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Monday, August 15, 2016

Mystic Mercy: Warrior Lessons to the Matriarch Society

Battle Notes 0.6

Dear Diary

We reach that moment  in time where velvet curtains rise and evolutionary truth must be told.  We know Big Brother is listening and that actually makes the mission easier.  

Lessons learned after dress rehearsal come well-received.  Hillary Clinton only occupied one chapter in my now edited book and that is one of few chapters not changing positions.  The old title and her young face on the cover gave an impression it might be all about her and that was never the case.  Graced by a new title, it actually feels like a different book.  It was thought then to simply not speak of her many problems and just write on the bright side of Scorpio.  I know now that was wrong. And so, a difficult matter is dealt with through imagination lifted higher by divine femininity.

Still whining about how this situation has been difficult and it still does little good.  I don’t have all the answers. Nevertheless, something about this imagination captured attention of higher powers.  Like some sort of cosmic slave to a Universal Goddess of my own design, the Firestorm continues to rage.  I will give my top ten reasons why Mrs. C. is indeed the Chosen One and what higher powers might be trying to tell us by choosing someone with so many skeletons in so many closets waving  red flags.

Rumi, the great Indian Mystic and Poet believes meaning can be found in suffering and it is there we shall discover mercy.  If I had time to care, maybe connections to mystic mission might be found in his words.  Labors and repercussions take away lots of focus these days.  Defending our would-be Champion leaves immortal imagination drained of spiritual energy.  Maybe all that suffering and whining begs mercy for doubting destiny.

Wondering what kind of spiritual leader a Heathen could possibly be wanders in and out of this enlightened mind.  This world of magick and pagans is new to the lifetime Atheist and as it wishes to write its own future, an ethereal quality shades life often in bold colors.  Time knows this world aches to experience something new beyond ignorance and domination pandering to status-quo.  We were born to become greater on every level imaginable.  It is time to imagine greater.

Mystics will tell you everything is as it should be.  If such is true then there are lessons to be learned here and I suspect humanity is running late for class.  Mystically mastered year 2023 holds a sacred place in prophecy lore.  Now, Retribution comes to town and seizes upon prophecy delivering a real deadline to a savage world written in fire raging upon the Quantum Field.  It is the point of no return. Status-quo walls of pretense and ignorance crumble all around spiritually impotent Profiteers in a Carnival of Fools.   This is the Dawning of the Matriarch Society.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Presidential Epithets

Bill Clinton: Monicagate; George W. Bush: WMD War; Barack Obama: Junior Varsity President

Our political leaders one after another seem to guide the nation in a spiral downward to the dark abyss of extinction.  Not since JFK has America had a President it could be proud of for very long.  Let's face it, there is no saving the current guy in office.  So then, what will be the Presidential epithet for Barack Obama?