Such is well beyond powers granted to retribution and any configuration of words shall not be met well that spell your end.  If you are a frequent reader here then you know Warrior tears are reserved for people much more deserving and waiting for a very long time.  Some of you would shame and jail Beauty while welcoming perversion of pretense into your home and restrooms.
Scarlet LadiesThirteen

Transgender represents the zenith of cultural perversion in a world where pretense has become philosophy. It is another slap in the face to the earth goddess. The mental illness is called Dysphoria and it is not resigned to just people wanting to change gender. Some people want to change ethnic race or become a unicorn. Transgender wants to pretend to be another sex and mostly change from a man to a woman. Well, that is fine. However, to expect society to maintain the pretense is psychotic or certainly on the border of psychosis.   People use the diagnosis now to confirm sex reassignment rather than get treatment.

Transgender is covered briefly in my book simply because it is a simple issue. However, transgender as individuals are not necessarily the real problem. Dr. Frankenstein is the problem. Dr. Frankenstein preys on the disturbed and the desperate. Science or Dr. Frankenstein needs a saddle soon. Dr. Frankenstein is the true mysogynist and only a man would come up with a medical procedure to turn a man into a woman. It should be noted that today Frankensteins do not consist only of men. Feminism shows the world such female monsters as Shulasmith Firestone who wanted to turn the birthing process over to machines. Such women exist today at places like MIT. In my future, Frankensteins are hunted to extinction. This world turns toward a new beautiful future where pretense and monsters are a fading memory.

Too much time on my hands allowed a probing of local thrift shops where I found what could be called a self-help book from 1978. The Road Less Traveled; A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth is written by, M. Scott Peck, M.D. It was a national bestseller for four years. Only into the first chapter and it does seems to be written about liberals and how they veered to a destructive ending unable to delay gratification. I could be wrong. Maybe I’m just seeing liberals and transgender everywhere I look. Probably will need to check for them under my bed tonight having new-age battle scars like PTDS. Only the battle still rages and I was trying to take a few days off… Anyway, Peck does confirm suffering to some extent to be needed for our spiritual growth.

The last time I tried to take days off from battle paving way for return of the Goddess, fate decided to send an uncomfortable dream about Hillary Clinton. You think I would learn a lesson. Not yet. I will now ignore email a few days and get on with vacation meditation raising vibration. The war will still be there when I get back. Who’s afraid of disturbed men wearing dresses and a little dream?

Transgender Wars

What Is Gender Dysphoria? - American Psychiatric Association

Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Final Prophetic Words: Presidential Election 2016

Battle Notes 1.0, Final Entry
President Donald J. Trump
An unstoppable future begins. Difficult as it is to imagine, as hard as it is to accept, President Donald J. Trump becomes reality. His explanation can be found somewhere in this spider web of blogs. Fools will not believe in magick until it arrives to escort them from our planet. Only dark details remain to species salvation and it shall not be quite as dark with our new Commander in Chief.

Connected to Hillary Clinton by natal chart, I could not understand why I was made to suffer with our would-be champion. It appears the great Poet and Mystic, Rumi was right. Mercy can be found in suffering.

Many Liberal Democrat celebrities threatened to leave the country if Trump were elected. Crying real tears in defeat on election night was never in their plans. Twitter has been a home lately for the Warrior and passion actually reached out to a couple notable liberal celebrities. I really don’t know how to save these people and would ask the Goddess for help. Labors here are tough enough, but I will extend a hand to a few. Given my divine message, hope for these people in our future looks bleak.  Yet, they should be in desperate need of my knowledge if any plan to have children.

Defending both Donald and Hillary during this 2016 presidential campaign adds to the surreal nature of it all. We have learned government along with a mostly liberal media is even more corrupt and dangerous than what Freedom Fighters believed. Nevertheless, we can see walls of status quo tumble down all around the ears of incompetence and evil. How dark does it get before the dawn? It is perhaps the only question remaining.

