Eagles mate in flight and song

Monday, March 7, 2016

Diplomats Love Trump?

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump appears to be giving world leaders palpitations.  That can only be a good thing.  That these stewards to a world-wide status-quo find it important enough to voice their concerns with American officials says much about our world now and our future.  It is just another sign that the status-quo comes to an end no matter who becomes the next American President and once reason reigns here then the world shall be next.  Parasites around the world can feel the heat under merit-less asses.  It also says that foreign leaders may have had influence in picking our leaders or it certainly looks like they think they can pick our national leaders.  Government parasites sweating globally must sound like raindrops falling on a tin roof playing music of freedom leading to a new and better world.

Hooray for Donald Trump! 

Death to parasites!

Hail the coming of Matriarchs inspired by reason and true spirituality!