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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Defending Utopia; Ending the Age of Ignorance

Codename: Firestorm Omega
Wikipedia describes Herbert Spencer as a "prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era" and this is the man who coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest".  The English Philosopher and Anthropologist upon hearing about the works of the coming "Origin of the Species" was so taken that I believe he wrote on the matter extensively.  Charles Darwin said, "Natural Selection".  Are we all clear on the difference?

So my friends, to blame Mr. Darwin for the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age, indifference and money-grubbing of the Industrial Age, and rich greedy pretentious uncaring millionaires of today would be a display of historical ignorance and more. 

President Barack Obama, the man who equates electoral votes with intellect, attempts to use the above reasoning in blaming the Goddess of Reason for making uncaring selfish greedy millionaires with her philosophy and fictional writing loved by millions upon millions around the globe in too many languages to list for this matter.

Ayn Rand is not responsible for what people do to her philosophy to suit their own greedy selfish needs.  There is a political organization out there that she never endorsed (not saying they are greedy and selfish).  There are other organizations out there that attempt to carry out her mission for good reasons.  If some of them get it a little wrong or go too far then that is an example of an imperfect world and no reason to blame a Goddess.  Only cowards play the blame game usually out of envy.
 photo r-ayn-rand-large570_zpsoygxr5h6.jpg

My friends, if politicians were geniuses then they would be out there in the public sector flaunting such genius and becoming rich and famous from such superior creative intelligence.  Those men coming into governance from the private sector seem to be harder and harder to find why?  Women are a little different only as it relates to the Matriarch and I should explain this fully in my edited book as well as creating a bridge between reason and spirituality.  Politicians who meet the parasitic bureaucrat standard can always be found as they will have never held a significant job other than public service.  Search their resumes to find the lowest form of humanity set upon this planet.

Some funny man said  voting for them just encourages them and Mr. Obama is a living breathing example of political humor come to terrorize a once great nation in the guise of a leader.  Only a rigged two-party political system could account for an unconscionable ignoramus U.S. President who is more Marxist than American.

I am not called here to necessarily battle parasites so much as burn there ass off the face of Mother Earth!  This is the dawning of the 'Matriarch Society' where walking talking viruses lose there voice for a week for cruel blasphemy besmirching the name of a Goddess.  As I carry the name of perhaps the greatest forefather of this land built on freedom fighters and their blood, it is a poor fool getting in the way by free will of such spirits powering a raging Firestorm.
Obama criticizing Ayn Rand is like a murderer criticizing the death penalty.  He is the last person anyone with decent intellect would consult on the matter.

 photo Ayn-Rand-socialism_zpswueubdgv.jpg

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Evil Comes Back

 photo jhnoliver_zpssivhlmw0.jpg
John Oliver
My friends, this is a different world we have entered and unfortunately most of the world is yet unaware.  Awareness of the leap forward in evolution shall be slow and to some quite painful.  Spiritual Warrior is at work thinning the herd as this is written.  While I feel sorry in truth and have sympathy for those of you intellectually ruined by the 'patriarch matrix' and further feminist retaliation, there is a time factor to consider and I am not in the teaching mode as of yet.  I burn.

Let us call this the 'Chomsky Curse' and Mr. John Oliver of "Last Week Tonight" does not manipulate his way around such curse by virtue of comedy in question form.  It is a nice dance but fails.  We can find you by your intent, my friends.  There is no question as to the intent of this little video and making fun of a Goddess was not the intent.  I find it to be quite evil and now evil comes back to Mr. Oliver and all producers and writers of the piece leading to a Noam Chomsky-like dementia and worse.

Only one item in the video shall be addressed here as it is on a whole unworthy of serious consideration and young people are advised to hold on to opinions of Miss Rand until as such time you have all the tools to digest highly intellectual and complex philosophies.  Such tools simply are not given in high school.

