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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Code, James Holmes, and other Monsters

Colorado Mvie Theater Killer, James Holmes
James Holmes, the 27 year old Colorado Movie Theater Killer is front page LA Times news and the story is about inherited madness.  This must be the dawning of the matriarch society as intelligent questions are being asked about problems that have been around for a long time now growing with each year.  How are these killers made?  The only politician I have ever heard ask the question was Newt Gingrich.  Still, the question is not so much raised in this case as it is presented by the defense.  So then, questions regarding the making of young killers like Holmes are never raised out of fear of looking into the mirror I suspect.  In this particular case it appears that madness is inherited.

America misses larger questions and problems presented in the Holmes case perhaps apparent only to a few.  The same questions must be asked of all the school killers from Newtown, Connecticut back to Columbine in Colorado and the astute investigative anthropologist or psychologist will seek help from those who see the problem on the level of DNA code.

Questions about Holmes and other mass murderers are long over due, but politicians are not the ones to ask the questions.  Politicians should not be allowed to even ask the question for it is sure to cost the nation money with some vapid idea born probably from a feminist and/or politically correct brain.  We already know how bureaucratic parasites are made.  (Just look for the ones who have done nothing else but public service.) Still, just how are young mass killers made American style?

It is sort of like the trickle down effect.  Everything starts at the top and trickles down to those of us at the movie theater minding are own business or sitting in compulsory education class memorizing boredom.  Government causes all problems on this planet along with their psychological enforcer religion here in America.  When will sheep stop, look, and listen?  Governments make monsters and in America those monsters are a plenty coming in many flavors.

Our DNA code is brilliance set in biological splendor yet it is incapable of giving orders.  The code takes orders and when it gets orders from an arrogant ignoramus, vapid feminist inspired education, or any other anti-intellectual ideology then I believe computer nerds have a term in their field which describes the results.  I believe it is called "garbage in garbage out" or GIGA.  As brilliant as the code is, it can be broken down by outside forces of evil or stupidity (not much difference) and set against itself.  There are many examples of this starting with compulsory education in any country, Nazi concentration camps, the Stockholm Syndrome, bad parenting... the list is endless.  That some children make it out of the brainwashing seemingly unharmed going on to productive lives is a testament to a wonderful chaos and not a silly governmental patriarch matrix.

Humanity rises high in technology at a cost to spiritual nature because government is run on greed, power, and religion.  It really cannot all be blamed on religion as science and technology are a new type of God and religious leaders are seeing their flocks shrink precipitously.  Whether coming into the right side brain or left side brain, education and culture makes monsters out of some people.

Splendid DNA code provides for all in a free society.  This is not a free society nor is it a capitalist society.  America is closer to Fascism and Socialism.  Citizens are raised on pretense and many people need to muster courage to accept their code for what it is which means accepting themselves for the apex predators they are and stop looking for shortcuts in life.  Higher consciousness and enlightenment cannot be attained the American way and it takes many years if not lifetimes.  Being human is not always pretty and once such wisdom is accepted by government and the populace then we can all get on with life sans monsters.

Earthlings seem to understand their code rather like Christians and Catholics manage their religion as a thing to be exploited and cashed in for responsibility of life or simple greed and power or fear.  It is understood scientifically only.  Perhaps there are some mystics or Pagans who understand the nature of their DNA code and hold it sacred but such is not appearing in my journey that includes study.  Further, I would not be here telling the world about extinction if a spiritual understanding of your splendid code existed.  Your government has saw fit to keep information of extinction from you in most cases and through their progressive partners in crime the feminists have outright lied to you.  Both have put their faith in there new God science to make babies... or monsters. 
If humanity had true respect for their code they would have gathered the villagers, torches, and pitchforks long ago and gone to government of Frankensteins and killed the monster and his makers.

There is still time to do what is right before it is done for you. It is a world of magic that waits for humans who get to stay on this feminine force of a planet and there will be little tolerance for human parasites or viruses in the guise of political leaders.  Such people will want to exit with whatever planetary beings that are willing to give them a home.  Reality is much stranger than fiction in the coming matriarch society.

Presently, monsters and monster makers will not be suffered well or for very long.  You have perhaps this lifetime... maybe.

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