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Monday, May 4, 2015

My Divine Message

Where has humanity gone wrong on this planet?  Should I count the ways?  Much of what I could offer is nothing new.  Even this cosmic power of women responsible for what I now call 'cosmic transference' is known to some degree by mystics and even Camille Paglia.

All roads lead to Rome.  If in the end, humanity gets on the right road and the problems are corrected here then one supposes that everything had to happen just as it has happened.  Which still leaves me sad when I am not furious over suffering of the Earthly Goddess.  Mystics may believe there is some deep meaning in suffering but I just see suffering needlessly and a bunch of cowardly apes.  Looking for compassion and mercy from the Warrior will be like looking into the pits of hellfire.

 photo Witch Burn_zpslbwldcdz.jpgCompassion and mercy are standard traits of she whom humanity has sought to control, dominate, imprison, murder, and worse.  All roads lead to a furious Rome until the Earthly Goddess has the minimum freedoms which I have outlined concerning abortion and prostitution.

There is not enough cognitive dissonance on the planet that will shut out furious Spiritual Warrior tears and the divine message humanity must swallow.  Come along kicking and screaming. Come peacefully.  All are welcome but this is a new world being built and will not look exactly like what you know.   Think of an America with a loving, caring government that has forethought and wisdom.  Think of technology saddled by government for the soul purpose of benefitting humanity instead of the evil and incompetent.  Think of a nation with no more religion but deeply spiritual recognizing Earth as a living breathing entity and actually showing her respect and reverence.  Most of all, imagine a world where women are celebrated for choosing to create life or not as both hold the key to survival, evolution, and quality of life for species humanity.

While such evolutionary changes are some years in the making, it really does depend on the American woman.  Feminists who come along are asked to follow.  There is a new term coming to replace that worn out word.  Come along peacefully.  All are welcome.  But, if you thought the answer to the extinction that has claimed every other culture and beings  inhabiting this planet would be easy then move out of the way of the Matriarchs who will understand the enormity of a problem caused by the ape and enhanced greatly by feminists particularly in this nation.  Come along anyway.
“Madonna is the true feminist. She exposes the puritanism and suffocating ideology of American feminism, which is stuck in an adolescent whining mode. Madonna has taught young women to be fully female and sexual while still exercising control over their lives.”
-Camille Paglia 
 photo CamilleSex_zpsginz6fdt.jpg  
Still, all may not wish to stay in a world guarded by fury.  One hundred thousand years or more timeless love evens the score.