John Oliver obviously believes some people have an inherent right to live in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter simply because they are native to the land.  The short example concerned Native American Indians.  Ha!  By such reasoning was the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper (killer of women) laid to rest without his identity ever being known.  It is like saying Hitler would have an inherent right to stay in Germany!  It is like saying an entire nation of men who practice stoning women to death for being raped have an inherent right to live in their country and continue to brutalize women as they see fit.  This will not happen in my world and British Boobs are not welcome there.

What did Miss Rand have to say about a Socialist caste system in Britain?  I do not have to research the matter.  How the hell is a Queen still a thing?  I have mastered the DNA code.  Would you like me to start on the young balding Prince?  Great Britain is perhaps pass the point of no return on extinction because they have other problems as Mr. Oliver so aptly demonstrates by his very being. 

 photo r-ayn-rand-large570_zpsoygxr5h6.jpg
Three women wait to have their names written among the stars and a future world asks that you have reverence for such women for a Utopian future where you had none.  Lies and virus spread by evil cowardly men who have envied the Earth Goddess for thousands of years are to be rendered impotent like the men who would desperately hold on to power while dragging humanity to the grave. These are the types of men who murdered Hypatia of Alexandria and shamed Aspasia.  Such men are parasites waiting for Firestorm Omega to burn their ass into extinction!
John Oliver is a miserable Socialist wanting perhaps to destroy America like Great Britain is being destroyed.  Not going to happen here. 
 As jealousy and primitive hatred of Beauty appear ingrained in such shrinking gray matter, a wish grants such intellects continue to shrink into a catatonic stupor.  A spirit of fire now holds each word hostage from lifetime to lifetime justice searches and finds unmasking monsters hidden and hiding in plain view like toxin-filled polluted air choking parasites unseen by hands unclean.  Keep foolish unkind words against the Goddess of Reason in a mangled brain for to speak such drivel to ears of four or more will describe heightening manifestations in mind from whence it came like a Twilight Zone reality cold curse consuming nightmare until repentant rapture of tears touch stone cold feet of a Goddess.  


Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Divine Message, Part 2

12 Strand DNA Crop Circle- East Field, UK
It quite appears to that even my divine message regarding DNA should have been understood or discovered by at least one of your scientists by now. One gets that impression reading into some of the books on my journey and I suppose your journey as well now. My sense of the matter truly is that there has been an almost concerted effort in every discipline not to know the truth but of course that is too fantastically bizarre to imagine.

You cannot fault the Romans nor any other ancient culture. Now-- this world, this age of ignorance and science of high tech fiber optic micro chip information super highway of violent hell!  I suppose many of you were perhaps too busy exploiting the Earthly Goddess to notice obvious signals from your code.  Yes, I keep repeating to myself that we're all here with some purpose and none of you were called to address extinction species humanity. Still, I wonder. It is a sad situation when it is not infuriating.

My friends, if I had the focus to spare I would be depressed. Let me say again, at this point my readings and study of the High Arts are purely personal. It is to prepare for the next mission probably to be completed in the next lifetime... maybe. The basic mission here is complete. What remains are details of which I must be personally involved and it is such involvement with this new political party weighing on my mind. Then I run into an article on DNA and young Frankensteins at MIT and you can see how a mind might wander. Our world gets darker before the light.

I am not reading to find the genesis of the age of ignorance or why science has failed humanity so miserably with regards to extinction. No matter where I turn in my journey, this is where I am taken and it has brought me to the painful conclusion that my personal involvement of the clean-up of this circus world controlled by apes is most probably manifest destiny. Attaching myself to this matter for one hundred thousand years is no big surprise to the great powers. It is simply one reason I am chosen and there is nothing I could do here that has not been foreseen by the Goddess. I was made for this journey and even though each step along this broken path creates strange new territory, it is our destiny. My destiny is to be shown how you have been led along the wrong path no matter how much it disgusts me. It is going to take thousands of years to clean up this mess and Spiritual Warrior believes your world population needs to be cut drastically.

