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Friday, May 1, 2015

Tears for Aspasia

Aspasia- 470-400 BC, Athens
So many more tears to traverse on this planet where the apes are in charge and I find myself postponing the inevitable.  So much more tears and blood to walk through finding souls discarded and left for dead by the patriarch matrix and brainwashed sisters, I often have doubts.  Maybe they got the wrong guy.

More than anything else, it is perhaps why I ask those women not so much in touch with the Goddess within to cast no stones at the woman who would be our first female President of America.  Great powers have seen fit that I should live and die a little with this woman for reasons I cannot begin to explain.  This timeless job gives me enough suffering with this trail of tears and blood that seems to be left for the Poet by so many of you and especially your erstwhile leaders now and as far back as anyone cares to remember.  Fate and perhaps other sentient beings in the universe want the drama to play out as possible cosmic tragedy.  The 'Matriarch Society' as I have prescribed it comes to this world nonetheless.

Aspasia waits like so many great women who once graced this savage land, a delicate soul in an ancient savage land she waits perhaps for tears of joy.  Perhaps Aspasia waits for humanity to catch up to divinity femininity.

Great powers endowed a Poet with great powers and so much power comes attached to great consequences.  It is a consequence of terrible tears embraced by bitter reality and no amount of procrastination keeps fate waiting for very long.  No amount of tears, no pretense, no short cuts, and no passing a proverbial buck here on a plane where a man must walk alone until he can fly.

Aspasia waits for my tears.  Thousands and perhaps millions of terrible tears stranded looking for a way home.  So, do not play the game that many of you have been conditioned to play against each other.  It is the wrong game and it is going to take some time to understand the new paradigm.  Perhaps tears like suffering hide great meaning and can justifiably cleanse unclean souls looking to escape existence.  Maybe this world needs to be purified in tears.