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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Junior Varsity President

Critical Chronology

 2014 January- Obama calls ISIS, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda the Junior Varsity.
 2014 August- Al-Furqan Media, which Isis controls, releases a video appearing to show U.S. Journalist, James Foley’s beheading.
 2014 September- A video showing the murder of British Aid Work, David Haines is released.
 2014 October- A video showing Isis militants beheading of Minicab Driver, Alan Henning is posted online.
 2014 November- Isis releases a video apparently showing the beheading of U.S. Aid Worker, Peter Kassig.
2015 February- Exactly one year after inspiring a terrorist group, Barack Obama asks Congress to approve his plan for a war on ISIS opening the door to limited ground troops.
April 2015- Congress denies Obama's request and plan to make war on ISIS saying we see "no plan."
November 13, Friday 2015  In an eerie interview on Good Morning America,  President Obama says ISIS is "contained" and that they were "not getting stronger."
November 13, 2015- Around 13 hours after Obama gave his learned opinion yet again, terror hits Paris in coordinated attacks killing over 100.  ISIS claims responsibility.
December 2, 2015- Terror hits San Bernardino, CA. as a husband and wife kill at least 14 and injure more.  The female suspect claims allegiance on Facebook to ISIS.
I called our sitting President an unconscionable ignoramus for his unsolicited ingratiating comments to an over-hyped transgendered freak show.  Unconscionable ignoramus also describes "JV" comments as well from easily the worst U.S. President ever!

Perusing the resume of Obama before becoming President, we find it as empty as his head of original ideas that do not involve taxpayer money.  His college degree is in constitutional law yet can claim expertise in no area as he would have held a job as a constitutional lawyer or professor and we would have a record of his brilliance and he has nothing!  No experience in foreign affairs, business, sociology, or even a stint in our National Guard.  It is the two-party system that allows an almost merit-less man to become leader of the free world and humanity suffers now and who knows how many years to come

The media is mostly Liberal and have blood on their hands for enabling Obama.  We can also blame them for the creation of Fox News.  I am neither Democrat nor Republican and have never voted.

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