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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Point of No Return 0.1

I remember posting something about the coming extinction on a Facebook community dedicated to science and getting what should be viewed as a typical response.  After questioning my sanity the respondent informed me that there were over 7 billion people in the world.  His reply points out how unprepared science or even the lay person is for the end stalking America and other great nations.  You want things now.  We want to get rich quick.  We want fast food.  We want people to get to the point.  We have lost the concept of patience and indeed time itself.  Mystics say time is an invention of consciousness and everything is happening now.  Such a concept is hard to comprehend and it would seem that this concept of a slow and ugly extinction regarding fertility is equally difficult to grasp.

Think of the problem of extinction here as a DVD player when the stop button is pushed.  The disc inside the player does not immediately stop spinning.  It continues to spin until it runs out of energy or someone puts a finger on it.  If the next American President were to some how institute the minimum changes I have outlined in my book to end extinction, the problem or DVD would continue to spin for some time.  The problem has taken thousands and thousands of years to grow, fester, and complicate.  It may take thousands of years to fix now that this world finally has the answer to the riddle.  It is this symptom... that I believe the Matriarchs are called to deal with and work their magic.

There is a point of no return and one wonders if the other countries more hostile to women than America have gone too far.  I have given information here that suggests China will be in trouble by 2020.  As news coming out of a communist government cannot be trusted we must assume that the problem in China is even worse than what we know.  My point of no return guess for America is 2020 and Spiritual Warrior is set to come around 2023 regardless.

Not much time remains in the grand scheme of things to understand abortion and prostitution.  Both are easy and revolve around the right of a woman to do as she chooses with her body.  It is my divine message that is going to be difficult for a lot of you and along with this other new information it represents the next phase in human evolution. 

All the great mystics have said there was still time.  Now, someone comes along and pushes a button on a metaphysical clock counting down to quantum theory, purification by tears, and a final exit for the Beast and all of his zombies.  The point of no return on those orders disappeared at the moment of awareness.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Poet Musings

Why has the world waited for a vagabond Poet to do what is necessary when his knowledge is based on their knowledge... a universal knowledge?  I have asked this question on Facebook and I get no answers.  Are there Mystics, Astrologers, or Pagans who can answer.  Intention experiments, government sponsored remote viewing, energy never dies... those who want to know, know as much or more than the Poet.  I keep repeating, 'we are all here on separate missions no matter how small or grand.'  It is the only thing I can do until someone provides an answer to my query.

Why has the world waited for one last bad guy so Beauty may reign and run free?