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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Final Prophetic Words: Presidential Election 2016

Battle Notes 1.0, Final Entry
President Donald J. Trump
An unstoppable future begins. Difficult as it is to imagine, as hard as it is to accept, President Donald J. Trump becomes reality. His explanation can be found somewhere in this spider web of blogs. Fools will not believe in magick until it arrives to escort them from our planet. Only dark details remain to species salvation and it shall not be quite as dark with our new Commander in Chief.

Connected to Hillary Clinton by natal chart, I could not understand why I was made to suffer with our would-be champion. It appears the great Poet and Mystic, Rumi was right. Mercy can be found in suffering.

Many Liberal Democrat celebrities threatened to leave the country if Trump were elected. Crying real tears in defeat on election night was never in their plans. Twitter has been a home lately for the Warrior and passion actually reached out to a couple notable liberal celebrities. I really don’t know how to save these people and would ask the Goddess for help. Labors here are tough enough, but I will extend a hand to a few. Given my divine message, hope for these people in our future looks bleak.  Yet, they should be in desperate need of my knowledge if any plan to have children.

Defending both Donald and Hillary during this 2016 presidential campaign adds to the surreal nature of it all. We have learned government along with a mostly liberal media is even more corrupt and dangerous than what Freedom Fighters believed. Nevertheless, we can see walls of status quo tumble down all around the ears of incompetence and evil. How dark does it get before the dawn? It is perhaps the only question remaining.

Explaining Trump by magick will never get anywhere because it only looks like magick to the magician on the Quantum Field. Only world leaders can aid or retard my mission drastically. It is only one reason why Barack Obama gets no mercy here. Nevertheless, preventing extinction species humanity by infertility was addressed indirectly by only one candidate during this election through blind luck or providence. That candidate was Donald J. Trump. He therefore could not lose.

1) Trump Wall; I’ve written on this in another blog. Your leaders have no clue what kills the species seeing only the result as infertility.  Government is the root cause of extinction and your leaders will not like to hear that.  It is quite like a philosophical virus and at some point America must be quarantined.

2) Dangerous Liberal Media; Trump has been a TV celebrity understanding the ins and outs of the biz yet also knows of their tremendous bias. What he could do to stem the tide of ignorance and zombies bred by the media is unknown. 
(Liberal Media represented best by Hollywood)He is aware of the problem and shall not become a phony for circus masters.  There is now hope where once there was none.

3) No Pretense; The polar opposite of Barack Obama, the mere presence of Trump as our President will lift morale and slow the spread of the politically-correct ideology virus turning children into monsters and prey.  Those kids making it out of public education unscathed as Freethinkers and Freedom Fighters are becoming scarce.  I would ask liberals to look in the mirror and face facts. The DNC is forever damaged.

4) My Divine Message; My book goes into a bit more detail but it is both simple and highly complex made more so by Obama and the Supreme Court. Homosexuality is the major symptom of extinction species humanity missed by all other cultures known and unknown to inhabit this Earth I suspect. Recently, I read a post saying Trump intends to address homosexuality in a way conservatives would like. I remember writing something about saving the species creating strange bedfellows. I also wrote; there is no other way to the promised land but through tears.

Updated 2/15/2017 Our new President has since added a bonus to the cosmic story written here and another was there all along missed being too close perhaps.

5) #draintheswamp Read the book or find it in these interconnected blogs; malevolent incompetent government is the base cause of extinction species humanity.  Again, it is a bit more complicated but search all other cultures from Aztecs to Rome and it may become clear.  To save this world, part of the plan must be changing the government.

6) The Goddess of Reason: Suddenly, American government looks like a billionaire version of a Poet's imagination come to life.  If this is true then that is true.  This is true.  So then, why would anyone fight against Utopia?