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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Saturn Returns 01

By Jon D. Gemma
Leadership and role models... a lot of people are groomed to follow and want to follow in this land.  This coming future world governed almost exclusively by Matriarchs creates a new paradigm finding the role model within.  While I am not the leader of this new political party that looks to be created as a result of divine intervention, there needs to be words given on the matter. 
To say that I did not ask to be in this position would be refuted by mystics and of course the genesis of my existential whereabouts was found by invoking the name of perhaps the greatest forefather of this nation as a teenager.   Mystics would go back further still and the natal chart of the Poet confirms the present, future, and more.  As above, so below.  If this is true then that is true or might possibly be true is my new motto.  So then, Scorpio must play some crucial role in steps toward forming this new world and actions of the Warrior sworn to guide and protect the Earth Goddess throughout her journey.  Scorpio Moon was more than enough but adding the Goddess of Love and more sends a clear message.
At least twice I have run into queries from Facebook friends or general comments that suggest that spirituality and my attitude don't go together.  I should be for peace, love, and understanding... non-judgmental...  whatever.  Some of you will read my book and some will get information second hand.  Enlightenment is open to beggar, borrower, thief, and more.  The paths to enlightenment are many but the one natural highest source on this planet goes through the Earth Goddess.  Understand that it is life or death of the species I come to deal with and humanity has more than earned a good tongue-lashing.  Further, whether asking for it or not I remain covered in blood when not drowning in tears of the Earth Goddess.  My mission is to save her and not play nice with idiots who cause her harm driving species to suicide.  Earth Goddesses play nice and are all about love.
My friends, I am selected as it has always been done.  One of your great thinkers called it "Natural Selection".  The best character real or fiction I can compare this matter to is the biblical, Moses.  Moses was not selected by popular votes, likes, or ballots and the Poet is not here for money, power, or fame.  Moses demanded and won freedom.  He showed the way to the Promised Land and gave new laws to abide once the refugees reached their home.  There are differences and the main point is that Moses got ALL of his instructions from a higher source or so we are led to believe.  I was given a complex problem to solve and the game has changed since Moses and my spiritual father, Thomas Paine.  We ain't going nowhere.
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