Explaining Trump by magick will never get anywhere because it only looks like magick to the magician on the Quantum Field. Only world leaders can aid or retard my mission drastically. It is only one reason why Barack Obama gets no mercy here. Nevertheless, preventing extinction species humanity by infertility was addressed indirectly by only one candidate during this election through blind luck or providence. That candidate was Donald J. Trump. He therefore could not lose.

1) Trump Wall; I’ve written on this in another blog. Your leaders have no clue what kills the species seeing only the result as infertility.  Government is the root cause of extinction and your leaders will not like to hear that.  It is quite like a philosophical virus and at some point America must be quarantined.

2) Dangerous Liberal Media; Trump has been a TV celebrity understanding the ins and outs of the biz yet also knows of their tremendous bias. What he could do to stem the tide of ignorance and zombies bred by the media is unknown. 
(Liberal Media represented best by Hollywood)He is aware of the problem and shall not become a phony for circus masters.  There is now hope where once there was none.

3) No Pretense; The polar opposite of Barack Obama, the mere presence of Trump as our President will lift morale and slow the spread of the politically-correct ideology virus turning children into monsters and prey.  Those kids making it out of public education unscathed as Freethinkers and Freedom Fighters are becoming scarce.  I would ask liberals to look in the mirror and face facts. The DNC is forever damaged.

4) My Divine Message; My book goes into a bit more detail but it is both simple and highly complex made more so by Obama and the Supreme Court. Homosexuality is the major symptom of extinction species humanity missed by all other cultures known and unknown to inhabit this Earth I suspect. Recently, I read a post saying Trump intends to address homosexuality in a way conservatives would like. I remember writing something about saving the species creating strange bedfellows. I also wrote; there is no other way to the promised land but through tears.

Updated 2/15/2017 Our new President has since added a bonus to the cosmic story written here and another was there all along missed being too close perhaps.

5) #draintheswamp Read the book or find it in these interconnected blogs; malevolent incompetent government is the base cause of extinction species humanity.  Again, it is a bit more complicated but search all other cultures from Aztecs to Rome and it may become clear.  To save this world, part of the plan must be changing the government.

6) The Goddess of Reason: Suddenly, American government looks like a billionaire version of a Poet's imagination come to life.  If this is true then that is true.  This is true.  So then, why would anyone fight against Utopia?


Monday, October 31, 2016

Presidential Failsafe

Commander in Chief under fire, Barack Hussein Obama
Wikileaks and Rebel with a cause, Julian Assange puts America in a tenuous position.  It has happened at least once before in our long history and involved then President Richard Nixon.  However, President Nixon was not accused of crimes involving national security and treason.  So then, does America have a protocol that limits powers of a U.S. President while he is under criminal investigation?

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton is currently under criminal investigation for suspected crimes committed while working as Secretary of State.  Such crimes involve national security and treason and/or espionage.  President Barack Obama would only be embarrassed as her employer at the time under normal circumstances.  These are not normal circumstances as our president is on record with several national news agencies denying knowledge of a private email server used by Secretary of State Clinton which is at the heart of her suspected crimes.  Wikileaks reveals our president lied about his knowledge of the private server.  The authentication record of Wikileaks is 100%.  Therefore, a sitting U.S. President is under de facto criminal investigation for crimes concerning national security and treason.

Mrs. Clinton at the very least would lose her security clearance for her illegal use of a private email server while working in an information-sensitive federal government position.  If elected President, she does not then get to pretend past actions revealing a colossal security threat never happened.  Hillary Clinton rendered herself unfit to be U.S. President in several ways but that is not the theme here.

Beyond criminal investigations regarding national security, abuse of office, and treason, Mr. Obama under a presidential administration free from incredible corruption that includes the FBI and Department of Justice would and will be under investigation for massive voter fraud in the 2008 presidential election and 2016 presidential primary.

Our military has a failsafe for launching nuclear weapons and protocol for removing unfit officers and we saw it dramatized well in the film Crimson Tide.  Science Fiction shows us medical protocol for removing Starfleet Captains in The Doomsday Machine, a celebrated episode of the original Star TrekDoomsday seems peculiarly relevant here as both President Obama and Mrs. Clinton in an effort to divert attention away from emailgate have fanned flames of nuclear war with Russia.  Please, no one tell me our government has no protocol for at the very least limiting the powers of a U.S. President while he is under de facto criminal investigation involving national security and treason.

