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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Saturn Returns; Astrology Through Firestorm Eyes

My mission continues and does not fail because of spiritual impotence on the other side.  Looking at the world of true spirituality saddens eyes of the Firestorm seeing a type of selfishness.  Have mystics and new age spiritual leaders  let humanity down in some way?  They all know what I now know and perhaps more.  Why has the world waited for a vagabond Poet?  I keep repeating to myself 'we're all here for some purpose.'  In what now is a personal spiritual journey, I continue to find mystics who say Sagittarrians are apt to forget we are all Gods and Goddesses.  Perhaps I sense more than  mystics think they know.  

Ancients feared the return of Saturn to their natal charts because the average lifespan was about 32-38 years old.  Saturn returns about every 30 years and was associated with death.  Saturn in the natal chart of the Poet has altogether different meaning.  One mystic made reference to Time Travel as Saturn is known as the Father Time.  Saturn tells the Warrior to set limits and so the world is spared some fire.  And, this is reflected in the natal chart of the Poet as the God of War is muted in Pisces
I remain alone on this planet save for spirit guides and the thin veil separating humanity from hellfire wears thin already.  Will power and love are stronger than any planet in this solar system and planets are tired of another silly show on Earth anyway.  If power to destroy and build new worlds comes with this job, it is given for good reasons. 

There are two women in history waiting to have their names written among the stars and to speak ill of them is ill-advised during duty of the Warrior.  Let their names be known as Hypatia of Alexandria and Ayn Rand.  Keep such comments in private.


Wesley Burt