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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pagan Paradox

Pagans often faced a life or death paradox with regards to their religion during the Dark Ages and long before as the aggressive religions sought their annihilation. Should a stranger need help by what was called magic or perhaps unknown herbs, revealing yourself to help such a person could mean your death. So then, Pagans and the High Arts went underground and I believe this is where we get the word occult. Occult means hidden knowledge and Pagans today owe a great deal of gratitude to such ancestors who kept the arts alive under fear of death.

Today a Poet faces a similar paradox yet not nearly as lethal. Inform America and in particular the leaders of this once great nation of what is to come and they will laugh and open prison doors. Do not inform them and they will have no chance to right the ship. Prophets of many different cultures over many decades have predicted cataclysms generated near 2023. Mystics for many years have preached to modern culture that there was time to turn around a fate headed for doom.

Spiritual Warrior does not preach. Warriors make demands. Spiritual Warrior does not predict. He infuriates! He generates! He liberates!

Paradoxes run amuck in this world and perhaps in this universe. A grand paradox concerns humanity as I am sent to prevent species extinction and in the end the Universal Goddess or what some of you call God does not really care whether you are saved or not. I'm probably using inaccurate descriptions here but the Goddess and perhaps other ethereal beings care most about any one of us completing the circle. Mystics say that only one from this planet has ever made it. Further, if your lessons are not learned here then such lessons will be learned perhaps as another life form in another part of the universe.

“Take away paradox from the thinker and you have a professor.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

It is no paradox that of the major religions upon this Earth, it is the Pagans who can be described as meek and fully entitled to inherit this grand feminine force of a planet. It is bitter irony for some. Others may have to earn their right to continue upon this land in any form.

Emerson said, "All life is an experiment." The grand experiment is over to some extent and humans win. The jig is up for those who have chained the minds and souls of humanity for so many thousands of years creating a class system of control and perpetual lower class. Game over for merit-less men and women playing fancy with life beyond their comprehension.

We could not conclude here without the final paradox and this concerns that upon which this world turns. Love powers this Earth and it is love her champion. Yet, her Champion breathes fire and speaks of taking away half of the world population to complete the mission. How could love be so cold? Paradoxical, is it not? A wish was made to write a book like Thomas Paine. There are no more revolutions to be won in America so in order for the Source to fulfill my wish, she in effect had to give me herself manifested in her representative I call the Earth Goddess. Your powers match your mission parameters. Think of it like a poker game. What the Poet presents in the 'Matriarch Society' cannot be matched as a high hand. Try again in one hundred thousand years-- after tour of duty of a paradoxical Warrior looking nothing like spiritual leaders of today or the past. Still, love fuels the fire.


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