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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Legacy of Ignorance

Epimethius is the brother of Prometheus in Greek Mythology.  One was responsible for giving humans freedom and fire.  The other is responsible for giving humanity government and the rest is horrific history.  Someone posted recently on social network about what our President would do once leaving office.  I do not believe being exiled to another country was among the suggestions as these were fans of our leader. I and it appears a large portion of our nation and indeed the world is not a fan of President Epimethius.

As his resume would suggest, one has to believe our President has never had an original idea in his life that did not include taxpayer money.  What kind of President who is accused of being a Marxist by many would have the temerity to visit Communist Cuba? Obama has earned his reputation as one of the worst U.S. Presidents ever and an unconscionable ignoramus.

Fifty percent of American teenagers are thought to be addicted to their cellphones.  Cellphone related auto accidents account for 1 in 4 of them all, not just specific to teenagers.  President Barack Hussein Obama has flooded the market with free "Obama Phones".  Every time you see someone walking with their head down attention riveted to their phones, think of Obama and his legacy of ignorance.

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