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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Cursed: The Obama Files

I actually stay away from news as much as possible and it is hard.  As a result I get news days old.  I did not know our President Barack Obama went on Good Morning America Friday 13 to thump his chest on how ISIS was "contained" until days later.  Why is this significant.  If you pay attention here you should know.

If I needed a sign from the Goddess that the end comes closer for the Beast (And, I do not need a sign), Obama on Friday the 13th would be it.  By his own words and actions he hangs himself slowly.  Know that such a miserable man is cursed for blind arrogance and false self-esteem built on electoral votes making the deluded mistake of denigrating a Goddess.  Furthermore, any living breathing talking virus making my job harder has a limited time upon this world.  

Let nothing stand in the way my mission.  Spiritual Warrior takes out zombies as this is written one by one giving this world a badly needed enema.

There is no place in future America for parasites and heat continually goes up for all the disgusting varmints on this planet as we get closer to their apocalypse.

Obama: I'll Rebuke ISIS by talking about climate change