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Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Divine Message, Part 2

12 Strand DNA Crop Circle- East Field, UK
It quite appears to that even my divine message regarding DNA should have been understood or discovered by at least one of your scientists by now. One gets that impression reading into some of the books on my journey and I suppose your journey as well now. My sense of the matter truly is that there has been an almost concerted effort in every discipline not to know the truth but of course that is too fantastically bizarre to imagine.

You cannot fault the Romans nor any other ancient culture. Now-- this world, this age of ignorance and science of high tech fiber optic micro chip information super highway of violent hell!  I suppose many of you were perhaps too busy exploiting the Earthly Goddess to notice obvious signals from your code.  Yes, I keep repeating to myself that we're all here with some purpose and none of you were called to address extinction species humanity. Still, I wonder. It is a sad situation when it is not infuriating.

My friends, if I had the focus to spare I would be depressed. Let me say again, at this point my readings and study of the High Arts are purely personal. It is to prepare for the next mission probably to be completed in the next lifetime... maybe. The basic mission here is complete. What remains are details of which I must be personally involved and it is such involvement with this new political party weighing on my mind. Then I run into an article on DNA and young Frankensteins at MIT and you can see how a mind might wander. Our world gets darker before the light.

I am not reading to find the genesis of the age of ignorance or why science has failed humanity so miserably with regards to extinction. No matter where I turn in my journey, this is where I am taken and it has brought me to the painful conclusion that my personal involvement of the clean-up of this circus world controlled by apes is most probably manifest destiny. Attaching myself to this matter for one hundred thousand years is no big surprise to the great powers. It is simply one reason I am chosen and there is nothing I could do here that has not been foreseen by the Goddess. I was made for this journey and even though each step along this broken path creates strange new territory, it is our destiny. My destiny is to be shown how you have been led along the wrong path no matter how much it disgusts me. It is going to take thousands of years to clean up this mess and Spiritual Warrior believes your world population needs to be cut drastically.

World leaders suck on your blood like parasites and some of you throw them a parade! Some of your mystics have perverted the High Arts and I should be in no position to advise young people as one only in the study for little more than a year but that is the reality of what I sense. Senses and powers of the Warrior will grow in tandem with threats to the mission. The age of ignorance culminating in the American presidency of an unconscionable ignoramus is coming to an end and there is nothing the Beast can do about it but make it worse.

I have written that the other countries should be left to die in this battle with extinction simply because I cannot imagine a scenario where their people are saved.  If a matriarch society will end their extinction then how are their women remotely capable to lead?  If I am given power to end this matter then what would you have me do?  I cannot give morality to the immoral.  Still, very often I approach a blank page waiting for poetry with only a feeling and no idea of the final product but experience teaches me that imagination and passion will bring nothing to life.

As for this nation, the Arrogant Ignoramus will be lucky to get out of office without his hair catching fire!  Let no woman stand in the way of my mission and any man in the way is a parasite waiting for the right amount of heat to burn his ass off into hell!


The Information Observer- Recoding to 12 Strand DNA