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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Last Straw

Donald Trump is easily the straw stirring the 2016 Presidential election cocktail and one has to wonder what a boring spectacle of status-quo pretense it would be without him.  Have I mentioned that I have never voted?

Violence erupted recently at a Trump planned rally in the great city of Chicago.  Everyone should know by now that Chicago is responsible for giving America President Barack Hussein Obama, the man voted the worst U.S. President since around 1945.  The City of Big Shoulders is also the #2 murder capital of the nation indicating what a splendid job of governance Obama did while he was there.  People must wonder again and again how such a man became leader of the free world and only a liberal media and two-party system explains the straw from Chicago who broke the camel's back.

I am meant to suffer through this election connected to the first female candidate with a real shot at becoming our President and so I try to stay away from the theater.  Still, I would have to live in a cave not to get news now and again that ultimately leads here.  Both Democrat nominees for President blame Donald Trump for the Chicago violence and one went so far as to call his type of rhetoric, "dangerous".

True, I am rather uniformed staying away as I do but I find no danger in the rhetoric of Mr. Trump or "hate" he is accused of preaching by Democrat Zombies.  These are Feminist tactics stolen from the German Nazis.  I did hear one young protestor from Chicago say, "Donald Trump is not welcome here."  Really?  Well, it is nice that one young brainless zombie can speak for the entire city.  Rather reminds you of Obama speaking for America as he is so apt to do offering an opinion built on no job experience save for public service.

Democrats sink to a new low here. Mrs. C must lift her consciousness above SOB before it is too late.  Attacking Mr. Trump along with the zombies lowers you to zombie level and my last nerve cannot handle such an event.  Great powers sent a Warrior to sing of your virtues and you continue to make the assignment tough.  Zombies should know the glaringly obvious that the way to defeat Trump is at the voting booth and not idiotic violent protests.  Opposing candidates should know beating the Donald takes ideas and passion about such ideas able to rally voters.

I often hate it when I’m right and this situation has been predicted in a post somewhere in these interrelated blogs.  I remember saying something like these zombies are going to have to be dealt with at some point in the future once their makers are gone or neutralized.  It is a sad situation indeed that government has done such a fine job of dumbing the masses down and civil war if it is to come will initiate from ignoramuses fueled by people like the Prince of Pretense currently in the White House.

Donald Trump comes from magick and has a place in this theater.  Just when you think you have defeated him through old-school tactics, he may reappear at your most vulnerable moment.  The Warrior does not have to protect him as he represents details of a future already written.  It only looks like magic to the magician on the Quantum Field.  Fighting against the future is fighting against yourself.

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