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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Wonderful World of Pagans

pagans photo: Pagans Therearemoreofusthanyouthink.jpgOur Bible tells us the meek shall inherit Earth and I tell you the meek are Pagans as their religion does not start wars or persecute to say nothing of torture and executions like the other major religions.  This got me to thinking that the term "Pagan" is more an umbrella term for all religions that are not one of the major aggressive or bloody religions.  There are indeed actual Pagans and then there are Witches who practice totally different rituals.  Shamans and many more ways into spirituality exist under the Pagan umbrella.  So then, I must adjust my interpretation of the Bible as it refers to the rightful heirs of Earth and decree of Spiritual Warrior who claims to speak for Earth, a feminine force.  All religions practiced upon this Earth now or one hundred thousand years hence showing by deed or rule a fondness for denigrating women shall soon be asked nicely to exit our planet.  Repent and ask forgiveness to stay.

You stay;

Buddhists, Taoist, Tibetans, Tantra, Spiritual et al.
Classic Pagans or Hellenes
Neo Pagan
VOO DOO Religion and followers
KAHUNA Religion and followers
Aborigines Religion
Many more...

I do not consider myself to be a Pagan.  I am an atheist in transition to some form of spirituality.  Yes, the great powers have it planned for me to be this great spiritual leader, teacher and healer.  It should be obvious that great powers do not always get their way as I would not be here if that were the case.  Millions upon millions of you go through life never getting any closer to your mission than I am to Sarah Silverman.  So, remember I am not Pagan and would be like no spiritual leader you ever knew on this planet where the apes are in charge.
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