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Friday, March 4, 2016

Battle Notes 0.3; Texas Three-Step on Abortion

Supreme Court Justices; Ginsburg, Kagan, and Sotomayor
There is not a man in the White House or federal government to speak for the rights of women or the travesty taking place in the State of Texas so it appears our Supreme Court has finally found some testosterone and passion to deal with slave-masters in the state built on oil and Mexican blood.  It is the 3 and only female Justices who come to the rescue of women in Texas.  The outlaw state wants to close down three fourths of their remaining abortion clinics sending women back to back alleys and coat hangers.  Texas "is targeting abortion", said Justice Sonya Sotomayor.

Well, there may be hope in the Supreme Court after all.  Spiritual Warrior removes the curse hanging over the head of Justice Sotomayor for now.  Words swirling the world designed to take out parasites and monsters are another matter.  The only hope for such fools and cowards is that matriarchs unite soon to replace them.  Another remedy would be to shed real tears in repentance and resolve to lead a better life for the good of humanity.  It is the last and only hope for status-quo pimps and their mates.

Supreme Court 3 female Justices take aim a Texas abortion restrictions
Should female court justices think with their uteri?