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Saturday, October 8, 2016

City of Lost Angels: Where Timeless Lessons Begin

Battle Notes 0.8
Dear Diary,

I would like to say my job is finished by finally publishing the book that fulfills my wish.  That is where the vast majority of these people here fail.  Failures are often ignored in a world built on pretense.  When culture owes an allegiance to pretense, how does one separate brilliance from abject ignorance?

Fear and loathing, species humanity fears dark death loathing an existence foreign to their own senses.  Taught to disregard precious senses they then seek escape from senses through non-productive activity in every manner imaginable.  Often the manner in which humans embrace escapism includes life-threatening dynamics.  A sub-conscious death wish fuels wasted imagination.
Those timeless creatures representing infinity seem to be appearing more recently.  It is easy to tell when they want me to notice.  Nevertheless, it does not improve matters here that my little friends are without vocal chords.  Maybe this awareness must rise higher to hear what it cannot see.  Maybe a message is repeated.  ‘Do not curse any more lowly humans to hell.’  Or, maybe they want me to make good on a promise to show more love to these people who are in the end victims.
As their honored election nears to select another parasite… err President, I must remind them I have never voted and it serves a purpose that should not be missed.   Donald Trump is given an opportunity by the predecessor to be great.  Hillary Clinton is hamstrung by the predecessor.  His low milestones are of historic proportions.   As time counts down in his historic presidency, he begins to look more and more like just another monster.  Scorpio will influence the future but it appears to be much in the same ways as their current leader who continues to reach down for low milestones.  I was recently asked which candidate I feared most and it is not even close.  Pretense follows pretense adapting to change slowly if at all.  It becomes clear my duty is to save her soul.
Our Goddess seems to possess a marvelous sense of humor.  I asked for an Angel.  You may say I wished or prayed for an Angel.  I recently met a patriarch matrix-damaged young lady giving her name as, Angel.  They seem to get younger in my world.  Should I give thanks or stop laughing?

According to Michael Reagan, businesses are escaping the totalitarian state of California for greener more sane pastures almost anywhere else. California recently raised the minimum wage and probably leads America in bureaucracy and lame laws.  It is a government starving for water, courage, and intellectual integrity siphoned by morality mavens previously known as Liberals.  California is a testament to monsters and parasites in government dragging innocents to species extinction.  Encouraged by a billion dollar industry where pretense is a valuable commodity, they create a vapid and violent culture to a point of absurdity.  Like humanity in generals, no one believes it will continue like this indefinitely.  It explains a worldwide fascination through the ages with doomsday.

The City of Dirty Angels appears to be a magnet for so many lost Angels seeking perhaps a way home.  When they are not manufacturing creeps and freaks, Hollywood is a warehouse where sparkling dreams turn into fading spiritual impotence.  Holding back tears these days just offers another type of suffering in an effort to dampen fury they are born to bring. 

40 per cent of young women disappearing often in suspicious circumstances, are black.

Warrior tears hunt down monsters and parasites introducing eternal flames to epic evil.  Timeless representatives of eternity aside, lessons begin where the job ends.  One hundred thousand years or more…