Eagles mate in flight and song

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spiritual Warrior Laments

What could possibly be the most difficult task to accomplish in this quest to usher in a prescribed matriarch society to America as the only solution to a coming extinction?  One would think integrating the spiritual connection to be high on the list.  However, Pagans make that task as it applies to them complete.  I have pondered this question and uniting women who have been trained by a type of osmosis and outright to be divided, polarized, and compete against each other seems most difficult of all.

My friends, I feel I must repeat myself here and hope it has resonance in souls that need it.  I have never voted but if you pinch me hard enough I will tell you I am a Libertarian.  I have been an Atheist for all of my long life.   My philosophy is in line with the Objectivism of Ayn Rand, but I do not call myself an Objectivist simply because I do not wish to misrepresent the philosophy.  So then, thinkers must ask themselves why I would make an open (public) transition to spirituality and stump for Hillary Clinton as our next President? 

That I go over to spirituality and metaphysics does not mean I have given up reason.  Far from it, I have taken reason where few men on this planet have ever gone.  I bring reason and spirituality together.  I have found the bridge between metaphysics and epistemology and she wears a dress.  Nothing is offered in this new government of the future without good reason.  We are spiritual beings and I give good reasons for it by way of inspiration from Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  Nevertheless, it is not so much the subject today.

Haters of Hillary Clinton love Ayn Rand.  Haters of Ayn Rand love Hillary Clinton.  Then, there are a lot of folks who simply do not care about our parasitic government and the Libertarians.  I am called to unite all the reasonable women of America amid this... atmosphere of the ape.  These two women are connected and it is up to you to find the connection.

A clarion call must go out soon and I do not know if I have the talent or power to bring you all together.  Yet, by my stars this is what I am called to do here on this planet.  I have not wanted to release my natal chart because they did not record the time on the birth certificate in those days and I do not have an accurate time of birth.  However, using the natural powers we have I have come to within what I believe is about 15 minutes of my actual time of birth and I want to upload it for posterity.  And, with that bit of information I have just lost all of the Objectivists if they were ever here at all!
Mystics believe the placement of Pluto in a natal chart marks your karmic mission or what you are hear to do.  I have a couple planets  near cusps but there is only one planet at 00 degrees on my chart and it is of course Pluto.  Apparently, I am to bring these signs together.  What could be my purpose here with Pluto placed between power and the virgin?  As above, so below.

This is the coming future and Quantum Theorists can explain to you why what I say will be so.  The Dalai Lama saw it in a vision.  Someone had to imagine and write it into existence.  Such is one important reason why a Poet is called here. 

Can anybody do it?  Yes and no.  You really can only do what you are here to do or within such parameters... I think.  I am new here.  Otherwise, every Hollywood script would come true.

Pagans get off the bus ready for the new world but I get the impression they are not political folks.  I hope this changes because Earth calls out to all her goddess representatives.  Should these other more aggressive women from these other philosophies join you as the new leaders of government, Spiritual Warrior will be around for a very long time to prevent what a Poet can foresee.

Science will get a saddle in the coming matriarch society and not the other way around like it is now.  Humanity shall ride science to the promise land.

How do I unite all the women of America?  It cannot be done.  The call will go out to all and bring spirituality from your different religions just leave your religious dogma at home.  Feminists are welcome but leave the feminism in the trash can.  It is those women feminism left behind who will become the new leaders of this world.  Our new world celebrates first and foremost the natural matriarch.  I say 'natural matriarchs' because this is important and certainly related to why humanity sprints to extinction.

The only parameter of my mission was to master the DNA code.  It is how I must view some of you now and it is on a deeper level than science can imagine.  If science could help in this matter then Germany would not have spent 300 billion dollars trying to stave off the inevitable.  There are women who are destined to govern yet may not be matriarchs. Such women will become obvious by there living resume.  Any fool is a leader now.  Evolution provides us with the best leaders and this world of the future shall strive for the best in everything instead of the abject status-quo of today.

I make no apologies.  Humanity will survive and the experiment continues here not by greed and fear of the Beast but with nurturing and inspirational love of the Matriarchs.