Eagles mate in flight and song

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Awareness Birthday

Awkward title when you think of it as this is not about celebrating that moment when awareness was achieved.  No, this is celebrating the first birthday after awareness when such times take on a hold new meaning.  Back then it was about having a few beers or sharing a bottle of wine and gifts.  Now, I study astronomy and astrology planning particular time for meditation. 

Mystics say we get closer to our higher selves every month when the moon sets in our special place.  It must follow that we get closer to our higher selves on birthdays when the sun returns to natal position.  Maybe not.  I am still new here.  However, Mercury comes around to natal position during this birthday with the sun and even Saturn is close so the Poet counts on being closer than ever... under awareness.  One has to wonder if meditation is better on a birthday with the communication planet adding energy.  Hmmm.  The old me would meditate on and make plans for Vegas at this moment but it appears I am being held to higher standards by unquestionable powers that be.

Meditating on how not to go too far wielding cosmic powers on a timeless mission bestowed by a Goddess and ignited by Earth Goddesses might be a good idea but how far is too far in a world where savages are in control supported by sheep? 

I have actually tried to be as optimistic and positive about our possible first lady president as possible for good reasons.  Only one other possibility exists to a non-cataclysmic transition to a future world and that new political party is envisioned as a spiritual broom and dustpan sweeping up all the broken pieces and basically taking over what is left of American government and indeed humanity.

We think and hope this woman can be reached and has not gone where pampered minds go to be fed lethal doses of arrogance giving them the delusion that being an elected government official gives them some special powers of intellectual brilliance.  America does not need another pretentious genius.  Donald Trump is the polar opposite of the pretentious Washington bureaucrat and more and more Americans are going to wise up and get sick and tired of Fascists currently on both sides of the isle in D.C.  One would hope that Mr. Trump forces our lady Presidential hopeful to come with some new tricks instead of toting the Socialism and false hope of "change" dragged in by her predecessor.

What a pity meditations cannot take me away from the circus for longer periods of time.  Mystics might say I did something in a past life for my sufferings in this life.  That may be so but I do not think so.  It is not what I sense.  What I sense is that volunteers were asked to take one step forward and everybody took one step backwards except for yours truly who was busy day-dreaming probably about Earthly Goddesses and such is how we are thrust into to life situations thank you very much!.