World leaders suck on your blood like parasites and some of you throw them a parade! Some of your mystics have perverted the High Arts and I should be in no position to advise young people as one only in the study for little more than a year but that is the reality of what I sense. Senses and powers of the Warrior will grow in tandem with threats to the mission. The age of ignorance culminating in the American presidency of an unconscionable ignoramus is coming to an end and there is nothing the Beast can do about it but make it worse.

I have written that the other countries should be left to die in this battle with extinction simply because I cannot imagine a scenario where their people are saved.  If a matriarch society will end their extinction then how are their women remotely capable to lead?  If I am given power to end this matter then what would you have me do?  I cannot give morality to the immoral.  Still, very often I approach a blank page waiting for poetry with only a feeling and no idea of the final product but experience teaches me that imagination and passion will bring nothing to life.

As for this nation, the Arrogant Ignoramus will be lucky to get out of office without his hair catching fire!  Let no woman stand in the way of my mission and any man in the way is a parasite waiting for the right amount of heat to burn his ass off into hell!


The Information Observer- Recoding to 12 Strand DNA

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Wonderful World of Pagans

pagans photo: Pagans Therearemoreofusthanyouthink.jpgOur Bible tells us the meek shall inherit Earth and I tell you the meek are Pagans as their religion does not start wars or persecute to say nothing of torture and executions like the other major religions.  This got me to thinking that the term "Pagan" is more an umbrella term for all religions that are not one of the major aggressive or bloody religions.  There are indeed actual Pagans and then there are Witches who practice totally different rituals.  Shamans and many more ways into spirituality exist under the Pagan umbrella.  So then, I must adjust my interpretation of the Bible as it refers to the rightful heirs of Earth and decree of Spiritual Warrior who claims to speak for Earth, a feminine force.  All religions practiced upon this Earth now or one hundred thousand years hence showing by deed or rule a fondness for denigrating women shall soon be asked nicely to exit our planet.  Repent and ask forgiveness to stay.

You stay;

Buddhists, Taoist, Tibetans, Tantra, Spiritual et al.
Classic Pagans or Hellenes
Neo Pagan
VOO DOO Religion and followers
KAHUNA Religion and followers
Aborigines Religion
Many more...

I do not consider myself to be a Pagan.  I am an atheist in transition to some form of spirituality.  Yes, the great powers have it planned for me to be this great spiritual leader, teacher and healer.  It should be obvious that great powers do not always get their way as I would not be here if that were the case.  Millions upon millions of you go through life never getting any closer to your mission than I am to Sarah Silverman.  So, remember I am not Pagan and would be like no spiritual leader you ever knew on this planet where the apes are in charge.
 photo AngelAlan44_zpsndij3n4c.jpg

    Sunday, May 10, 2015

    The Code, James Holmes, and other Monsters

    Colorado Mvie Theater Killer, James Holmes
    James Holmes, the 27 year old Colorado Movie Theater Killer is front page LA Times news and the story is about inherited madness.  This must be the dawning of the matriarch society as intelligent questions are being asked about problems that have been around for a long time now growing with each year.  How are these killers made?  The only politician I have ever heard ask the question was Newt Gingrich.  Still, the question is not so much raised in this case as it is presented by the defense.  So then, questions regarding the making of young killers like Holmes are never raised out of fear of looking into the mirror I suspect.  In this particular case it appears that madness is inherited.

    America misses larger questions and problems presented in the Holmes case perhaps apparent only to a few.  The same questions must be asked of all the school killers from Newtown, Connecticut back to Columbine in Colorado and the astute investigative anthropologist or psychologist will seek help from those who see the problem on the level of DNA code.

