Eagles mate in flight and song

Friday, May 27, 2016

Awakening Beauty

Battle Notes 0.4

It began about two years ago on Facebook this turbo-charged Firestorm of enlightenment sending a once reluctant Poet through the dark realm of prophecies and spiritual power into the light of awareness.  Lately, thoughts on the man voted worst U.S. President since World War II clutter the mind and it bothers me considering he is finished and there should be nothing left to be done.  So I wonder as a Sagittarius is born to do about why such thoughts persist.  As I had recently spent some time away from Facebook, it was coming back for a short spell that answered my question.  Funny how life often takes you in a circle like a neverending story changing from one lesson to the next from one quest to another and back again.

Why am I stuck on the past?  I am here ignited by Earthly Goddess love and some of that love came through virtual space.  It seems some of these women may have held our current President in high regard and to see him set aflame by the Poet perhaps burns bridges to cosmic love and leaves emotions wounded wandering alone upon an invisible plane looking for answers or consolation.  Such emotions look for more than perhaps poetry can answer. 

Sympathy runs deep for those of you voting for and holding love for the man but such hope is now dead and buried.   Do not shed tears for him as he walks slowly into anonymity.  Earth Goddess tears hold power in cosmic magick and are wasted upon spiritual impotence.  As of today, your power can only help the living.  That part of your past is not coming back.  Words given to the Universal Matrix, the cosmic force powering our world, the Universal Goddess would not allow a comeback of any known barrier to my mission.  More precisely , passionate words in the Quantum Field cannot be usurped.  Great powers did not send mediocrity to do the job of reason powered by spirituality.  
All her yesterdays can haunt she who is not ready for tomorrow.  This world, this cold calculating culture, what we shall come to know as the patriarch matrix takes away her future replacing it with a cheap fabrication and a promise that it might get better tomorrow.  Tomorrow never comes when Love chases dreams through the Looking Glass.  Giving false promises of an ever-changing tomorrow, the Beast preys on hope.  Like the greatest Pagan Goddess Aphrodite, the Earth Goddess quality survived lo these many thousands of years on half-truth and pretty promises.  Somewhere in the vibrating strings of her musical soul there has always been hope for something more regardless of whether she is able to formulate words to express such feelings or not.  Great powers sent Eternal Flame in the body of a Poet to write words uncovering unrecognizable feelings awakening Beauty to her virtues long forgotten. 

I said when this matter began that some of you would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to safety and into the future.  That has not changed.  The patriarch matrix has many of you fractured into ever-increasing mobs all wanting your special piece of the pie.  Competing for any and everything even friends places Beauty equal with the Beast and Feminists should be proud of the bastard child they have produced called turbo-charged extinction.  Feminists are still welcome in the future but they do not lead.

Great powers could have given Retribution the Goddess of Love Venus, the Messenger Mercury, and deep thinking Neptune triangulating Earth to aid this mission.  That is not the case.  This little planet on birth of a storm was surrounded by lethal cosmic weapons of mythic power for a purpose.  History precedes Earth Savages.

While Hummingbird Spirit Guides beckon to a life of Teaching and Healing, Cosmic Firestorms lose heat slowly. Bruised emotions wandering a spiritual plane are not alone and more must follow.  An abject mess describes this world and there are no other roads to the Promised Land but through tears.  And, then you cry.  Seems I remember that ending associated in dealing with grief or death.  Love will get over hurt feelings in the end and eventually take her place as one of the founders of a new world.

Friends could contemplate taking just one of my labors.  Would you like to look into the eyes of over five million children conceived in our world by in-vitro fertilization and other scientific means and tell them they are babies made without love representing desperation and extinction?  How about telling their parents making babies without love is ethically reprehensible and reflects in an immoral government and immoral culture created by government?  Perhaps you would like to take on the entire reproductive industry as they freeze embryos and dilute the gene pool and worse? 

That covers just one repercussion of mission duties here and there is no going back for the Firestorm when great spirits stand by to coax matters along sending uncomfortable dreams and adorable creatures representing infinity should focus begin to wander.  Mother Teresa was not chosen for this job and there are not enough gentle words in the English language to make the message palatable no matter the messenger.  We all have burdens to carry.  Some of us acknowledge them, try to learn, and move on forever upward toward the light. 

My love once given like Red Giant Stars does not diminish.  Eternal Flame waits in this life, the next and beyond for the return of Beauty.