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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Worst U.S. President of Pardons

At the time of this writing, President Barack Obama has 120 days and some hours left in his two-term presidency.  Compared to other such U.S. Presidents, Mr. Obama can easily be called the Anti-Freedom President when it comes to Pardons and Commutations.  With six months to go he ranked among the worst U.S. Presidents ever all the way back to George Washington.  To rid himself of that distinction he quickly freed a few wrongly accused citizens to get his total up to around 218.  He has promised thousands more but such rhetoric is unattainable in the wake of resignations in key departments overseeing the matter.  Nevertheless, most of what Mr. Obama has given are commutations.  He commuted sentences rather than give full pardons.  Obama continues to rank with Washington at the bottom with regards to Presidential Pardons.  A great historic General, G.W. was fresh off a battlefield and so has an excuse.  Mr. Obama shall find no excuses in this lifetime.
Jimmy Carter                1977-1981           566
Bill Clinton                     1991-2003          456
Ronald Reagan             1981-1989          406
George W. Bush            2001-2009         176
Barack Obama              2009-2017            64

If he's undertaking to do pardons, and he's looking to do as many as his predecessors, he's going to have to scramble in the last six months...  
Margaret LoveU.S. Pardon Attorney under George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations.

Deboran Leff, the Pardon Attorney under Obama, resigned almost in protest to ridiculous expectations placed on her office by Mr. Obama in the eleventh hour of his presidency.  He has had plenty of time to let freedom ring in his tired administration especially when we compare him to one-term President Jimmy Carter.

Once again Mr. Obama has no one to blame but himself nose-diving to another low milestone as worst U.S. President of Pardons.  It should not be surprising that Obama is so anti-freedom when we remember Eric Snowden and the other famous Whistleblowers responsible for pulling the curtain behind the phony smiles spying on Americans by the Obama administration. 

Speaking of Mr. Snowden, one has to wonder why Obama will not grant a real American one little pardon when he promised 11 million illegal immigrants pardons.  Maybe it has something to do with the crime.  Still, kind of strange when you realize that a new movie is on the way directed by Oliver Stone dramatizing the life of a real American hero now hiding in Moscow and as we all know Hollywood Liberals love Democrats to death.  One has to wonder if President Obama is not an incredible hypocrite and anti-freedom.

Perhaps our President is taken away from pardons and freedom campaigning so much for Hillary Clinton.  He has promised to move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected President.  Promises, promises, promises, it is a cruel broken record voters must listen to called status-quo.

Federal Courts block Obama’s Executive Illegal-Immigration Amnesty (Again)  http://www.nationalreview.com/article/426878/obama-executive-illegal-immigration-amnesty-fifth-circuit