Since publishing Failsafe, two new laws appear aimed at the heart of Obama;

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Where Humanity Finds Salvation

Rachel Weisz, Agora
Battle Notes 0.9

What remains in this battle to save humanity from a death of many cuts otherwise known as species extinction are dark details of how a malevolent patriarch matrix paradigm is flipped to fragrant fertile feet of loving spiritual matriarchs.  Time after time this beleaguered spirit wishes to go back to being just another uncaring guy trying to get buy in the circus.  There is no path tracing back into darkness.  Each step forward now breaks new ground and cosmic powers send no set of instructions when offering Spiritual Warriors keys to our universe.

Never voting keeps one out of the mud I suspect and since being made to care and get involved, lessons of Scorpio Moon become clearer.  More sympathy emanates for those of you voting for so many of these people for so many years and having trust betrayed in so many ways.  Connected to and encouraged to stand by perhaps the worst U.S. presidential candidate in history seems to give Firestorm  reasons to embrace mercy.

Seems impossible Donald Trump could be our next U.S. President but look at the other choice given to us by the mostly liberal media.  You would not know there are two other candidates.  If Barack Obama is the Prince of Pretense then Hillary Clinton would be the Queen. Wikileaks reveals both as partners in crimes against the state.  Fanning flames of cold war with Russia to hide true reasons for emailgate appears to be a dangerous gamble that backfires.  When their hidden actions speak to treason, how does one at this point get soldiers to fight for Obama or Clinton?  Partners in crime perhaps provide anti-establishment challenger Trump keys to the White House.

I said how this global theater plays out is unknown even though stars and planets at birth suggest a powerfully prophetic Poet writes here.  How much of this imagination speaks to prophecy and how much to Quantum Field manipulation or what Witches call magick? 

A lot of us were right about Obama and it did not take a prophet to see a measure of evil lurking behind the phony smile and incompetence.  Nevertheless, I find myself awash in mercy for so many fooled by the fraud and others like him.  And, it is hard to have mercy for such people as many were so self-righteous in their failed Socialist rhetoric based on incomprehensible emotions.  Some American Liberals continue to cling to the Prince and Queen having nowhere else to go as entire nations like the Philippines breaks free of impending disaster should pretense and corruption continue.  

Do Obama supporters and Liberals in general remain self-righteous in the wake of Wikileaks revealing a corrupt Democratic Party and philosophical death of their last hero? How does one hold on to integrity and support Hillary?  Even zombies and sheep deserve a better life free of parasites and monsters.

I said Obama was finished and there should be nothing left to be done by the lips and imagination that cursed his life and name.  If the mostly liberal media did not continuously try to prop him up as anything more than mediocrity, this beleaguered soul could go on to other labors and tears in waiting. 

Out of furious fire and into a gauntlet of tears waiting perhaps for courage to take notice.   Dark details of how humanity finds salvation may go unknown but my future does not change and we come to the end of Firestorm Road here in virtual space.  Time to move on to a new life where a Heathen must save cashed in souls healing invaded intellects and abused bodies finding faith along the way. Fireballs end where a trail of timeless tears begin.  Whether it is this imagination walking where Night Angels fall or this blood, it is as if someone has to do it and there can only be one. 

Accompanied by a surreal sense of fate beckoning softly in the dark
Alone I walk a broken path.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Saving Donald Trump

Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump under fire

As we desire a fair and balanced presidential election and because someone has to do it, here then are my top 7 reasons why the latest controversial remarks by Donald Trump should not disqualify him.

