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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Defending Utopia; Ending the Age of Ignorance

Codename: Firestorm Omega
Wikipedia describes Herbert Spencer as a "prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era" and this is the man who coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest".  The English Philosopher and Anthropologist upon hearing about the works of the coming "Origin of the Species" was so taken that I believe he wrote on the matter extensively.  Charles Darwin said, "Natural Selection".  Are we all clear on the difference?

So my friends, to blame Mr. Darwin for the Robber Barons of the Gilded Age, indifference and money-grubbing of the Industrial Age, and rich greedy pretentious uncaring millionaires of today would be a display of historical ignorance and more. 

President Barack Obama, the man who equates electoral votes with intellect, attempts to use the above reasoning in blaming the Goddess of Reason for making uncaring selfish greedy millionaires with her philosophy and fictional writing loved by millions upon millions around the globe in too many languages to list for this matter.

Ayn Rand is not responsible for what people do to her philosophy to suit their own greedy selfish needs.  There is a political organization out there that she never endorsed (not saying they are greedy and selfish).  There are other organizations out there that attempt to carry out her mission for good reasons.  If some of them get it a little wrong or go too far then that is an example of an imperfect world and no reason to blame a Goddess.  Only cowards play the blame game usually out of envy.
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My friends, if politicians were geniuses then they would be out there in the public sector flaunting such genius and becoming rich and famous from such superior creative intelligence.  Those men coming into governance from the private sector seem to be harder and harder to find why?  Women are a little different only as it relates to the Matriarch and I should explain this fully in my edited book as well as creating a bridge between reason and spirituality.  Politicians who meet the parasitic bureaucrat standard can always be found as they will have never held a significant job other than public service.  Search their resumes to find the lowest form of humanity set upon this planet.

Some funny man said  voting for them just encourages them and Mr. Obama is a living breathing example of political humor come to terrorize a once great nation in the guise of a leader.  Only a rigged two-party political system could account for an unconscionable ignoramus U.S. President who is more Marxist than American.

I am not called here to necessarily battle parasites so much as burn there ass off the face of Mother Earth!  This is the dawning of the 'Matriarch Society' where walking talking viruses lose there voice for a week for cruel blasphemy besmirching the name of a Goddess.  As I carry the name of perhaps the greatest forefather of this land built on freedom fighters and their blood, it is a poor fool getting in the way by free will of such spirits powering a raging Firestorm.
Obama criticizing Ayn Rand is like a murderer criticizing the death penalty.  He is the last person anyone with decent intellect would consult on the matter.

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