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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Synchronicity to the Matriarch Society

Carl Jung described synchronicity as "meaningful coincidence". Oxford Dictionaries say, "The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection." Leave it to the Oxford description to come up short. Some mystics would say there are no coincidences. Some mystics leave us wanting. Nature presents continuous accidents waiting to happen and there is not much meaning to be read into it. Then there are simple accidents. Synchronicity proponents adhering to Jung, know a meaningful coincidence when it is presented to them.
This journey of an Atheist into spirituality and all it entails is a slow transition. One has to imagine that the transition in either philosophical direction in this regard depends upon how long one has held the one philosophy or ideology regarding where we get ultimate knowledge and the larger questions of existence. The Poet claims atheism from birth, yet was raised in a religious family. There is a key here to the anthropologists of the future relevant to culture that will not be missed in a benevolent matriarch society. Be that as it may, the subject here is synchronicity and the Poet has it falling out of his pockets since gaining awareness as a result of women and cosmic transference.
  • I have had several email handles over the years and one of those handles is paganpaine@gmail. I’ve had this handle for several years though not identifying with Pagans and really thinking they worshiped the devil or something. Still, I just liked the name for some reason and researched it a bit to see that they did not worship devils. I kept the handle and never got closer to Pagans as it was never my intention. Now, I sing the praises of Pagans telling a confused  world that this umbrella term covering a wide range of ancient spirituality and peoples all over the globe are first in line to inherit the Earth!
  • Some of you know I never wanted to be a Poet or write Poetry. I wanted to write and as an Actor I started writing screenplays. The last script written was finished circa 2003 and was inspired greatly by Anna Kournikova. It is a comedy written for children about a woman-child extra-terrestrial wanting to learn about the emotions of Earth. I always felt it was lacking something and I never really fleshed-out her history from another world. I was missing something. My friends, my writings bring me back to myself and then to you.  
  • I have not wanted to do any further research on extinction because it was my sense of the matter that I would simply find out that the matter is worse. In the course of my "socializing" on our friend Facebook I was moved as often by argument to research a bit more. Though I have already warned against this, I had no proof-- only my senses. Well, according to Swedish researchers a small percentage of babies born via in vitro fertilization show social problems in a number or areas and one of those areas are "emotions". If I care to do so, I now have what I was missing for my screenplay.  I have reality and many more tears to know before this journey is done. 
  • My last job before back problems was as Caretaker.  Is it coincidence that the natal chart of the Poet tells him to be a Healer and Teacher?
  • I suspected Hillary Clinton was what I called, 'Child of Chaos" before delving into astrology to find out she is a Scorpio. Somewhere in the early eighties marked my first and up until now only encounter with an Astrologer. Until about a year ago I was just like the rest of you regarding my involvement in astrology.  In any case,  it was my friend and landlord quite interested in doing a chart on yours truly. That is some thirty years ago and there is only one thing I can remember from the reading and my chart long since lost. I can still quote him. "You got a lot going on with Scorpio." Great powers have been heavy-handed here and I am much too young in the study of the High Arts to begin to understand.  I can only tell you, don't hurt her.  Those already in touch with Spirit must get chills when they hear that the man who brings the gift of the 'Matriarch Society' is connected by astrological chart with the woman who may very well be the first female President of these United States of America.
  • I do not believe it is a coincidence that daughter and new Matriarch, Mrs. Chelsea Mezvinsky gave birth to a baby girl. This is the dawning of the ‘Matriarch Society’. 
  • The cover of my book shows a Scorpion and Centaur with bow and arrow pointed almost directly at Scorpio. As my readings into astrology continue, I found a passage referring to some legend of the Centaur destroying the scorpion. Of course Scorpio is about death and rebirth so this fits. I knew none of this before I set the cover of the book.
      There is still more. Some of you know I intend to change my name again. None of you know I have chosen the name. Well, Scorpio has legend with that character as well!  Am I now waiting to write my future or does my future wait for me to write it?
    • There is still more synchronicity in my as yet unpublished poetry working its way to eventual publication in collection number two; Crumbling Sandcastle Designs.
    • It is no coincidence that our America looks darkest for women nearing the election of the first female President... and at the hands of a Democrat President.  More abortion clinics have closed under the Feminist Prince   President than any other ever!  
    • As a Poet and Author, I have held creative ideas for 40 years and you will find not one mention or even an implication to a matriarch society in any of my writings.  Why would this idea come to me now and not 20 years ago? Why does the idea not appear when Mr.s Clinton ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008?  As the vision and idea of a matriarch society comes now, it qualifies as synchronicity. 
    Do not get it twisted, as the kids would say.  Yes, I have said that Mrs. Clinton has it in her power to become the greatest U.S. President since Abraham Lincoln.  What  happened to Mr. Lincoln?  Also, Chosen Ones do not always live up to desires of the great powers doing the choosing and Mrs. Clinton may be happy like her predecessor becoming the first of something really special... or was special.   I do not know what this link is, my friends.  It is possible that Mrs. Clinton is called upon this Earth to calm the storm.

    Update 8/17/16
    As time goes by I understand more through contemplation and meditation.  It is certain that women must not seek to deliberate hurt Mrs. Clinton but I thought I should update this post as this is where it was first said.  I suspect it has something to do with vibrations and this living planet. Furthermore, to do so would take away some of  your power driving you to spiritual impotence. 
    I am here to redress such impotence.

    Earth Goddess power can be found in love, forgiveness, patience, and taking the high road.  I suspect there are other areas where women can find real power and I don't have all the answers.  I know it is only the real power of Earth Goddesses that will save this world.


    Cosmic Transference