  1. Such braggadocios comments are indeed made by some men in the company of other men all the time and most men know it.  Raise your hand if you are surprised such comments were made by Mr. Trump a time or two in his lifetime.  Anybody acting surprised has not paid attention to the circus.
  2. There are such women as Mr. Trump described like them or not and believe it or not.  We shall create better men and women in the future and this event serves to highlight the culminating age of ignorance.
  3. Moving on a married woman lowers the bar but not as low as past presidents.  Mr. Trump looks deeply troubled by this and he should make personal apologies.   It gives pretense a black eye that America should know this now.
  4. Who dug this dirt up from eleven years deep?  It stretches credibility that it would be released just as Wikileaks releases damaging audio files of Hillary Clinton more recent speeches to Wall Street.  I suspect the people looking for dirt on Mr. Trump are a part of a vast left wing “bucket of losers.”
  5. How many times has Donald Trump been accused of sexual affairs, molestation, or rape?  Get back to me when you get the answer.   Nevertheless, this event highlights notorious exploits of a particular past president more than the exploits of our presidential hopeful.  Mr. Trump would now be more inclined to do something sincerely for women that is not perverted by Feminism.
  6. The LA Times had at least 4 front-page photos of Republicans demanding that Trump withdraw from the race.  Los Angeles and especially Hollywood are notorious Liberal places and does that make the Times a mostly Liberal publication?  Any who, this event gives the hypocrites time to thump their chests and claim holier than thou status.  These are the same slave masters who rob women of access to abortion creating unwanted life and killing some women in childbirth.  That sounds like a type or murder to me.  Most of these people had little love for Trump from jump including the awful mostly Liberal Media exposed terribly in this election because of one Donald Trump.
  7. Like him or not, Donald Trump is a real man who makes mistakes and is no phony baloney like the current Commander in Chief.  Pretense follows pretense.  Trump by his mere presence alone as our next Commander in Chief smashes pretense upside the head.  This world is choking in stifling pretense born not so long ago when cowards and fools somehow made their way into government.  It has culminated at the bottom of a barrel made by incompetents.  Darkness always precedes the beautiful dawn.

When pretense becomes philosophy, monsters hide in plain sight.

Calling a woman fat or ugly might be rude but it does not constitute sexism or any kind of discrimination.  Is Donald Trump a misogynist?  It demeans the struggle women face to call a rude or forward man a misogynist.  This is just one of many mistakes made by Feminists and now Hillary Clinton.  Demeaning or distorting a real problem does not help the problem.  Feminism is much more dangerous to the species than Donald Trump could ever hope to be.
Several days have passed since this posting and still no serious allegations against Mr. Trump are produced.  We may be dealing with a dirty old man here who can be reformed.  As a billionaire, Mr. Trump can atone for his words and deeds with a project headed perhaps by someone like Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers or Camille Paglia.  Such atonement would go a long way towards healing and absolutely will not be wasted on vapid ideology currently strangling this nation and others to death.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

City of Lost Angels: Where Timeless Lessons Begin

Battle Notes 0.8
Dear Diary,

I would like to say my job is finished by finally publishing the book that fulfills my wish.  That is where the vast majority of these people here fail.  Failures are often ignored in a world built on pretense.  When culture owes an allegiance to pretense, how does one separate brilliance from abject ignorance?

Fear and loathing, species humanity fears dark death loathing an existence foreign to their own senses.  Taught to disregard precious senses they then seek escape from senses through non-productive activity in every manner imaginable.  Often the manner in which humans embrace escapism includes life-threatening dynamics.  A sub-conscious death wish fuels wasted imagination.
Those timeless creatures representing infinity seem to be appearing more recently.  It is easy to tell when they want me to notice.  Nevertheless, it does not improve matters here that my little friends are without vocal chords.  Maybe this awareness must rise higher to hear what it cannot see.  Maybe a message is repeated.  ‘Do not curse any more lowly humans to hell.’  Or, maybe they want me to make good on a promise to show more love to these people who are in the end victims.
As their honored election nears to select another parasite… err President, I must remind them I have never voted and it serves a purpose that should not be missed.   Donald Trump is given an opportunity by the predecessor to be great.  Hillary Clinton is hamstrung by the predecessor.  His low milestones are of historic proportions.   As time counts down in his historic presidency, he begins to look more and more like just another monster.  Scorpio will influence the future but it appears to be much in the same ways as their current leader who continues to reach down for low milestones.  I was recently asked which candidate I feared most and it is not even close.  Pretense follows pretense adapting to change slowly if at all.  It becomes clear my duty is to save her soul.
Our Goddess seems to possess a marvelous sense of humor.  I asked for an Angel.  You may say I wished or prayed for an Angel.  I recently met a patriarch matrix-damaged young lady giving her name as, Angel.  They seem to get younger in my world.  Should I give thanks or stop laughing?

