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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hummingbird Conversations with a Firestorm

Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Dear Diary

Hummingbird friends do not just fly away at the first sign of intellectual skeptical analysis.  Yep, you guessed it.  I had another encounter of the 3rd kind with my new friends in a most amazing way.  I say amazing as if it succeeded the first Walt Disney-like episode in amazement and it did not.  Still, when one tries to make sense of this latest contact it does rise to a level of astonishing.

As I wallow in a cesspool known to a few as Gommorah, there are occasions when I can spend time with a friend on the Santa Monica Beach where the air is clean and the very rich just modestly obscene.  My friend DJ and I have watched the Super Bowl together for the past 2 years and 3 times total.  I get together with him now and again for other sporting events.  DJ is a Cancer with Moon in significant aspect. So, his addiction to Soaps and daytime talk shows-- drama and emotions are understood  much more since enlightenment.

I had just arrived at my friends bungalow sharing greetings when a Hummingbird appeared in front of his window, hovered, chirped, and flew away.  My friend takes my ruminations with a grain of salt as poetry flies through one ear and out the other never to be noticed by concentration vexed by Wendy and Ellen.  So, the episode did not make as great an impression upon my friend as the latest gossip on Mariah Carey.
Firestorm and DJ.  To my right a window looks toward the beach.

Well, I know it does not sound like much but this episode happened soon after publishing the first Hummingbird post where skepticism provided an explanation for the fantastic.  I did not write about it then because one has to doubt there are many believers out there in this world where people run away from themselves.  Also, I figured it would be best to let the encounters add up and write about them in batch form. That was true until I figured out that this visitation like the first involved communication.  My little friend was telling me in no uncertain terms that the 2nd encounter of the 3rd kind was no mistake of identity.  My head may have looked like a giant flower but Hummingbirds have been following flowers for well over 22 million years and one has to suppose that they can tell the difference between a big colorfully adorned human head and nectar-rich flower.

Any other time and this would fascinate me to no end and I would actively try to communicate with the little creatures but now it seems to be almost business as usual in this new world we have entered. I say 'we' because humanity must be included in my world since the moment of awareness.  Prior to then and I am just another actor looking for a character holding universal questions.  Some questions remain and as they are answered new challenges appear upon a golden horizon begging humanity to ascend.  Perhaps time itself is the last challenge as Hummingbird friends do represent infinity.  Times change and weary Warriors have little time to stop among the roses and petunias for astonishing conversations with beautiful Hummingbirds.

So many more questions arise if one is to believe my 3rd encounter represents no coincidence.  That such encounters continue here at all is quite amazing in itself as the first encounter happened in Las Vegas.  What could the little darlings want with the Firestorm?  How are they communicating across states?  Are they communicating across states?  Who believes such stories of fiery sun signs like mythical Centaurs holding tea parties conversing and charming Hummingbirds?  Sounds like a sequel to Dr. Dolittle directed perhaps by Ridley Scott.

Unfortunately, my attention is attached to the soul of she who would be the first female U.S. President and foreboding extinction stalking the great nations.  Hummingbirds represent a future calling perhaps sooner than a Poet would like.  Fireballs may be waning but that gauntlet of tears and blood remain and it is a lonely walk through the past forged by brutes.  Tears before joy in this world, my friends. 

Hummingbird message received but there can be few promises in this savage world.  Retribution promises to try offering more love in this world where monsters hide in plain sight. Our conversations perhaps on interstellar space travel or Hummingbird humor will have to wait a bit longer.  Eternals and living symbols of infinity have all the time in this world.

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