Eagles mate in flight and song

Monday, October 19, 2015

Weeping World Nevermore

Victorious aroma floods battlefield air.
Warrior catches scent of fear stumbling where only fools dare. Run and hide beneath creaking wood. Alert silver foxes in your neighborhood.

Pray for good. Pray for rain. Pray God takes away dark pain.
Nowhere hides fools on judgment day. 

 Doom cannot hear what they would say.

Wanting only to end slow misery

Fate directs flaming hand of prophecy.
Clocks begin haunting ticking louder warning to repent!
Tears of shame on knees of blame can only pay such rent!

Collecting cosmic payments comes a bad man
Purifying souls of a decaying land.
No mercy for monsters and parasites preying on humanity!
All levels of government from City to DC

Prophetic will knows great natal power
Great evil soon sees their final hour.

Since time of Hypatia of Alexandria
Well before fatal fall of Rome
Violence, blood, and death, how little humanity has grown?

Free will ends composed suffering w
here cowards made love perverse.
When fools cry in the night, Matriarchs weep tears of joy as a curse goes in reverse.

Where moguls and monsters shake, rattle, and fall
Creeps climatic ending to one miserable Monster’s Ball.
Say a little prayer for crumbling Hollywood,
Where hopes and dreams languish c
overed in tears and blood.

Conjuring Virus for Babbitts or Babbitt Virus by intent.
Means to an end means who really cares?
Terminating pathetic parasites let not a one be spared.
Let weeping world nevermore bow to perversity.
Truly, our land becomes a great nation of Liberty.

Conspirators, incompetents, and worse
Hold tightly now a sickly curse
When Gaia rumbles shaking fleas
Pious pimps croak on well-tailored knees.

Thirteen days mark Halloween
Comes thirteen days hence October.
Friday the 13th believes to be seen

When winter welcomes November.

Feared numbers unleash a peculiar doom
Leaving innocent citizens clean.
Finding Fear looking like loathing
Caught in guilty government machine.

Where life garners perverted value
Love falls by insipid rules
When fools champion fools
Let cataclysmic ending
Mark blessed Beauty beginning.