According to Michael Reagan, businesses are escaping the totalitarian state of California for greener more sane pastures almost anywhere else. California recently raised the minimum wage and probably leads America in bureaucracy and lame laws.  It is a government starving for water, courage, and intellectual integrity siphoned by morality mavens previously known as Liberals.  California is a testament to monsters and parasites in government dragging innocents to species extinction.  Encouraged by a billion dollar industry where pretense is a valuable commodity, they create a vapid and violent culture to a point of absurdity.  Like humanity in generals, no one believes it will continue like this indefinitely.  It explains a worldwide fascination through the ages with doomsday.

The City of Dirty Angels appears to be a magnet for so many lost Angels seeking perhaps a way home.  When they are not manufacturing creeps and freaks, Hollywood is a warehouse where sparkling dreams turn into fading spiritual impotence.  Holding back tears these days just offers another type of suffering in an effort to dampen fury they are born to bring. 

40 per cent of young women disappearing often in suspicious circumstances, are black.

Warrior tears hunt down monsters and parasites introducing eternal flames to epic evil.  Timeless representatives of eternity aside, lessons begin where the job ends.  One hundred thousand years or more…


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Worst U.S. President of Pardons

At the time of this writing, President Barack Obama has 120 days and some hours left in his two-term presidency.  Compared to other such U.S. Presidents, Mr. Obama can easily be called the Anti-Freedom President when it comes to Pardons and Commutations.  With six months to go he ranked among the worst U.S. Presidents ever all the way back to George Washington.  To rid himself of that distinction he quickly freed a few wrongly accused citizens to get his total up to around 218.  He has promised thousands more but such rhetoric is unattainable in the wake of resignations in key departments overseeing the matter.  Nevertheless, most of what Mr. Obama has given are commutations.  He commuted sentences rather than give full pardons.  Obama continues to rank with Washington at the bottom with regards to Presidential Pardons.  A great historic General, G.W. was fresh off a battlefield and so has an excuse.  Mr. Obama shall find no excuses in this lifetime.
Jimmy Carter                1977-1981           566
Bill Clinton                     1991-2003          456
Ronald Reagan             1981-1989          406
George W. Bush            2001-2009         176
Barack Obama              2009-2017            64

If he's undertaking to do pardons, and he's looking to do as many as his predecessors, he's going to have to scramble in the last six months...  
Margaret LoveU.S. Pardon Attorney under George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations.

Deboran Leff, the Pardon Attorney under Obama, resigned almost in protest to ridiculous expectations placed on her office by Mr. Obama in the eleventh hour of his presidency.  He has had plenty of time to let freedom ring in his tired administration especially when we compare him to one-term President Jimmy Carter.

Once again Mr. Obama has no one to blame but himself nose-diving to another low milestone as worst U.S. President of Pardons.  It should not be surprising that Obama is so anti-freedom when we remember Eric Snowden and the other famous Whistleblowers responsible for pulling the curtain behind the phony smiles spying on Americans by the Obama administration. 

Speaking of Mr. Snowden, one has to wonder why Obama will not grant a real American one little pardon when he promised 11 million illegal immigrants pardons.  Maybe it has something to do with the crime.  Still, kind of strange when you realize that a new movie is on the way directed by Oliver Stone dramatizing the life of a real American hero now hiding in Moscow and as we all know Hollywood Liberals love Democrats to death.  One has to wonder if President Obama is not an incredible hypocrite and anti-freedom.

Perhaps our President is taken away from pardons and freedom campaigning so much for Hillary Clinton.  He has promised to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected President.  Promises, promises, promises, it is a cruel broken record voters must listen to called status-quo.

Federal Courts block Obama’s Executive Illegal-Immigration Amnesty (Again)  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/426878/obama-executive-illegal-immigration-amnesty-fifth-circuit