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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Living in Paradox

If one pays attention, you will see that the Poet discusses the future here in contrasting phrases.  You will read of the coming extinction and the coming matriarch society.  Both statements cannot be true, yet they are both true.  Such statements are true for only one person; the Time Traveler stuck in this paradoxical position of time.

Extinction was indeed the future of this world until imagination created a new ending.  The future is never really set.  So then, it is at least possible that the future could be changed again.  However, it is extremely unlikely for several reasons.  The main reason is of course there is no greater intent upon which the future can be changed based upon what is there now.  Remember that the matriarch society as I have prescribed it is a solution to a highly complex problem responsible most probably for extinction of all the major cultures on this planet.  So then, someone coming along with a higher hand so to speak is not at all probable.  However, there are forseeable difficulties and also the concepts introduced by the Poet can only be defended by him for some time to come and are rather sensitive.  Many of the concepts are as new to me as they are to you.  So, I remain in flux until...  I will know when it is time to move on to this Healer and Spiritual Leader that these great powers seemed to have planned for me.

Spiritual Warrior goes on auto-pilot soon.  I am being called to have faith as I hope not to participate in this new political party I intend to found.  Thomas Paine was no politician and this appears to be my fate as well.  As long as I wear the name of a forefather, I must continue to burn not really here nor there.

Regarding this coming new political party and movement protecting women's rights forever replacing feminism, I hope it is clear that it does not form to run against Hillary Clinton.  No my friends, we come to set her soul on fire!

Abraham Lincoln was perhaps trapped in a type of paradox on his decision on whether or not to put the country at war over slavery.  Perhaps soon Mrs. Clinton shall enter a similar paradox as the keys given to her that unlock and stop the clock ticking down on extinction humanity will polarize this nation.  If anyone thought the solution would be easy to what is just a little different in each nation but killing them all slowly then extinction is well deserved to such people.

Why can we no longer reproduce?  Such is the riddle of humanity and the answer comes as a highly complex problem leaving the powers that be living in paradox as they are an essential cause.