Eagles mate in flight and song

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hummingbird Friends

Broad-Tailed Hummingbird
Dear Diary,
Got buzzed by a Hummingbird the other day.  Since that Walt Disney-like episode I've been seeing a lot of my friends lately but this is getting ridiculous.  To be fair, I was wearing a red hat and yellow bandana underneath so maybe the little creature thought I was big flower.  Must have thought there was enough nectar in my head to make it through winter 2020! 

I am given to seeing signs in their arrival on occasion and the buzzing could certainly be to remind me to give the earthlings time to work through their many problems now that the secret is in the mix.  Theon of Alexandria would have loved such episodes and I should like to discuss it with the great Philosopher and Father when that inevitable time arrives.  Do I see this latest Hummingbird encounter of the 3rd kind just as coincidence or a meaningful coincidence transforming into synchronicity?

Damn Hummingbirds seemingly want to add to my suffering.  There, I already feel bad for cursing the little creatures.  Maybe this is what great powers wanted... a little more love from the Firestorm and less brimstone.

Speaking of suffering, Hillary Clinton gets closer to the White House and you would think I could be happy.  No, it is as I predicted and suffering comes no matter what she does in this presidential race that even she has said bares more importance than others.  Then again, the matrix has been echoing Warrior words for some time now trying to keep up in some instances.  I do wonder from time to time if maybe our would-be champion is playing her cards close to the vest.  Maybe we really are on the same side and she is waiting for the opportunity and appropriate means to shoulder her part of the burden.  If such is the case, Mrs. C absolutely will be the greatest U.S. President since Mr. Lincoln.  Odds against it take me back to that suffering thing again.

If not her then who?  If not now then when?  So many questions and so little time for the earthlings to get a clue or take a fireball right in the kisser!  Our future needs only one great woman in governance to "set it off" as they say.  There is no one else on the political landscape.  Maybe we need to look outside the landscape, outside the box.  Maybe Mrs. C is holding a Royal Flush!  Maybe she needs a little cosmic push.  Sometimes champions are made.

If Hummingbirds could speak I could take advantage of the little creatures and put them on stage in a 50-city tour just like patriarch matrix status-quo exploiters and merit-less monopolies.  I could be rich and rid of cosmic burdens.  Just kidding.  If Hummingbirds could speak there would be no need to buzz my ears coaxing creative contemplations on giant flowers and the meaning of suffering.