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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Evil Comes Back

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John Oliver
My friends, this is a different world we have entered and unfortunately most of the world is yet unaware.  Awareness of the leap forward in evolution shall be slow and to some quite painful.  Spiritual Warrior is at work thinning the herd as this is written.  While I feel sorry in truth and have sympathy for those of you intellectually ruined by the 'patriarch matrix' and further feminist retaliation, there is a time factor to consider and I am not in the teaching mode as of yet.  I burn.

Let us call this the 'Chomsky Curse' and Mr. John Oliver of "Last Week Tonight" does not manipulate his way around such curse by virtue of comedy in question form.  It is a nice dance but fails.  We can find you by your intent, my friends.  There is no question as to the intent of this little video and making fun of a Goddess was not the intent.  I find it to be quite evil and now evil comes back to Mr. Oliver and all producers and writers of the piece leading to a Noam Chomsky-like dementia and worse.

Only one item in the video shall be addressed here as it is on a whole unworthy of serious consideration and young people are advised to hold on to opinions of Miss Rand until as such time you have all the tools to digest highly intellectual and complex philosophies.  Such tools simply are not given in high school.

John Oliver obviously believes some people have an inherent right to live in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter simply because they are native to the land.  The short example concerned Native American Indians.  Ha!  By such reasoning was the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper (killer of women) laid to rest without his identity ever being known.  It is like saying Hitler would have an inherent right to stay in Germany!  It is like saying an entire nation of men who practice stoning women to death for being raped have an inherent right to live in their country and continue to brutalize women as they see fit.  This will not happen in my world and British Boobs are not welcome there.

What did Miss Rand have to say about a Socialist caste system in Britain?  I do not have to research the matter.  How the hell is a Queen still a thing?  I have mastered the DNA code.  Would you like me to start on the young balding Prince?  Great Britain is perhaps pass the point of no return on extinction because they have other problems as Mr. Oliver so aptly demonstrates by his very being. 

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Three women wait to have their names written among the stars and a future world asks that you have reverence for such women for a Utopian future where you had none.  Lies and virus spread by evil cowardly men who have envied the Earth Goddess for thousands of years are to be rendered impotent like the men who would desperately hold on to power while dragging humanity to the grave. These are the types of men who murdered Hypatia of Alexandria and shamed Aspasia.  Such men are parasites waiting for Firestorm Omega to burn their ass into extinction!
John Oliver is a miserable Socialist wanting perhaps to destroy America like Great Britain is being destroyed.  Not going to happen here. 
 As jealousy and primitive hatred of Beauty appear ingrained in such shrinking gray matter, a wish grants such intellects continue to shrink into a catatonic stupor.  A spirit of fire now holds each word hostage from lifetime to lifetime justice searches and finds unmasking monsters hidden and hiding in plain view like toxin-filled polluted air choking parasites unseen by hands unclean.  Keep foolish unkind words against the Goddess of Reason in a mangled brain for to speak such drivel to ears of four or more will describe heightening manifestations in mind from whence it came like a Twilight Zone reality cold curse consuming nightmare until repentant rapture of tears touch stone cold feet of a Goddess.