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Friday, February 19, 2016

American Hero

Apple CEO, Tim Cook
Our vaunted FBI wants to force  Apple's chief executive to help them spy on America.  Like always the Federal Bureau of Stumble Bums is using a tragedy to gain their way further into the lives of Americans.  The police state is built on good intentions and incompetence.

Our great Federal Bureau of Incompetence seems better suited to finding other ways to spy as their spying up to this point did not prevent the terrorist attack on which they would like to base their claims.  FBI, CIA, and of course Presidential incompetence caused and/or allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Air travel corporations had every opportunity to protect the cockpit after D.B. Cooper among many other hijackings.  The federal government never took them to task and neither did a dumbed down populace.  To think that such unconscionable incompetence with more spying on Americans could ever do anything but make matters worse reflects in the current U.S. President.

Tim Cook is a real hero.  Apple users, Freedom Fighters, and Freethinkers should show support for a real American Hero.