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Monday, April 18, 2016

Neo-Liberals; Leading the New Democrat Party of Intolerance

Shall we call them Millennial Liberals?  They are rather young in the photo as they protest against assumptions.  They assume Donald Trump is a racist, fascist, and worse it would appear.  As one who has  never voted and does not follow political events closely, I have seen none of what these loyal Democrats see or hear in the many oratories of Mr. Trump.  I can be slow at times as in not knowing exactly what to call these young people who seem to have hijacked the Democratic Party.

President Barack Obama should be proud of the great unity and loyalty he foments in his tired presidency.  If there was a real leader in the White House, he would have come out against the young hooligans long ago trying to restrict freedom of speech.  Freedom Fighters may not like what you say but they will defend to the death your right to say it.

Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders loves to fan the flames surrounding Mr. Trump and one has to wonder why?  Sanders seems to be running out of steam in New York.  His wheels are starting to creak and it appears that all of his rhetoric on freedoms and reform were just that; rhetoric.  That a U.S. Senator can call himself a "Socialist" and actually run for President in America is a complete shame and speaks to how low are nation has sunk as a political force.

Hillary Clinton tried to fan the flames of ignorance around Trump as well but it seems she has learned a lesson in this sphere.  Perhaps she can see the finish line and that her challenger falters down the stretch.  Still, had she come out against hooligans who would restrict free speech in confident presidential and calming language... it could have energized her very being and her campaign that needs an infusion of passion.  We hope she has not missed another opportunity.

A great Anthropologist and Earthly Goddess, Betty Friedan said that children of today suffered from an illness with no name.  I dare give the illness a name to the children who had their parents always there for them micro-managing a life short on conflicts and hurtful language.  It is a Politically-correct virus that retards and kills our nation faster than if the patriarch matrix were left alone.  They are easily offended these 'children of the norm' looking more like Nazis every day.