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Monday, October 31, 2016

Presidential Failsafe

Commander in Chief under fire, Barack Hussein Obama
Wikileaks and Rebel with a cause, Julian Assange puts America in a tenuous position.  It has happened at least once before in our long history and involved then President Richard Nixon.  However, President Nixon was not accused of crimes involving national security and treason.  So then, does America have a protocol that limits powers of a U.S. President while he is under criminal investigation?

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton is currently under criminal investigation for suspected crimes committed while working as Secretary of State.  Such crimes involve national security and treason and/or espionage.  President Barack Obama would only be embarrassed as her employer at the time under normal circumstances.  These are not normal circumstances as our president is on record with several national news agencies denying knowledge of a private email server used by Secretary of State Clinton which is at the heart of her suspected crimes.  Wikileaks reveals our president lied about his knowledge of the private server.  The authentication record of Wikileaks is 100%.  Therefore, a sitting U.S. President is under de facto criminal investigation for crimes concerning national security and treason.

Mrs. Clinton at the very least would lose her security clearance for her illegal use of a private email server while working in an information-sensitive federal government position.  If elected President, she does not then get to pretend past actions revealing a colossal security threat never happened.  Hillary Clinton rendered herself unfit to be U.S. President in several ways but that is not the theme here.

Beyond criminal investigations regarding national security, abuse of office, and treason, Mr. Obama under a presidential administration free from incredible corruption that includes the FBI and Department of Justice would and will be under investigation for massive voter fraud in the 2008 presidential election and 2016 presidential primary.

Our military has a failsafe for launching nuclear weapons and protocol for removing unfit officers and we saw it dramatized well in the film Crimson Tide.  Science Fiction shows us medical protocol for removing Starfleet Captains in The Doomsday Machine, a celebrated episode of the original Star TrekDoomsday seems peculiarly relevant here as both President Obama and Mrs. Clinton in an effort to divert attention away from emailgate have fanned flames of nuclear war with Russia.  Please, no one tell me our government has no protocol for at the very least limiting the powers of a U.S. President while he is under de facto criminal investigation involving national security and treason.

Since publishing Failsafe, two new laws appear aimed at the heart of Obama;