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Monday, September 12, 2016

Dark Details of a Journey into Light

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Battle Notes 0.7

Dear Diary,

We get closer to that delirious day when America chooses their next President and leader of the free world.  As this battle to free fertile footprints continues, the next world leader shall be crucial and have every opportunity to be great.  Republicans and Democrats have dragged America in a downward spiral to the end of times.  Other known political parties have partial answers yet lack a cohesive core.  It is just another reason America creeps closer and closer toward the bottom of a philosophical barrel where extinct cultures and humanoids once calling this planet home go to die.  The usual choices of bad or worse Americans face every four years just met catered chaos better known to most as magick.

Future Mr. President Donald Trump or Madam President Hillary Clinton shall face challenges like no other U.S. President ever.  Among other unusual events, America witnessed an exposed political system rotten to the core allowing any ignoramus to become a political leader, a mostly Liberal Media including Facebook showing no shame for killing us softly with good intentions, and some young folks fighting back against the absurdly brutal national police state with lethal retaliation of their own.  When one factors in the main message revealed in this interconnected virtual space of blogs and morale of America under a presidency of the worst, our next leader shall enter a Firestorm.

Once upon a time in this presidential political journey seeming to never end, Mr. Trump looked like just another Republican loser with more money and bravado than the usual parasitic creatures from D.C.  Suddenly, the Donald appears to be quite another man indeed.  Having dinners in Detroit ghettos and meeting Mexican Presidents for quaint chit chats while updating and thus strengthening his platform goes a long way toward creating an image of a real leader.  He has already apologized for some of his unfortunate statements.  He is a businessman after all and is apt to offer out any old notion as a negotiating point and not necessarily a true belief.  Mr. Trump is always looking for the best deal.

Hillary Clinton brings too many problems into this election to mention here.  Yes, I know I have promised to stand by our first lady contender to my own physical detriment.  Nevertheless, intellectual integrity might be damaged if I did not give the devil, err… Trump his due.  My endorsement of Mrs. Clinton is an attempt to save her as I am called here to save the Earthly Goddess.  If she is not just another woman of the world adapted to succeed in a pathetic physically and spiritually debilitating patriarch matrix then I should like to know why not?

Once upon a time in this peculiar presidential election of many cuts (the first cut is the deepest) Mrs. Clinton seemed to hold victory in a Gucci bag.  Bags go out of style and it appears the Hillary Clinton bag has suffered a bit of damage of wear and tear.  She has missed every opportunity to be great and stand above mediocrity as more problems continue to fall like summer rain in the Catskills.  A real problem for the hopeful Madam President is her affiliation with the Democrat Party.  Their highest ranking party member has shown the world a bankruptcy in the original ideas department and more Socialism that is the engine powering every Democrat heart.  They simply have nothing more to offer other than some new form of Fascism.  Republicans have recently had less to offer but President Obama changed history.

During stormy weather, where does a political leader go?  They go to their core.  Mrs. Clinton and the Democrats really have no core.  Donald Trump has a core and a mantra.  “Make America great again.”  Mrs. Clinton cannot say something like that for fear of disrespecting the current stiff in the White House.  There are several such problems for Mrs. C and I believe the analogous sports expression is “hamstrung”.  Furthermore, Trump can change.  Hillary cannot change her many problems and they would cloud a would-be presidency and may very well give way to impeachment proceedings.  Her soul may best be saved at this point if she is not U.S. President as the office seems to give some people a sense of false self-esteem.

Warrior victory and path to a prescribed matriarch society arrives to this world regardless of inadequacies in any other American President.  Details, what remains are dark details of a sacred journey and one gets a notion it will get darker before the dawn.  Details seem beyond gifts granted to enlightened Poets.  So, buckle in tight and get ready for one hell of a ride with magick-making mystics and dramatic dreams of gentle giants.  All that stands between a cultural pot of gold at the end of vibrant rainbows glowing over a Utopian world looks like disturbed spiritual impotence toting that same old bag of tricks none of the kids wanted last Halloween.  Time to toss out all those pathetic pimps and tricks of the past making way for a beautiful dawn.