    Questions about Holmes and other mass murderers are long over due, but politicians are not the ones to ask the questions.  Politicians should not be allowed to even ask the question for it is sure to cost the nation money with some vapid idea born probably from a feminist and/or politically correct brain.  We already know how bureaucratic parasites are made.  (Just look for the ones who have done nothing else but public service.) Still, just how are young mass killers made American style?

    It is sort of like the trickle down effect.  Everything starts at the top and trickles down to those of us at the movie theater minding are own business or sitting in compulsory education class memorizing boredom.  Government causes all problems on this planet along with their psychological enforcer religion here in America.  When will sheep stop, look, and listen?  Governments make monsters and in America those monsters are a plenty coming in many flavors.

    Our DNA code is brilliance set in biological splendor yet it is incapable of giving orders.  The code takes orders and when it gets orders from an arrogant ignoramus, vapid feminist inspired education, or any other anti-intellectual ideology then I believe computer nerds have a term in their field which describes the results.  I believe it is called "garbage in garbage out" or GIGA.  As brilliant as the code is, it can be broken down by outside forces of evil or stupidity (not much difference) and set against itself.  There are many examples of this starting with compulsory education in any country, Nazi concentration camps, the Stockholm Syndrome, bad parenting... the list is endless.  That some children make it out of the brainwashing seemingly unharmed going on to productive lives is a testament to a wonderful chaos and not a silly governmental patriarch matrix.

    Humanity rises high in technology at a cost to spiritual nature because government is run on greed, power, and religion.  It really cannot all be blamed on religion as science and technology are a new type of God and religious leaders are seeing their flocks shrink precipitously.  Whether coming into the right side brain or left side brain, education and culture makes monsters out of some people.

    Splendid DNA code provides for all in a free society.  This is not a free society nor is it a capitalist society.  America is closer to Fascism and Socialism.  Citizens are raised on pretense and many people need to muster courage to accept their code for what it is which means accepting themselves for the apex predators they are and stop looking for shortcuts in life.  Higher consciousness and enlightenment cannot be attained the American way and it takes many years if not lifetimes.  Being human is not always pretty and once such wisdom is accepted by government and the populace then we can all get on with life sans monsters.

    Earthlings seem to understand their code rather like Christians and Catholics manage their religion as a thing to be exploited and cashed in for responsibility of life or simple greed and power or fear.  It is understood scientifically only.  Perhaps there are some mystics or Pagans who understand the nature of their DNA code and hold it sacred but such is not appearing in my journey that includes study.  Further, I would not be here telling the world about extinction if a spiritual understanding of your splendid code existed.  Your government has saw fit to keep information of extinction from you in most cases and through their progressive partners in crime the feminists have outright lied to you.  Both have put their faith in there new God science to make babies... or monsters. 
    If humanity had true respect for their code they would have gathered the villagers, torches, and pitchforks long ago and gone to government of Frankensteins and killed the monster and his makers.

    There is still time to do what is right before it is done for you. It is a world of magic that waits for humans who get to stay on this feminine force of a planet and there will be little tolerance for human parasites or viruses in the guise of political leaders.  Such people will want to exit with whatever planetary beings that are willing to give them a home.  Reality is much stranger than fiction in the coming matriarch society.

    Presently, monsters and monster makers will not be suffered well or for very long.  You have perhaps this lifetime... maybe.

    LA TIMES Online
    Paranormal Pop Culture
    12 Ridiculous Government Regulations too Bizarre to Believe!
    The United States is not a Country.  It's a Corporation!
    Lady of Pleiades

    Abortion as Evolution
    The Spiritual Loophole
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    Point of No Return

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    My Divine Message

    Where has humanity gone wrong on this planet?  Should I count the ways?  Much of what I could offer is nothing new.  Even this cosmic power of women responsible for what I now call 'cosmic transference' is known to some degree by mystics and even Camille Paglia.

