Eagles mate in flight and song

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Eternal Flame

Who am I? I am eternal. Who are you? Been thinking about this Spiritual Leader, Healer, and Teacher I am expected to become. Most of you hear Spiritual Leader and you have clear picture in your mind. As we set sail on a voyage like no other, one must adjust expectations and the very foundations of thought itself. I believe that field of study is called epistemology. Nevertheless, it really is an ancient paradigm coming back and not new at all. What is new is the context and for better or worse the messenger. If your spiritual leaders had not let humanity down in some way, I would not be here throwing fireballs. To expect me to be like those who have failed may be the definition of insanity.

As long as eternal spirit of the great forefather echoes my name, I burn. I burn and throw flaming death at parasites and monsters. My tears hit ground like raining fire sending zombies and sheep to seek shelter from their makers finding no relief.  I burn spitting fire for the dead and dying and there shall be no place to hide for cowards and fools. Eternal flame destroys cities and entire nations if need be with no pity for those celebrating ignorance and pretense. There has always been fire and truth as I burn so she may reign.

Sagittarius occupies the fire sign known for intuition and prophecy. Intuition has heightened and when one exercises intuition like a muscle it then runs into realms of psychics. My stay here from lifetime to lifetime comes with full awareness as I appear to be a living part of changes needed not so much to end extinction but to put you all back on a proper road. And, it is hard for me to believe I'm saying it but the road is spiritual. After the Matriarchs heal this rift in the spiritual fabric of Earth caused by fear, violence, and ignorance, humanity marches proudly and lovingly up the evolutionary ladder to ascension. I suspect there is history for me on this matter and mystics believe we carry skills and knowledge through incarnations. So then, carrying the solution to extinction in my being feels right and I cannot tell you everything or Spiritual Warrior might have to take your life.  Ending this spiraling dive of death caused by government and religion may take as long as it has taken to get here and that is no prediction.

Once the stop-button is pushed on this merry-go-round of pretense, fear, envy, and violence, I suspect ascent up the evolutionary ladder happens much faster than the several thousand years of treading water and in some cases devolving here on planet Earth that has gone unabated since before the fall of Rome. First the door must be opened by someone. Someone must make a stand against the lethal arrogance and ignorance of the patriarch matrix and it shall be no man. Her reasons for pushing the stop-button are irrelevant.  I have said her destiny is to become the greatest U.S. President since Lincoln but I doubt anyone would want his fate.  It is not going to be easy and there are no reasons to expect it would be.  First steps out of a savage land to a Utopian future shall be stained with tears and blood.

Mother Goddess weeps looking upon this world controlled by the spiritually impotent. So many tears searched for one man and he calls to one woman. It must be a woman with courage known by few men opening the door to a future of beauty. One woman will inspire them all by her success or failure. If failure arrives on the back of betrayal like the feminists, then inspiration shall be fueled by fury!  

There shall be no one standing for long in the way of a cosmic Firestorm. What I know is that America will make changes through and in government peacefully or cataclysmically. How do I know? It is my job to know. I am no psychic? I am Eternal Flame. Who are you?