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Monday, October 10, 2016

Saving Donald Trump

Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump under fire

As we desire a fair and balanced presidential election and because someone has to do it, here then are my top 7 reasons why the latest controversial remarks by Donald Trump should not disqualify him.

  1. Such braggadocios comments are indeed made by some men in the company of other men all the time and most men know it.  Raise your hand if you are surprised such comments were made by Mr. Trump a time or two in his lifetime.  Anybody acting surprised has not paid attention to the circus.
  2. There are such women as Mr. Trump described like them or not and believe it or not.  We shall create better men and women in the future and this event serves to highlight the culminating age of ignorance.
  3. Moving on a married woman lowers the bar but not as low as past presidents.  Mr. Trump looks deeply troubled by this and he should make personal apologies.   It gives pretense a black eye that America should know this now.
  4. Who dug this dirt up from eleven years deep?  It stretches credibility that it would be released just as Wikileaks releases damaging audio files of Hillary Clinton more recent speeches to Wall Street.  I suspect the people looking for dirt on Mr. Trump are a part of a vast left wing “bucket of losers.”
  5. How many times has Donald Trump been accused of sexual affairs, molestation, or rape?  Get back to me when you get the answer.   Nevertheless, this event highlights notorious exploits of a particular past president more than the exploits of our presidential hopeful.  Mr. Trump would now be more inclined to do something sincerely for women that is not perverted by Feminism.
  6. The LA Times had at least 4 front-page photos of Republicans demanding that Trump withdraw from the race.  Los Angeles and especially Hollywood are notorious Liberal places and does that make the Times a mostly Liberal publication?  Any who, this event gives the hypocrites time to thump their chests and claim holier than thou status.  These are the same slave masters who rob women of access to abortion creating unwanted life and killing some women in childbirth.  That sounds like a type or murder to me.  Most of these people had little love for Trump from jump including the awful mostly Liberal Media exposed terribly in this election because of one Donald Trump.
  7. Like him or not, Donald Trump is a real man who makes mistakes and is no phony baloney like the current Commander in Chief.  Pretense follows pretense.  Trump by his mere presence alone as our next Commander in Chief smashes pretense upside the head.  This world is choking in stifling pretense born not so long ago when cowards and fools somehow made their way into government.  It has culminated at the bottom of a barrel made by incompetents.  Darkness always precedes the beautiful dawn.

When pretense becomes philosophy, monsters hide in plain sight.

Calling a woman fat or ugly might be rude but it does not constitute sexism or any kind of discrimination.  Is Donald Trump a misogynist?  It demeans the struggle women face to call a rude or forward man a misogynist.  This is just one of many mistakes made by Feminists and now Hillary Clinton.  Demeaning or distorting a real problem does not help the problem.  Feminism is much more dangerous to the species than Donald Trump could ever hope to be.
Several days have passed since this posting and still no serious allegations against Mr. Trump are produced.  We may be dealing with a dirty old man here who can be reformed.  As a billionaire, Mr. Trump can atone for his words and deeds with a project headed perhaps by someone like Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers or Camille Paglia.  Such atonement would go a long way towards healing and absolutely will not be wasted on vapid ideology currently strangling this nation and others to death.