    All roads lead to Rome.  If in the end, humanity gets on the right road and the problems are corrected here then one supposes that everything had to happen just as it has happened.  Which still leaves me sad when I am not furious over suffering of the Earthly Goddess.  Mystics may believe there is some deep meaning in suffering but I just see suffering needlessly and a bunch of cowardly apes.  Looking for compassion and mercy from the Warrior will be like looking into the pits of hellfire.

     photo Witch Burn_zpslbwldcdz.jpgCompassion and mercy are standard traits of she whom humanity has sought to control, dominate, imprison, murder, and worse.  All roads lead to a furious Rome until the Earthly Goddess has the minimum freedoms which I have outlined concerning abortion and prostitution.

    There is not enough cognitive dissonance on the planet that will shut out furious Spiritual Warrior tears and the divine message humanity must swallow.  Come along kicking and screaming. Come peacefully.  All are welcome but this is a new world being built and will not look exactly like what you know.   Think of an America with a loving, caring government that has forethought and wisdom.  Think of technology saddled by government for the soul purpose of benefitting humanity instead of the evil and incompetent.  Think of a nation with no more religion but deeply spiritual recognizing Earth as a living breathing entity and actually showing her respect and reverence.  Most of all, imagine a world where women are celebrated for choosing to create life or not as both hold the key to survival, evolution, and quality of life for species humanity.

    While such evolutionary changes are some years in the making, it really does depend on the American woman.  Feminists who come along are asked to follow.  There is a new term coming to replace that worn out word.  Come along peacefully.  All are welcome.  But, if you thought the answer to the extinction that has claimed every other culture and beings  inhabiting this planet would be easy then move out of the way of the Matriarchs who will understand the enormity of a problem caused by the ape and enhanced greatly by feminists particularly in this nation.  Come along anyway.
    “Madonna is the true feminist. She exposes the puritanism and suffocating ideology of American feminism, which is stuck in an adolescent whining mode. Madonna has taught young women to be fully female and sexual while still exercising control over their lives.”
    -Camille Paglia 
     photo CamilleSex_zpsginz6fdt.jpg  
    Still, all may not wish to stay in a world guarded by fury.  One hundred thousand years or more timeless love evens the score.



    Friday, May 1, 2015

    Tears for Aspasia

    Aspasia- 470-400 BC, Athens
    So many more tears to traverse on this planet where the apes are in charge and I find myself postponing the inevitable.  So much more tears and blood to walk through finding souls discarded and left for dead by the patriarch matrix and brainwashed sisters, I often have doubts.  Maybe they got the wrong guy.

    More than anything else, it is perhaps why I ask those women not so much in touch with the Goddess within to cast no stones at the woman who would be our first female President of America.  Great powers have seen fit that I should live and die a little with this woman for reasons I cannot begin to explain.  This timeless job gives me enough suffering with this trail of tears and blood that seems to be left for the Poet by so many of you and especially your erstwhile leaders now and as far back as anyone cares to remember.  Fate and perhaps other sentient beings in the universe want the drama to play out as possible cosmic tragedy.  The 'Matriarch Society' as I have prescribed it comes to this world nonetheless.

    Aspasia waits like so many great women who once graced this savage land, a delicate soul in an ancient savage land she waits perhaps for tears of joy.  Perhaps Aspasia waits for humanity to catch up to divinity femininity.

    Great powers endowed a Poet with great powers and so much power comes attached to great consequences.  It is a consequence of terrible tears embraced by bitter reality and no amount of procrastination keeps fate waiting for very long.  No amount of tears, no pretense, no short cuts, and no passing a proverbial buck here on a plane where a man must walk alone until he can fly.

    Aspasia waits for my tears.  Thousands and perhaps millions of terrible tears stranded looking for a way home.  So, do not play the game that many of you have been conditioned to play against each other.  It is the wrong game and it is going to take some time to understand the new paradigm.  Perhaps tears like suffering hide great meaning and can justifiably cleanse unclean souls looking to escape existence.  Maybe this world needs to be purified in tears.