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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Last Shame

Dear Diary,
Two-time Presidential hopeful--
Why did I follow Mrs. Clinton on Pinterest?  I knew it would lead to an achy breaky heart.  I
had to unfollow her.

Commenting on her status or what she stands for running for the Democrat nomination for U.S. President goes beyond my capabilities.  I am uninformed for good reasons.  I have tried to stay away from the news.  Nevertheless, I know that Donald Trump offers new ideas not the least of which is no more income tax.  Some of his ideas are radical but they are ideas unlike what the Democrats brought to the table about 8 years ago.  Democrat Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders offers to end the Federal government ban on medical marijuana.  That is also something new.  So then you can see why I might find it troubling that Mrs. C. offers nothing new in response or as a matter of her original platform.

I stay away from news and I still know two candidates for U.S President offer new ideas.  A third candidate I am compelled to endorse offers nothing new or perhaps I just missed it.  It is troubling as her polling numbers fall to her challenger and still there is nothing new coming out of her brain trust.  She needs to stand for something passionately and to take on women's issues walks on a tightrope made by vile feminists.  Associate with Feminism and she will lose.  Still, there is that abortion thing made worse by Feminists, the Feminist Prince and his presidency of ignorance.  Mrs. C. must acknowledge American women without lowering herself to vapid Socialism and species suicide of Feminism.
Replying to a thread on the matter yesterday, I said she must purge her skeletons and come up with something new.  A young lady replied that she was slow to respond and may not get it.  I had nothing in defense.  What is her platform?  What is her passion?  Is she going to be the first female parasite?  Spiritual Warrior would not stand for another male parasite and the first female parasite at this critical time would be the last shame.