Eagles mate in flight and song

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Where Humanity Finds Salvation

Rachel Weisz, Agora
Battle Notes 0.9

What remains in this battle to save humanity from a death of many cuts otherwise known as species extinction are dark details of how a malevolent patriarch matrix paradigm is flipped to fragrant fertile feet of loving spiritual matriarchs.  Time after time this beleaguered spirit wishes to go back to being just another uncaring guy trying to get buy in the circus.  There is no path tracing back into darkness.  Each step forward now breaks new ground and cosmic powers send no set of instructions when offering Spiritual Warriors keys to our universe.

Never voting keeps one out of the mud I suspect and since being made to care and get involved, lessons of Scorpio Moon become clearer.  More sympathy emanates for those of you voting for so many of these people for so many years and having trust betrayed in so many ways.  Connected to and encouraged to stand by perhaps the worst U.S. presidential candidate in history seems to give Firestorm  reasons to embrace mercy.

Seems impossible Donald Trump could be our next U.S. President but look at the other choice given to us by the mostly liberal media.  You would not know there are two other candidates.  If Barack Obama is the Prince of Pretense then Hillary Clinton would be the Queen. Wikileaks reveals both as partners in crimes against the state.  Fanning flames of cold war with Russia to hide true reasons for emailgate appears to be a dangerous gamble that backfires.  When their hidden actions speak to treason, how does one at this point get soldiers to fight for Obama or Clinton?  Partners in crime perhaps provide anti-establishment challenger Trump keys to the White House.

I said how this global theater plays out is unknown even though stars and planets at birth suggest a powerfully prophetic Poet writes here.  How much of this imagination speaks to prophecy and how much to Quantum Field manipulation or what Witches call magick? 

A lot of us were right about Obama and it did not take a prophet to see a measure of evil lurking behind the phony smile and incompetence.  Nevertheless, I find myself awash in mercy for so many fooled by the fraud and others like him.  And, it is hard to have mercy for such people as many were so self-righteous in their failed Socialist rhetoric based on incomprehensible emotions.  Some American Liberals continue to cling to the Prince and Queen having nowhere else to go as entire nations like the Philippines breaks free of impending disaster should pretense and corruption continue.  

Do Obama supporters and Liberals in general remain self-righteous in the wake of Wikileaks revealing a corrupt Democratic Party and philosophical death of their last hero? How does one hold on to integrity and support Hillary?  Even zombies and sheep deserve a better life free of parasites and monsters.

I said Obama was finished and there should be nothing left to be done by the lips and imagination that cursed his life and name.  If the mostly liberal media did not continuously try to prop him up as anything more than mediocrity, this beleaguered soul could go on to other labors and tears in waiting. 

Out of furious fire and into a gauntlet of tears waiting perhaps for courage to take notice.   Dark details of how humanity finds salvation may go unknown but my future does not change and we come to the end of Firestorm Road here in virtual space.  Time to move on to a new life where a Heathen must save cashed in souls healing invaded intellects and abused bodies finding faith along the way. Fireballs end where a trail of timeless tears begin.  Whether it is this imagination walking where Night Angels fall or this blood, it is as if someone has to do it and there can only be one. 

Accompanied by a surreal sense of fate beckoning softly in the dark
Alone I walk a broken path.